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29 Mar 2022 08:38:29
Irrespective of final values for Raphinia the timing of all these rumours and conjecture is poor to say the very least.

Pond life agents chasing their troughs to be refilled with more money is no surprise.

And whilst all this paper talk may just be that rather than the cryptic cantona type posts Raphinia keeps putting out, why not just say……

Don’t want to discuss any transfer speculation, the World Cup etc as my ONLY focus is Leeds retaining their premier league status.

A cynical minded person would say in unsettling the situation still further and increasing the risk of relegation, opens up the reduced transfer fee clause.

Either way, I will shed no tears when the inevitable happens no one player is bigger than the club and clearly along with Raphinia’s god given talents there is a petulance, sulking immaturity that I just don’t like.

Give me Aaronson and a couple more quality signings for Raphinia although that may need an extra million or two and I’ll be a very happy bunny.

In the meantime Mr Raphinia show some bloody respect to your playing colleagues the supporters who sing your name and buy your shirts and above all just do the frigging job for which you’re already handsomely paid for.

He’s actually peeing me off now, because it needn’t be this way and he can still have all HIS dreams come true.

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29 Mar 2022 09:30:58
Classof92 with you on that mate.

29 Mar 2022 09:58:54
Spot on Class and welcome to reality

I said the same long ago that Raphinha has stopped giving even 60 % effort since December and both he and his leech sc#m agent Deco could cynically be hoping for a very convenient for them R ( and that reduced transfer clause ) hence the lack of goals from Raph since December.

Its yet another reason the lack of a proven striker and the Bamford injury all season is so annoying, as Leeds are still most definitely in a R battle and serious doubts about how much more Raphinha will give to tbe cause.

I have never felt that Raphinha has a genuine bond with Leeds the club or the fans, he may be super talented, but from my perspective i vastly appreciate far more the genuine passion, love and integrity of one King Pablo over the Raphinhas and their ilk.

29 Mar 2022 10:59:31
I don’t go with the Raphinha has lost form or doesn’t want to play belief. Raph is an exceptionally talented footballer and simple fact is that his A game can’t always come out because our own team play is not fluid enough for his game to excel.
What I do think also is that his agent Deco, knew that we were always going to be a stepping stone for his client.
The simple fact again is that he is too good to be playing for a team that is not a elite Champions league top team.
We should be content in the fact that Leeds are going to profit handsomely out of this transaction and should be able to bring in some desperately needed quality players.

29 Mar 2022 11:19:11
Bang right class! Well said!

29 Mar 2022 14:10:30
Oh agreed OP, think we accept without his involvement in the last few games we easily could have 9 points less.

No problem with us as a stepping stone for him either that’s the reality of where we currently are.

Players Agents are only in it for one thing, fair enough most are extremely successful, doesn’t make them any less odious though.

My single issue with Raphinia is until such time as he inevitably moves on to obviously better things the ONLY thing I’d like to hear from him are similar overly optimistic war cry’s coming from the likes of Dallas, Coops etc how they’re in it together they realise how serious the situation is and how determined they are to stay up.

I admire the man’s genius but I’ve lost a lot of respect for the individual over this.

29 Mar 2022 14:27:53
To continue, this is Deco’s doing as a agent they owe nothing to any given club, it’s all about money and it happens all the time in football today. I think we all feel gutted because we are going to loose a very talented player, no one will feel good about that, this is the reality of this situation.
Thats why KP is so special to us fans, loyalty, he could have left us already but decided to stay, but we may loose him if the club’s ambitions don’t met his.
I don’t want to get too emotional with this Raph story and turning into a hatred of the player, It just may turn out that his football play keeps us in the Premiership.

29 Mar 2022 15:39:27
I don't just it that Raph isn't trying. I think its easy to have that narrative if you are starting to dislike someone but we wouldn't have won against Norwich if it wasn't for Raphs brilliance in setting Joffy up - players don't like losing games period and I'm sure he doesn't want to let us fans down. Yes his eyes are on a bigger prize and so they should be as a career is short but I have no qualms about him representing us now.

