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08 Apr 2022 00:08:08
There is a serious lack of respect for our former manager Marcelo Bielsa on this forum.
Some people have seriously short memories.

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08 Apr 2022 05:37:27
Don’t waste your time with that one Cork, some fans just believe that MB was the worst thing that ever happened to Leeds Utd. Forget that he got us promoted after 17 years in the wilderness where countless managers failed, forget what season we had in 20/ 21 forget what he did to many players in turning them from sub standard Championship to some of them full internationals and forget what he has given to the people of Leeds and its fans far and wide, a reason to feel proud of our club once again.

For me there is no denying that we would still be playing crap football in the Championship, wondering if we will ever play in the promised land again, in some fans life times.

The fact that MB’s legacy was ruined by an unprecedented amount of injuries to a small squad is such a shame because If he had got through this major difficulty, whose to say that he could of taken us onto greater things.

It’s only the blinkered fans that want to see MB’s tenure with such disdain. I personally was devastated when he was sacked and still believe it was a very big mistake to ask him to leave, I have no doubt that we would avoid relegation had he stayed.

You can’t make certain people believe in something they don’t want to see, so for the ones that appreciated the Leeds Legend that was Marcelo Bielsa, we salute you.

08 Apr 2022 06:11:51
Cork How so? Maybe to a myopic idol worshipper. He's jeopardized quarter of a billion pounds of revenue and our EPL status. He warrants criticism for his intransigence and refusal to adapt. May I remind you with only 630 minutes left to play in the season, if we, Toffees and Clarets all win our remaining games (extremely unlikely granted) but we shall be the ones relegated on goal difference. An unacceptable predicament with so little left in the season but if you think that's praiseworthy, carry on. I don't.

08 Apr 2022 06:35:54
Completely agree OP. Bielsa is an absolute legend and always will be. Some people just like to ignore the facts and harbour outlandish views, probably because they like the attention that it gets them.

08 Apr 2022 06:57:24
Grateful for his first 3 years interestingly a lot of it behind closed doors ; when pressure came with crowds he and his team less able to cope

he has never previously stayed at any club more than 3 seasons with good reason; definitely stayed one season too many at Leeds;

OP absolute tosh from you as usual ' I have no doubt blah blah that El Loco would have kept Leeds up.

The players had stopped playing for him, he was on a run of record defeats, your track record of predictions OP is abysmal so what you definitely believe utter meaningless, even at start of season with a full squad Leeds were abysmal

a complete fork up this season with a burnt out drained demotivated small squad, ridiculously bad recruitment, arrogant square peg round holes policy,

a completely failed man 2man system against most teams, still useless at setting up a team to defend set pieces corners, piss poor man Management at times with Pablo, Cody, Jimmy,

played car crash Firpo, Kiko and Tyler on numerous occasions . none anywhere good enough,

thrashing after thrashing 7 nil 6 nil, 5 1, 4 nil, 6 2 etc unprecedented size of defeats in one season in over 55 Leeds seasons of me supporting my beloved club

Arrogant to believe that just one striker in a squad will not sooner or later cause a major problem with an injury to said player

Could go on.

08 Apr 2022 08:22:29
Here here OP, say no more.

08 Apr 2022 08:53:08
Bang on Cork, OP, Alf.
Baz isn’t attention seeking tho, and has stuck to his guns from even before the season started. Others? Well, what more needs saying.

08 Apr 2022 09:34:31
Bright I will give Baz that even though his whole interpretation of Bielsa is made up clap trap and he’s entitled to nonsense drivel.
I really don’t give a stuff what people like Baz and that other bandwagon boy, what’s his name George, think or have to post on this forum.
I don’t want to change their mind either, they can keep their disrespectful posts and stuff it where the Sun don’t shine.
I know what I saw and I have immeasurable respect for one of the greatest coaches that have been at this great club.

08 Apr 2022 10:12:42
Correct Brighty
OP your posts often make me laugh, your latest one also lurve em 😜😉.

08 Apr 2022 10:24:38
Baz, I can understand or agree with a number of your posts on this forum but I’m sorry, when it comes to discussing Bielsa our roads take very different directions and that’s all I have to say.

08 Apr 2022 10:42:45
If we win all our remaining games wouldn't we finish above brentford or newcastle even brighton, or are they winning all there games aswell
Bielsa is a legend.

08 Apr 2022 10:56:06
That is more than fair enough OP I fully understand that.

08 Apr 2022 14:09:10
Just joining the bandwagon of internet users. Just joining the bandwagon of forum posters. Mustn't celebrate our goals against Hornets as there's bound to be Leeds fan purist with a superior view who'll realize it's a goal slightly before I do. Wouldn't want to imitate (unlike the hypocrite) . Mustn't even tune in to the game as there's bound to be a bandwagon of fans who'll do the same. This law created by the bandwagon Norman Metcalfe Mensa Mafia really has me in a bind. It's become illegal and unethical for me to agree with someone in my own time. I know a solution - I'll speculate and make up information which hasn't come into being yet thus facilitating my evasion of these laws from Prime Minister Elvis Corky. Tell you what. That August 2057 opening league fixture between Leeds and Sheffield United looks a real tasty Yorkshire derby! Hopefully, once I invent a time machine I'll be good to go and won't breach the law of the bandwagon. Advance apologies for using the internet as has been done many times in the past. #MensaMafia #MakesSense #MerchantsofBandwagon.

09 Apr 2022 20:27:31



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