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04 Apr 2022 22:37:56
Big win for Palace tonight probably safe now, got to say Viera has done far better than I ever expected.

Took Woys team added big unit Mateta at 9 Connor Gallagher in centre midfield (he wanted to stay in London we had no chance) Andersen from Fulham at CB sprinkled a few youngsters in. (Tyrick Mitchell)

Got to say that’s sensible progression from Palace given their limited fan base, so a commanding cb good cm and top striker is the way to go?

How many times have debated about the importance of the spine of the team, Cooper, Phillips and Bamford fit all season we’d have bettered Palace league position

BUT we must ensure we strengthen this next off season to guard against injuries affecting us so badly next season (yes, in the premier league)

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05 Apr 2022 02:25:06
Palace have certainly done better than you and Clu predicted

Leeds have no easy games in these last 7 games ; need to drop DJ immediately and replace him with Sommerville the lad is on fire . we need GOALS!1⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️.

05 Apr 2022 05:21:13
Baz And your own prediction too, but not I. I had them finishing no lower than 12th. They're a handful.

05 Apr 2022 08:42:27
Yep. you quantified that perfectly George
Forest and Southampton are less so than the others . but have a dislike of Forest fans and Forest in their Clough days particularly a rather galling League Cup semi final defeat to Forest in 1978 and perhaps an even. more galling 7 3 defeat at home to them when Colin was our gaffer .

05 Apr 2022 10:51:47
Bless you Baz for pointing out my poor predictions you’ve a way to go to catch up with Mrs Class though.

From my ever failing recollections I referenced Viera as a positive for teams having a bounce when people were debating dispensing with Marcelo.

However, I did say Palace, Brighton, Southampton and Newcastle could still be dragged back to us in the battle for relegation

But certainly Palace have sent the strongest message of late that they’re safe this year.

I was actually highlighting the strength of the spine of Palace team, and their three very astute signings. For me, when we capitulated so easily conceding a plethora of goals it came from opponents cbs being given freedom to attack our soft centre.

Something that didn’t happen the year before (irrespective of which coach) as we had bamford first point of defence and Phillips as the shield.

Think we actually could get by with 3 quality signings next season and be fine. (Four if we lose KP)

CAM, CF, LB (CDM if KP goes)

05 Apr 2022 13:10:38
We need at least 2 strikers Class, as our current strikers are very injury prone .

Just think if El Loco had trusted youth, the excellent Summerville would have been playing regularly in the first team this season

There would have been no need at all to spend
( or rather waste )
£30 million on DJ

instead we could have signed a player or 2 we really genuinely needed a centre forward, CAM, central midfielder.

05 Apr 2022 13:57:40
By that rationale Baz does Marsch also not trust youth?

05 Apr 2022 14:22:50
Marsch has had 5 games so perhaps a tad early to form a definitive opinion but he needs to do so now

we will stupidly lose the best young players at the club Joffy, Summerville etc. if they don't get plenty of 1st team game time ; they certainly are good enough and deserve it.

05 Apr 2022 17:03:36
Baz - I definitely recall having made my prediction of Palace struggles before they had made some of their summer signings. And I also recall having commented several months ago that my thoughts on the matter had changed significantly in light of those signings - perhaps you missed that comment.

05 Apr 2022 17:26:59
Cluey I got it right from the off.

05 Apr 2022 18:22:57
Fair enough Clu.

05 Apr 2022 18:48:21
Indeed George 👏👏👏.

05 Apr 2022 18:59:21
Here we go with the “I told you so, I was right” cr4p again. Very sad.
While you’re banging the Somerville drum, blow yer own trumpet again George!

Baz, I see what you’re saying, but there aren’t any clubs in the PL who would’ve been starting the boy as he is still learning his trade, and yes, doing very well.
The biggest issue, as you have said was that we didn’t get back up for Bam in January, which was pee poor to say the least. I’m sure given his second half of the season, and more recently, he will get plenty more game time!
I don’t think we will lose any of the quality youth, as they were brought in as just that ; youth. We will see much more of that next season, once we have secured safety. Our situation now, is not the ideal scenario to throw these lads into, imo.

05 Apr 2022 21:07:21
Bright 😎 Didn't think your lack of abuse would last long.

05 Apr 2022 22:13:35
Baz - chill on the youth thing. Marsch has a decent record of bringing through young talent, and if we stay in the Prem the change to 5 subs next season will provide greater opportunity for controlled development through incremental increases to their minutes and responsibilities as appropriate to each player.