29 Mar 2022 15:50:11
'Top 6 OP' there lies the rub with your ever wayward presumption again maybe best to wait eh

You may believe Leeds are not in danger of R but a potential of just £6 million profit would not ' handsomely profiting '

Class what are you on about 'Leeds without Raphs involvement in the last few games could easily have 9 points less " 😜🤣

Eh? He wasnt involved at all in Wolves win, ok Norwich at home he helped turn 1 point into 3, West Ham away was very much down to Jack Harrison but fine he was involved in one of the goals the Burnley home win it was 1 1 when he came off etc.

29 Mar 2022 16:32:29
I maintain Raphinia has been our best player this season and to be clear is our most talented player by a country mile.

Actually being quite conservative with the 9 points actually, if you take into consideration the penalties he’s also scored.

Baz, calm yaself fella, you’ll do yourself a mischief 😂.

29 Mar 2022 17:00:30
Aha Class ' last few games' has now become the whole season . makes sense now .

29 Mar 2022 18:07:08
Baz if you think that Raphinha will be sold for 20 odd Mil then you are underestimating this transfer by a cosmic size. By the way, FYI I said 6th position was obtainable at the start of the season, I still believe we could’ve ended the season in the top ten had we not had all the injuries, which you prefer not to take into consideration.
But of course, I forgot, all your predictions are correct, oh great and almighty Leeds Utd Oracle.

29 Mar 2022 18:43:10
OP as ever I hope you are proved right.

30 Mar 2022 00:06:08
OP It's not all about the money like you say. Most of it is yes but Raph will want to play CL football and compete for honours. Won't happen at Leeds until next decade. Will happen at Barcelona as rapid as next season.

30 Mar 2022 06:54:19
George, Raph has already created enough interest from playing in the Premiership and for his country for a suitable Champions league level team to come calling. Potless Barcelona will not be the only bidders I’m certain of that, they are just trying to rattle Leeds to make believe that they will be the only bidders.
Their bid already is certainly derisory of Raphinhàs true value, as a successful businessman as he is, I don’t believe Radz will cave into Barcelonas bulling tactics in this prospective deal. Radz is taking the right approach to them by just shutting them down without a response.
Don’t believe all the media trash you are reading on this so called transfer saga, you should already know this being a Leeds fan.

30 Mar 2022 08:02:15
Just read that there is No release fee in Raph contract (leedslive)

30 Mar 2022 14:03:05
problem is there is so much conflicting BS out there nobody knows what to believe. some sources stating that Leeds haven't even received any bids from Barca. The board should at least have the decency to come out and clear the air for the fans but as usual it is pretty much a deafening silence.

30 Mar 2022 16:22:07
OP You miss the point. EPL CL clubs shall come calling but don't think Raph desires to play for them unless the weekly wage is exorbitant. Ostensibly he wants to play for Barcelona and follow in his agent and idol (Ronaldinho) footsteps. I get that we hold his registration and can reject Barcelona's bids but I sense the Bosman threat looms over this transfer because the player may well bide time to secure his dream move. It's not about believing or disbelieving aspects of the story. Raph wants to play for Barcelona.

30 Mar 2022 17:39:18
Haha Georgey I would lurve to play you, the Barcelona barstewards, the leech and tbe petulant Sulky one at POKER

you honestly think that especially the leech and also the petulant Sulky one

would genuinely sit it out at Leeds for 2 more WHOLE Seasons to secure his ' dream ' move to Barcelona .

Not convinced that Barcelona would play hardball in waiting 2 seasons either.

30 Mar 2022 17:57:47
Baz Yes why not? A portion of those 2 seasons will be spent at the WC. The truly difficult period will be the 11 months prior to January 2024. Is it really so outlandish a notion? Rod Wallace did it to us. Lee Bowyer may as well have done it to us.

30 Mar 2022 18:00:27
Im sure also he wants to play for Barcelona, but he should understand or at least Deco should understand, being an ex footballer himself, that both parties need to be satisfied in this deal. The way I see it is that Barcelona will have to sell players to meet Radz price.
Perhaps Radz could do a deal with Raph for him to sign another contract like Grealish did signing a new five year contract before being sold to Citeh!
Rumours are that Chelsea might come in with a bid, when their new owner is sorted.?
Im sure that Radz and Orta are very happy with the attention this is creating, all bodes well for a bidding war in the summer.
The fans are nervous because they have no inside information whatsoever.



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