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07 Apr 2022 10:27:14
Think after last night it will go to the last day of the season, for us, barcodes (maybe) , bluenoses and Borenly,
Think we will get 36 points,
All imo
Squeeky bum time, welcome aboard the rollercoaster that is leeds united

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07 Apr 2022 10:52:19
2 wins we are safe, i think we will know our fate in the next games, have faith Rich.

07 Apr 2022 11:42:48
Feels like we are destined for the drop, hopefully not . but

Watford game is now a must win, that without any strikers Bamford and Gelhardt both injured .

We also have the El Loco ridiculous goal difference that may also be decisive

It all goes back to the arrogance, naivety, foolishness of the board and El Loco this season.

07 Apr 2022 12:36:34
That’s the spirit Baz! How can we fail with those positive vibes 😂.

07 Apr 2022 14:03:20
Baz It's more on El Loco for not understanding the league coupled with the myopia of the board who believed in him. Effectively got to the point that if Bub had said to the board the moon 🌚 is made of cheese 🧀, Kinnear would've bought shares in Stilton.

07 Apr 2022 14:14:16
Thank the little baby Jesus I don’t live in Bazzer’s mind.

07 Apr 2022 14:45:11
Class yeah positive vibes yes fine

but aren't really that realistic if a club has failed to properly prepare for an EPL campaign which has most definitely been the case

OP I made an Easter prayer to the sweet baby Jesus if I could experience ( waste) an hour in your mind frolicking with unicorns and other mythical creatures whilst endless awaiting your unrealistic expectations and predictions that never happen 😜🤣.

07 Apr 2022 14:48:33
You really wouldn’t want to get out of bed would you
OP? We have just won 2 games and drawn the third and he says we are destined for the drop! Arghhhhhh! Shall we all chip together and get him a bloody Happy Meal with a half full Diet Coke! Baz ever thought of joining the Samaritans, the callers could do with someone who looks at life worse than they do! 😂😂.

07 Apr 2022 14:55:49
Baz I made the same wish and was told it was an impossibility due to both brain 🧠 cells taking a long leave of absence to visit Bright 🌞.

07 Apr 2022 15:15:15
Lol Woody but my culinary tastes are far, far superior to your chav suggestion. make it a 3 course meal at my fave Japanese restaurant for a
guarantee of my happy smiley face.

07 Apr 2022 17:34:26
Touché George! Pulled that little gem out, AGAIN! As funny as your attempts at humour I’m afraid.

07 Apr 2022 17:45:20
Would have guessed at a penchant for Japanese cuisine Baz, probably keen on their kamikaze pilots too?

07 Apr 2022 18:02:14
Results under, Marsch;
Leicester 1-0 Leeds. Leeds 0-3 Villa. Leeds 2-1 Norwich. Wolves 2-3 Leeds. Leeds 1-1 Southampton. Pts7. GF6 GA8

Same clubs earlier this season under, Bielsa;
Leeds 1-1 Leicester. Villa 3-3 Leeds. Norwich 1-2 Leeds. Leeds 1-1 Wolves. Southampton 1-0 Leeds. Pts6 GF7 GA7

Not much difference there in terms of goals scored, and goals conceded. More home games under, Jesse though, and games I had expected we had a better chance of winning. The Villa game for me was the worst performance I've seen for a long time, and the first half against Wolves wasn't far off.
I mentioned to, George on a post awhile back that something had to change tactically with the man marking. While I think we agreed on a fair bit, one differing thing was, I didn't believe we could tactically continue with the man marking over the entire pitch while we had key players like Bamford, Phillips, and Cooper out. I was of the opinion, and still am, that once we got key players back we would get the results required to stay up, but a change was needed to tighten up defensively.

We got a change in, Jesse. I questioned the timing of it given how many games are left, but, he would have been right up their on my wish list to take over in the summer, so if we stay up then fantastic, it can't really be questioned given, Bielsa was stepping down in the summer anyway.
Defensively we still look awful, and all over the place. One notable thing I very much like that, Jesse is responsible for is the change of tempo. Yes, I absolutely loved watching the relentless tempo under, Bielsa, but quite honestly the majority of the players are a long way off the standard to manage it. Or at least at this level. Everytime I have watched under, Marsch I've seen him, and senior players shouting for calm, to slow down! Where before the team would hear shouts to get the ball back in play straight away from a throw-in, they are told to calm, reset, and compose themselves. I like that because I think it means we are less likely to give the ball away in dangerous positions.

Watford will be a tough game under, Roy. 3 points will mean 3 closer to me not enduring my worst nightmare for the season - which is having to go to Brentford last game of the season needing at least a point.

07 Apr 2022 18:37:06
No Class but lurve the Sumo wrestlers.

07 Apr 2022 19:57:28
Baz has anyone ever called you a negative person?
George you obviously have a thing for bandwagons.

07 Apr 2022 20:18:12
Call it what you like Cork
More a realist Cork
Call a spade a spade
Citeh and Pool are a class above; the rest of the EPL not so good ; a huge wasted opportunity by the Leeds regime this season ; gone consideably backwards not forwards

You and anyone who says otherwise be lying.

07 Apr 2022 21:00:01
Pat on back. moves to next bandwagon, Cork, where he keeps his own trumpets.

07 Apr 2022 21:01:25
Cork Hardly, that's a misinterpretation on your part, not surprising given your level. It's something different. It's called wit. Entertainment if you will. Enjoy your ten o'clock babycham. 🍾.

07 Apr 2022 21:59:17
Lowest wit, and zero entertainment. That’s where we fall foul, George, I’m afraid.
Crass, child level comments, and humour that amuses very few.
Immature self appreciation on the back of others’ opinions, and bandwagon jumps every 6 months.
Occasionally however, you do make some very good posts, which I always acknowledge. It’s called humility.
Baz, for all his negativity, which brings some balance, was the one who stood and spoke out, with no support, but you chose more recently to grab his coat tails, for the “I told you so” opportunities. Say what you want to say, be original.

07 Apr 2022 23:05:10
Brighty Think Baz himself will say I had my own views about Bub which whilst closely aligned with Baz weren't identical. When it became obvious to me he wasn't going to amend his style of play I went it alone calling for him to go. Baz did initiate prior but I wanted to see more before saying time is up. As for coat tails and bandwagons, you couldn't be more wrong. You don't know me and shouldn't assume. I've been a trendsetter and have the scars to prove it.

07 Apr 2022 23:25:50
You kids! Play nice y'hear.

08 Apr 2022 00:00:21
George. Long time ago you had an element of wit but more recently just show yourself to be dull and conceited.
And who are you trying to entertain? Yourself I think.

08 Apr 2022 08:58:33
He’s a trendsetter Corky don’t ya know.
And George. You don’t know me either, but took the decision on many occasions to question intelligence? I’m a Mensa member, don’t ya know, and have the massive forehead to prove it!



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