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06 Apr 2022 12:07:34
Looking like Helder Costa won't be joining Valencia in the summer and will have a chance to impress Jesse preseason 22/ 23.

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06 Apr 2022 12:56:30
Costa will do well in the Championship which is where Leeds can still more than feasibly be playing next season.

Vital that we got 3 points against Saints .34 to 35 points might be minimum needed to stay up

I can see us finishing on just 34 points now ( draw at Watford, Win against Brighton)

Watford game is a must not lose, and apart from the Brighton home game we are likely favourites to lose each of the other difficult matches we have remaining.

06 Apr 2022 13:17:17
Bloody hell Baz do you ever let up with the doom and gloom! You know what? Sometimes your posts are good to read, straight to the point and somewhat true but then you let yourself down by that total garbage above. Please give it a rest about relegation, it’s likely not going to happen and if it is then we will look forward to promotion next season, ever cloud eh. Things are not perfect with Leeds but when have they ever been? This is our season to stay up and the build on that. Let’s keep thinking positive, yes the posters on here that predicted the struggle are proved correct but we are not down and there are four teams below us who will go first! MOT #wearestayingup.

06 Apr 2022 14:07:42
Gotta disagree Baz about the 3 being vital against Saints and us still being in line for relegation. I think we're safe now considering ours and other team's schedules around us. I also think we will pick more points up before the end of the season to see us jump a couple of places higger than we are now.

06 Apr 2022 14:29:17
This one for my pal Woody
Leeds to win 8 of the remaining 9 games and finish in an OP top 10 position . well you never know it is feasible. fingers crossed.

06 Apr 2022 15:11:01
Lol Baz, stranger things have happened in football.
I’ll catch you out very soon Baz, it won’t be difficult, I’ll be rubbing it in every day fella 😉.

06 Apr 2022 17:29:10
There you go again Baz all doom and gloom, winning 8 out of 9! How about 9 out of 9 lol always doom and gloom 👎👎👎lol Oh and believe me OP I will be reminding you everyday to be rubbing old Baz’s nose in it ha ha. Come on you Leeds MOT.

06 Apr 2022 18:43:16
Hahaha Woody and OP I most sincerely hope you glass three quarters full chaps both do!

as it will mean Leeds are doing very well indeed! 👍👏.

06 Apr 2022 18:46:33
Baz A good evening to you. Do you require an ungrateful hypocrisy facial shield 🛡️? Telling the truth dangerous these days 🤣.

06 Apr 2022 19:18:14
Oh George, really, slip on your nighty and go to bed with your half empty cup of hot chocolate and dream of Leeds back in The Champions League, top of the Premier and ready for the final of the FA Cup after beating Man United 5-0 in the game that relegates them into the Championship! George get to bed now! You never know you might wake up smiling! Lol 😂😂👍👍MOT.

06 Apr 2022 19:29:50
Woody 👍.

06 Apr 2022 20:03:00
Wooden #nonsensedotcomdotorgdotuk
You and Cork made for each other. You should have a big Shepherd Bush Elvis Costello knees up as you draweth your pensions. 🤣🤣.

06 Apr 2022 20:28:55
Very good George, although I bet seeing you at a knees up would be rarer than rocking horse poo 💩! Lol, maybe more chance of seeing you enjoying yourself with a knees up at the wake of Leeds owners and board members! Oh and Corky, Brightwhite, OP and all the other wrong uns will do for me at my knees up! Let’s have it…. MOT 👍👍😂😂👍👍😂😂.

06 Apr 2022 21:57:00
Thanks Woody. For your knees up which you're right I won't be attending I'll still do the right thing by sending you in advance a number of Norman Metcalfe's invention. Always good to be charitable. Right, it's Ovaltine time.

06 Apr 2022 22:15:40
Haha George, Helder Costa coming back to Leeds to impress, I think not. I think we can all agree that we know why Wolves were happy that we bought him. Definitely a Championship player at best, where we won’t be playing next season according to Bazzer’s predictions. I haven’t forgot your lousy Newcastle prediction either George which you’ve conveniently gone quite about, looks like they could quite easily be reeled back into a relegation fight instead of of your top half of the table.
#Hindge&Bracketpredictions. com. org.

06 Apr 2022 22:32:34
OP The domain name insult I see you like to copy. Nothing would please me more than to see the Barcodes demotion but don't see it happening.

07 Apr 2022 06:26:43
Georgie, don’t be a sad Chippie now, it’s not an insult.
#Getasenseofhumour. com. org
Im sure you don’t want the Barcodes to do well, it’s the fact you’ve got your prediction very wrong.
#Wearyourprediction. com. org.

07 Apr 2022 13:58:07
OP Didn't realize it was the first week of May. Didn't realize Geordies were in bottom three. Thanks for the corrections lol. Whoever is hiding your anti-psychoactive medication is committing a crime. #supremelydevoidofravagesofintellect.

07 Apr 2022 14:26:39
So little George is rattled, your pills must be wearing off. Chump.

07 Apr 2022 14:58:50
OP Why the incessant copying? Is it due to your infinite dearth of original thought? Not rattled at all.



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