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22 Mar 2022 08:11:09
See Raph wants his buy out clause reduced from $70mill for him to sign a new contract.
Bit of a problem. Reduce it and he can leave for $55 mill.
Don't reduce it means he won't sign so to get a good bit of dosh would have to sell in the summer or he runs his contract down and we are buggered.
Gotta say I know that he hasn't been at his best this season but he has got to be worth what sancho and even grealish were.
It's a bit unfair for him to ask for us to reduce it. Especially when he was saying his last club sold him cheaply. No pleasing some people.

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22 Mar 2022 09:51:31
Reads to me like he has a pre arranged kick back with a certain club.
Reduce the clause by 15 million, he gets a 5 mill signing fee from the new club and the club are still 10 million better off.
Question is who? Barcelona have well documented money issues, so possibly them?

22 Mar 2022 10:27:12
Raph and his agent in particular Deco are despicable

it has been obvious since December that Raph has stopped giving anywhere near 100% ; no surprise at all his goals and assists have dried up ; for me they have long since been hoping Leeds get R . with that small R release clause

Now with the team securing a few wins hence this latest bs request from his agent.

22 Mar 2022 10:52:58
First of all you have to wonder about the validity of these stories, especially when they are splattered over the red tops.
I’ve also read on this story that Leeds have offered Raph double his salary so not to reduce his buy out clause.
Tbh if this story was true then I would say it is most certainly that Barcelona is behind it as I think PSG, Liverpool etc, would pay the 70 odd Miil.
It could possibly be Ralph’s move of choice though.
For now, allegedly Radz has dropped the subject till a later date, maybe to see what offers come in the summer, or if he doesn’t leave, see what his value might rise to after the World Cup.
He’s got 2 years left on his contract, I think the wait and see what happens approach is the best way forward.
I wouldn’t let Ralph’s agent dictate the stakes at any cost.

22 Mar 2022 10:54:26
Do we actually know there is a relegation release clause?
If so, whoever put it in needs to be accountable, probably the clowns who were talking European football next season. Maybe they thought we aren't going down so why not, another good judgement call (not)

22 Mar 2022 11:08:04
Baz, no doubt Raph hasn't been at his best but without his goals and assists this season we would already be down or virtually certain for it.
He's hit the woodwork 3 or 4 times recently and provided a memorable assist for Joffy so it's a bit harsh to say he's not been effective or trying recently.
It's fair to say Deco has no loyalty to Leeds but that's not his job, his job is to get the best contract at the best club he can for his player.
If we try to get a player from another club do you not think we push their agent to get the deal done at the cheapest price even if it screws the selling club?

22 Mar 2022 11:54:52
TJ70 some fair points but Raphs agent Deco for me is despicable in that he has has had a very unhelpful for LUFC, far too long near season long narrative with the media of pushing for Raph his client's next club move ;

This too may also had a somewhat destabilizing effect at some point on team morale with Raph too in this difficult season

It's a big bug bear of mine about football players NOT giving 100%, they are all paid very handsomely (Raph over £ 3 million a season ) ,

the very least they should be giving 100% every game, and Raph is far too naturally talented to come up with for him ineffective mediocre performances he has mostly come up with in the past 15 games without it being deliberate

( apart from his back to his natural best in the West Ham game where he seemed to be up for it )

22 Mar 2022 12:01:57
Tbh, Raph seemed delighted to have provided that assist to Joffy. Doesn’t smack of someone who wants out ASAP. At the same time, Radz and Victor don’t seem like the kind of people who would be held to ransom by either agent or player, so I reckon this one has a long way to go yet!

22 Mar 2022 14:09:25
For me Raph will be look at the investment as we did nothing in January he will be look for additional quality players he will want champions league football like all good players do and I don’t think we can offer him that, if he go welled luck and thanks for all you done.

22 Mar 2022 18:02:17
Baz stop talking utter tosh for heavens sake. Your constant barrage of abuse takes aim at Leeds United every single week but in a different way. I honestly question your motive.

“Baz viduka sent in to Leeds rumours camp to cause havoc between fans and owners for cheap sale to 49ers”

See how easy I made that up?

Raph gets man marked out of the game as he is the only player worth marking when 50% of our best players are injured.

22 Mar 2022 18:46:44
Speak my mind snowflake LAD always have always will

Firstly, I agree re Clickbait journalism, but there is no doubt that Deco has been touting Raph through this season just after he having competed just one season of his 4 year contract

Secondly re Raph ( 9 goals) being marked out of the game being the in your opinion the 'only player worth marking ' is overly critical nee " abusive " from you Laddie to the likes of Harrison ( 7 goals ) , Rodrigo ( 5 goals) James ( 4 goals )

Furthermore this " marking" Lad didn't stop Raph 1st half of the season from scoring 8 goals when he was definitely trying harder ( so suck it up LAD)

22 Mar 2022 19:51:08
So raph scored more goals than everyone else but isn’t making effort

Raph scored more goals 1st half of the season than anyone else has all season who are putting 100% effor in.

