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12 Apr 2022 10:11:08
Well that’s put the cat amongst the pigeons. It is very feasible to assume that the players were over trained by Bielsa.
But it could also be a pre-emptive move by Marsch in case we are relegated and the blame can be attached fully on Bielsa.

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12 Apr 2022 10:55:36
Anyone else noticed not many injuries to players since marsch took charge bielsa just broke them after they come back from previous injuries.

12 Apr 2022 11:44:44
It's far more than feasible the players were overtrained ; but anyway it's history now

Marsch clearly appears to be a good man/ player motivator/ confidence builder ; but what will be his other attributes?

for me it is very important that Marsch is able to actually identify the couple of duds in the squad and move them on ; one being the awful Junior Firpo ( who is apparently approaching fitness ) .

If Marsch incredulously starts playing the total liability shockingly bad Firpo in last 6 matches . well .

12 Apr 2022 12:26:00
Baz, absolutely great post and I love the ‘anyway it’s history now’ bit! This is how it should be now, looking to the future and even though I loved MB, yes I have to strongly agree the players were pushed to far and completely overtrained. There just might be something special happening with JM as manager and fingers crossed it does.
Spot on though Baz 👍👍.

12 Apr 2022 13:06:26
Since, Jesse has been in charge we've had multiple injuries! Firpo, who originally was unlikely to feature again this season, but now is making good progress. If, he does feature again, he is only one yellow away from a ban, so that might please, Baz. Roberts is out for the season. Bamford out for the season, and, Jesse has said himself, he doesn't want to make the same mistake with, Phillips indicating, he gave, Bamford minutes too soon. Forshaw missed the Watford game through an injury. Gelhardt has picked up numerous injuries since, Jesse has been here. Most have picked up injuries during a game just the same as under, Bielsa. Cooper, Phillips, Bamford all injured in games, not training.

For three seasons I don't remember people complaining players were over trained or brought back into the team too soon. In fact I remember people liked to boast we were the fittest team in the league.

Of course if we are relegated, Bielsa will get the blame by most. And, rightfully so, he has to take some of the responsibility. But of course it's nothing to do with unforeseen, uncontrollable injuries, underperforming players, poor recruitment, poor refereeing decisions against us. But, if we stay up, he will get no credit for the points already on the board, and the fact that other than the start of the season we have not occupied a spot in that bottom three for most of the season.

Bielsa is gone. Bielsa is a legend. Marsch is in charge, and I am looking forward to seeing what, he brings. More so next season in the Premiership.

12 Apr 2022 13:29:33
Cheers Woody

MOT some good points.

12 Apr 2022 13:38:38
P. S.


the 10 yellow card 2 game ban applies up to and including the 32nd match which Leeds have just completed.

So hope Firpo needs another 6 weeks in the U23s to rehabilitate to full fitness

Keep him away from the first team 11.

12 Apr 2022 14:03:30
As much as Bielsa will be lambasted and blamed if we are relegated he should be also praised and revered if we have good season after this one.
Not that we are going to win the league, but I thought Nigel Pearson for example wasn’t credited at all for what I considered, his team under Ranieri.
Let it not be forgotten that this is Bielsa’s team until there are several changes to personnel. He moulded players like KP, Bamford, Dallas etc
Im fully behind Marsch and I truly hope he can take this team onto the next level.
I think it was an unnecessary comment to make about the former coach but can see why he wants to protect his own interests.
The one thing I’m starting to see with Marsch is that he is trying to do the Klopp thing of being openly close to all his players and I think that’s a very good thing, since we were getting battered by several teams and consequently knocked the stuffing and confidence out of all the team.

12 Apr 2022 14:05:43
What cat and whose pigeons?
I think it maybe true that they were over trained although some like joffy, firpo and liorente could be delicate flowers.
Bamford Phillips and cooper prob just run out of steam after last season and euros for Phil. And picked up injuries. The season never really got going for any of them.