05 Apr 2022 22:59:49
Clue Again with Baz on this. Regarding Jimmy, time is of the essence. He deserves first team minutes. He's skilful, very quick, he also has an "afterburn" where he travels with the ball even quicker than usual and he scores goals at his level. Time to level up now. Otherwise there may be an undesirable consequence. Let him frighten Watford after an hour of tired legs.

06 Apr 2022 05:38:16
Under 23’s does not share the same intensity and physicality as the Premiership, I’m sure the coaching staff know more than we do. All these young players if they are ready, they will start or be used as subs, like Gelhardt who is on the cusp of starting. Chucking some of these young players into a relegation dog fight game, like against Watford could be damaging for their development if things don’t go right for them. It only takes one mistake to carry the weight of say losing this game against Watford.

I neither can see the humor in, I predicted this, I predicted that, all a bit schoolyard stuff in my opinion.

06 Apr 2022 10:05:52
George - Marsch saw Summerville’s performance on Monday and will have drawn his own conclusions from that and previous games. If the opportunity arises, he may well put Cry on at some point v Watford, but obviously that will depend on such things as possible planned substitutions involving KP and/ or Joffy (if his dead leg proves to be minor) or potential knocks during the game elsewhere in the squad.

06 Apr 2022 10:24:43
OP. I am. not sure you should be so ' trusting' of anyone at the club board, coaching staff past and present etc as mistake upon mistake has been made regularly in this disaster of an incompetent season

Leeds have been in a R battle all season; clearly along with El Loco some or most of the players have not been performing to required level so giving a talented player like Summerville an actual chance to succeed in the first team by actually playing him would be most helpful.

OP ' physically ' DJ and Summervile look similar to each other

Both have tremendous speed.

Summerville has far more technical skill and a much better eye for goal.

If you want Leeds to have more chance of staying up you pick Summeville over DJ

If you want to have a far better chance of Summerville signing a new contract and staying at Leeds you pick Summerville.

Your negative overly cautious approach will not solve looming issues.

06 Apr 2022 11:34:00
Baz, maybe Marsch will throw in Summerville for DJ, which is fair enough, it’s not just his technical ability, it will also be his mental ability, this is why the coaching staff who see him day in day out will asses him better than a fan!
What will you be saying on Monday if he gave the ball away to award Watford with a win. ?
It’s not taking anything away from his talent, if Marsch deems him ready to start against Watford, which i doubt, then that’s great.
I haven’t seen much of Summerville but I don’t think he’s on the same level or better than DJ or Raph yet.

06 Apr 2022 11:48:20
What Baz said. Jimmy physicality just fine and will only improve with action. As for schoolyard stuff, yes but that's only applicable elsewhere. Baz and I rightly called for Bub to go. I called for Marsch appointment and said he'd do well. When we defeat Watford I'll be proven correct.

06 Apr 2022 11:58:32
Cluey Good post. I have met couple of people who knew him and his brother from his Feyenoord days. He's a talent and is easily worth over £5m right now with the few minutes he's had. As for his physicality, I'm not concerned at all. He'll frighten defenders with his pace and trickery. He'll draw fouls for sure but that'll give us set piece opportunities. #PlayJimbo.

06 Apr 2022 12:15:31
Then George, you and Baz should receive a gold star each, who cares?
I still believe Bielsa would have finished in the top half of the table had he not had so many players injured throughout the season, but, who cares? nobody gives a toss now!

06 Apr 2022 12:58:48
' gold stars'OP lol . the only thing I care about is my beloved LUFC prospering.

06 Apr 2022 13:19:53
For the sake of the club and it’s very strong and loyal fans who all love our Leeds Utd, hope that Marsch and the players can keep us in the Premiership and lead lead us to a more fruitful season after this dreadful one.

06 Apr 2022 17:22:14
You “called for” the Marsch appointment? Good job you have Radz’ ear then, eh?

06 Apr 2022 18:40:48
OP Who cares? You did! I recall you going into a near psychopathic fury against me when I posted close to Bub sacking that he should be sacked. You demanded I respond with a list of replacements. I complied. Jesse was top of my list. Why? Because I know people who know him and he seemed the perfect fit. Someone who would retain aspects of Bielsaball but tighten it up at the back. In other words, solve Bub's intransigence. We've seen this demonstrated in recent games and Jesse phrase from 100 to 70.
I have received no thanks from you, in fact the reverse, abuse. From where I judge you appear to be a hypocrite and worse. #goldstars 🌟.

06 Apr 2022 20:56:44
Survivor Jeff all over again.

06 Apr 2022 23:00:10
Brighty Projecting part you are covered in the separation of milk from whey.



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