You simply can’t have it both ways.

It’s not true raph isn’t putting in the effort according to marsch and not 1 player is telling you otherwise so Thank you baz for your insight of
“ the very least they should be giving 100% every game, and Raph is far too naturally talented to come up with for him ineffective mediocre performances he has mostly come up with in the past 15 games without it being deliberate”
But I think I’ll believe the guys who are actually training and playing with him who are saying he is.

22 Mar 2022 21:05:11
Believe away LAD it's your prerogative.

22 Mar 2022 22:32:53
Baz - let me put out another point of view for you to consider.

Perhaps Raphinha really does care. Contrary to your contention that he’s been poor since Christmas, he actually played well against Burnley and West Ham. Imagine, if you will, that like the fans Raphinha was pissed off that there were no January reinforcements coming in to help the squad - and by the Newcastle game it seemed pretty clear there wouldn’t be any. Not only that, but unlike almost other Clubs, our hierarchy had chosen not to play the c.v. postponement game. We were also meekly accepting of the sh*t referees/ VAR saw fit to deal us on an almost weekly basis. In the home game with Arsenal just before Christmas Xhaka had clearly stamped on Raphinha’s ankle and didn’t even get a booking for it, even after a VAR check, then minutes later Joffy was booked for a rather reckless challenge. Raphinha could often be seen gesticulating to officials, or kicking the ball away when an opposition foul was ignored shortly followed by a foul being given against us, and often a booking. Don’t forget also that Raphinha thought he might die last season from the leg injury inflicted by Fernandinho, who only received a yellow card. Raphinha was clearly as f*cked off as we supporters and the other players were about all this sh*t this season, and yet the only response to our consequent predicament was to increase the murderball sessions, making the depleted squad more knackered and the results worse.

So to summarise, maybe Raphinha really does care, but was becoming disillusioned with our Club’s seemingly perverse failure (for whatever reasons) to respond appropriately to the various factors undermining our ability to compete this season and therefore putting us at peril of relegation.

22 Mar 2022 22:36:33
The expression is playing within yourself. He's been trying but with a slight reduction in output from the beginning of the year. All this talk of Barcelona plays into Liverpool hands as they'll cough up premium money but not sure Raph will join them. This could get into an ugly Bosman transfer in 2024. We may as well keep Raph for duration of his contract on current wage if we're only being offered £33m.

22 Mar 2022 23:30:42
(Clu I did clearly state that Raph played well at Wet Spam )

I do concur with you Clu on your alternative/ additional hypotheses particularly regarding the exasperating sh*t officials

George I also concur with you too re Raph ' playing within himself ': it is probably more accurate to say so than my initial assessment.

23 Mar 2022 00:11:55
OR maybe just maybe it’s possible that he’s hit a dip in form like players do have.

Feels a bit too simple of reason to some Leeds fans eh? 🤷‍♂️.

23 Mar 2022 04:59:10
LAD Incorrect. His "dip in form" coincided with Deco ramping up transfer talk. Raph was visibly frustrated throughout January and February. This caused him not to try quite as hard. He made many jinking runs and crosses to find nobody in box coupled with a Bub blocking transfer window has soured his long term demeanor for LUFC. If you can't see this and believe his form dropped only coincidentally with Deco doing his thing, don't know what to tell you. I'm hoping Liverpool come to our rescue with a huge bid and salary offer. Otherwise I can see it getting ugly.

23 Mar 2022 06:37:46
Footballers do get paid very well but at the end of the day they are only human. Anyone at a company where they are unhappy, possibly because the ambition or goals of that company doesn't mirror their own, will see a drop in motivation and therefore performance despite themselves. Its only natural. So I think Raph is frustrated at our lack of ambition and that is reflected in his impact on the pitch. Add to that the fact footie is a team game and as a team we have been worse this year and again that will impact Raphs ability to play at his best. I don't think it's that he doesn't care but we ha e failed to provide him the tools he needs to do the job to the best of his ability.

23 Mar 2022 12:16:09
I don’t think there is any doubt that Raph will go, just a question of where, when and how much. The talents that we have at the club were definitely let down by the board / management in the last two windows, which is disappointing for sure. A small sign of ambition may have kept the likes of Raph motivated, and so while disappointing for fans, it was more of a mistake in terms of keeping the players onside with a longer term vision. It will be sad to see him go, but more upsetting to see the turd stirring dwarf Deco bag a big cheque!

23 Mar 2022 18:26:40
Spot on 100% Brighty.



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