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22 Mar 2022 22:38:31
Sup fellas. lots of rumours of villa bidding 60-70 million for Philips, I didn't buy into it to much a month ago but more people seem to be talking about it on our end, you guys think it might be likely?

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22 Mar 2022 23:22:09
Whack much more chance of you signing for the Vile than KP 😜😉. It will be Citeh or Pool.

22 Mar 2022 23:25:46
He won’t go to villa. No point.
If he leaves it will be to Liverpool, Chelsea or man city.
More chance of Europe.
The rest of the teams in league not good enough potential.

23 Mar 2022 00:18:09
If Villa gets into Europe then it’s understandable to consider he would go to villa but it seems baseless to think he will go if they ain’t in European football which obvs they ain’t.

23 Mar 2022 05:03:41
I can see him joining the Villa without Europe. Chance to work with Stevie G and chance to earn reportedly £28,000 daily. Hard to turn down that kind of dough even if you are in love with Leeds 💛💙.

23 Mar 2022 06:29:17
I can guarantee you 100% that he will not be going to Villa or anywhere else this summer.

23 Mar 2022 06:33:09
Hi Whack hope you are well. I do think Raph will be leaving after the end of the season or possibly after the world Cup. Destination I'm not sure I think he would prefer Champs League footie at this stage in his career but if the money is right and Villa are showing ambition then its certainly possible. I think Leeds lack of ambition has unsettled Raph this year.

23 Mar 2022 07:18:21
Don’t think it’s about money with Phillips.
He is a rarety with loyalty and ambition.
Def won’t be villa. No offense but there are only about 6 teams you can guarantee won’t get relegated and only three that can guarantee Europe. It’s one of them.

23 Mar 2022 07:48:09
Stevie G appeal is a maybe, £28k daily that’s lose change to Man City or most champs league club so I’m sure they’d match that with ease.

23 Mar 2022 08:56:48
George I think you’ll find that KP’s salary will be easily more than doubled this summer, if not more.
He’s apparently on 38K per week, which is surprisingly low compared to his team mates.
In my estimation, the only way KP would leave Leeds this summer, is if we were relegated, which we won’t be.

23 Mar 2022 09:31:58
Don’t think KP goes to either Villa or West Sham. It would have to be a top four side for guaranteed European football and riches. It also provides some justification for KP’s PR team of any impending departure to heartbroken Leeds supporters.

Arsenal could be the surprise runner with his ongoing bromance with Ben White.

He is incredibly loyal to the club the City BUT has gone on record how close he was to leaving previously until his Nan told him off! (God bless her)

I think KP will sign a new deal BUT it will have a relegation clause in it (which will not happen this year) and it will have a buy out figure as KP will want to know what ambition level of investment the club has going forwards.

What is a sad fact, Villa, Sham nearly every other side barring the ones currently occupying the relegation spots are considerably reeeeecher than us!

Unless 49ers invest significantly this will be a recurring discussion point every season.

23 Mar 2022 14:18:02
Can’t see KP going to Villa. Likely to be staying with us isolated long as we’re in the Prem next season. Even if he were to leave, he’d want to go to a Club actually playing European football next season - and given the relatively recent bad blood between Leeds and Villa - due to Villa sh*thousery in the Championship - KP would seem unlikely to go there anyway.

23 Mar 2022 20:31:27
Thanks for all the replies fellas 👍 I do think he will leave this year, destination I’m not sure, I think if he hadn’t gotten injured he would have his pick of the top 4 but after missing most of the season I don’t know if he’s done enough to prove himself for the champs league teams, I honestly think any top 10 team has a chance of landing him, I think gerrard is a good incentive for any English midfielder to join, couldn’t see him going to West Ham unless they sell rice, then he would be an obvious replacement for him. he showed loyalty before but now with MB gone and likely that raph will move I think he will be more inclined to go to a club showing more ambition, your board let you guys down this year big time and it’s a shame cause the foundations were there to really move on to the next level.

23 Mar 2022 21:17:23
Have to agree with you Whack with your final point about the board letting tbe supporters down big time since the summer window with foundations there to move onto the next level.

But disagree with your ( nonsense ) prediction that KP would want to join a ' top 10 team aka Vile, Wet Sham, Wolves, Spuds even Gunners he ain't going to win anything joining them any of them

He 100 % definitely won't join the Manx United nuff said

Minimal chance Chelski ( but can't see him wanting to live in London as a northern lad ) . that leaves tbe 2 options I gave you Citeh or more likely LiVARpool.

23 Mar 2022 22:43:16
We will have to wait and see but he has the quality and ambition to want to have a successful career and that won’t happen with your owners unless they splash the cash, there is also every chance he could win trophies at arsenal and play champs league and europa league with West Ham they are a team on the up and they have a solid squad which they have shown can compete in Europe, I agree on spuds they are not that good old chap and always will be a bunch of bottle jobs. city and Liverpool will probably be interested but at the right price imo, he’s shown he’s a very good player but world class he still has some to prove, villa have the money and not afraid to spend it so you can’t rule them out completely we are building a stable club and owners have backed manager completely, I duno I wouldn’t bet on it but I wouldn’t rule it out just yet, gerrard has pull and couthinho also will attract others if we make his move permanent, times change, there was a time when you backed MB beyond any doubt but this year you’ve done nothing but slate him and now he’s gone, it’s a funny old game anything can happen.

23 Mar 2022 23:00:56
OP Will a doubling be sufficient when an apparent quintupling is available in the West Midlands? What if Kalvin's missus insists? I can see him joining the Villa. Chance to learn from Stevie G and be a 100 miles closer to brother Ben. Also chance to be considerably richer than yo.

23 Mar 2022 23:01:47
Whack is on point. Funny 🤣 old game.

24 Mar 2022 10:18:27
Kal will leave eventually if Leeds don't step up their ambitions, but you have to look at this logically. KP is integral to how our system works, that’s why we have suffered so much while he’s been out, so why would you sell him? Also most players that want to leave start rumours, or their agents do, as far as I know there’s no such thing going on. Radz doesn’t want to sell him either, Raph will be his big cash cow this summer.
So nothing apart from junk journalism is pointing to his imminent departure.
Sorry Whack, but Kalvin Phillips is staying with Leeds for the time being.

24 Mar 2022 10:45:47
OP, hopefully Leeds stay up, and if they do its feasible that KP gives Leeds one more season.

My reasoning that he does that is that he may well feel as if he owes Leeds another season, due to him not offering hardly any assistance to the team in this difficult season due to his lengthy injuries absence.



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