12 Apr 2022 14:31:57
The players will still have a lot of that fitness that Bielsa developed n them and it is still doing them a lot of good. Usually when a new manager comes in he is quick to point out that the players are unfit, but not in our case. Now that training levels are dropping and our players fitness will also be dropping accordingly I wonder if we will still be capable of some of the performances and late winners we were able to produce when we were super fit? Time will tell.

12 Apr 2022 14:50:15
MOT - when Bielsa first came in, his training methods took the squad’s fitness levels up massively. I seem to recall hearing at the time that one of the responses to missing out on promotion was seeking to take fitness levels up a notch further. Not sure whether this was attempted again for first season back in the Prem, but last pre-season the squad were taken up to Becketts Uni for some further testing etc to see what further marginal gains could be made, as one of the responses to our Prem opponents now having a better grasp of how potentially to counter Bielsaball.

With any individual’s body, there will be a limit to which you can be pushed, which will vary from person to person. Clearly Prem footballers are elite athletes in comparison to most folk, so on average will be able to be pushed more than most, but maybe many of them sought to go beyond their limits this season, leading to a greater number of physical breakdowns of one kind or another.

Quite apart from this, the step up in training demands, with additional murderball sessions, in the last month or so, in combination with the worsening results and slide towards the relegation positions, clearly left the squad mentally and emotionally exhausted. This meant that even if they had been more physically able to push themselves further (which was debatable) , they were often lacking clarity in their thinking and decision making. Unfortunately actual thought and decision making was required more this season than previously, as much of Bielsaball was based on building up instinctive patterns of play, but with key components, particularly BamBam and being out, and constant changes in personnel elsewhere due to injuries, much of the basis for the previously instinctive play was missing.

12 Apr 2022 15:07:22
Aus, an expression that might relate to whether Marsch should make this comment and whether the fans and more importantly some of the players who might reject it.

12 Apr 2022 15:17:53
Good post Clu.

12 Apr 2022 15:30:53
In that case, Baz I hope, Marsch opts not to bring, Firpo back in to the starting line ups this season. I hope, Firpo proves me wrong, and under the new management gets a chance to do so next season, but for me not this season while we still need points. He has stood out as the poor performer every time, he has featured, and that takes some doing. Under the new system and management, he could thrive next year, but I hope we are still looking for a left back in the summer.

Clu, I remember after our first year under, Bielsa, he said in an interview it was a lot to ask of the same players to go again with the same intensity for a another season in the Championship. One can assume the reason for, Bielsa staying that second year was his belief in those players getting to another level of fitness, and being able to mentally recover from the disappointment of the playoffs. I assume, he had the same opinion before this season in that, he felt the players could go again, and as you point out took the players to Becketts to see what other improvements could be achieved.

Excellent point about the patterns of play, and mental side of things. As I have previously mentioned, I like the fact, Marsch has changed the tempo of play. I think this enables the players more time to reset, and think on the ball. A more patient build up if you will.

Key long term injuries to Bamford, Cooper, and Phillips have had a major effect, but there has been so many short term, niggles that have equally disrupted the team.
I agree every player is different. Some more susceptible to injury than others. Every player has been carrying a knock at some time or another, but, Harrison, Dallas, Raphinha, James for example have missed very little time through injury. Roberts also until recently. Most of the injuries have happened during a competitive match, and not training, where it is suggested the murderball sessions are more intense than the competitive matches.

Anyway I'm enjoying every game in the EPL, and I'm confident I wouldn't be able to do so if not for, Bielsa.

12 Apr 2022 18:29:00
A great United thread.

12 Apr 2022 18:49:49
Nobody should knock what Mr bielsa done for leeds never mind leeds united he turned the club and city right round facing right direction love man over to you jesse to carry us further on Mr bielsa wasn't one putting arm round players good luck jesse and bloody well done Mr Bielsa mot.

12 Apr 2022 18:58:25
Great post Wally!

12 Apr 2022 18:59:09
Sorry Mally! Please.

12 Apr 2022 19:51:18
Enough with the relegation talk eh, lads.

We're looking up now, not down.

12 Apr 2022 23:23:43
MOT - yes, most injuries have happened during matches, but overtraining without sufficient rest days etc can leave your muscles tired and more susceptible to injury during actual matches.



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