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27 Dec 2021 22:06:09
Just a thought on Radz saying that we will need to sell ‘1 or 2 key players’ to effectively develop into the Leicester model. Hopefully, by ‘key players’, he means those such as Rodrigo and Roberts. If we could somehow get 30 million for Rodrigo, Roberts and Costa that could be used to strengthen. Some may argue that we can ill afford to lose 3 players, well I doubt we would really miss them. No point having the numbers just for the sake of it.

Radz is just being realistic. Leeds are amongst say, 95% of clubs that need to sell to keep moving forward. The Leeds model at the moment is hoping to acquire youngsters some of whom will be worth a sizeable amount one day or finding gems like Raph whose value can quadruple in 2 years. The better players have ambitions that we cannot match at this time in respect of salaries and competing in the champions league. In time this will change. In the short term we have to accept that the club may want to sell and players like Phillips and Raph may want to test themselves on a bigger stage. Since the Risdale days that’s how we’ve survived and eventually prospered.

I don’t think we are missing much squad wise. Obviously a Phillips and Bamford back up and possibly a creative midfielder but that will be sufficient until the Summer. Maybe get Bogusz back and give him a chance. We have too many players off form and the usual problem of having wingers, aside from Raph, who are unable to beat men and cross the ball.

Anyway. Happy New Year to you all!

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28 Dec 2021 00:49:00
Agree that in particular a PB back up along with a CAM would ( have ) help (ed) greatly this season;

the lack of goals in the team this season from all players bar Raph has really hampered this season along with the ridiculous, infuriating goals and points conceding mistakes.

28 Dec 2021 09:04:09
Rodrigo, Costa or Roberts hardly key players. More likely to be Raph or KP who might bring in decent money. The team Costa on loan with (is it Valencia) are skint skint unlikely to make the move permanent, goodness knows what has happened to Rodrigo and Roberts only just starting ro show promise but hardly likely to command big bucks.

28 Dec 2021 12:46:48
Big disappointment that those PSG takeover rumours never materialised ; that was the key to significant LUFC progression, now we have serious regression this season under Radz and co and the SF 49ers

January is huge for the LUFC usual underwhelming transfer recruitment and game fixtures as although LUFC potentially only have thankfully 3 EPL games in Jan, two of them are huge games at home to Burnley and Newcastle and LUFC still appear to have players unavailable for Burnley ( hoping for it to be postponed too )

28 Dec 2021 13:08:41
Utter bollocks baz.
Do you proof read.
Wow. Crap.

28 Dec 2021 14:24:55
Aus yes I proof read most of my posts, certainly longer ones before sending but in this case I accidentally pressed the send button before completing my post ; it happens occasionally and has happened to other posters so get over it ; cheers.

28 Dec 2021 14:35:07
Aus even with accidentally pressing the send button before completion and proof reading, the gist of the post is still evident even for you.

28 Dec 2021 16:11:11
Baz fully understand your post and agree, Radz has no funds 49s have money but no enough to make any head room on the top 6.

28 Dec 2021 18:17:12
Good to know Whitey cheers.

28 Dec 2021 23:21:56
Out of interest Baz and Whitey, on what basis do you make your assertions re funds available through 49ers not being enough to make top 6 (or 7) ?

29 Dec 2021 07:00:31
Again, just people writing what they want to believe, no different from the pundits spewing out baseless stories.

29 Dec 2021 09:33:41
Indeed, though it’s sad that anyone would want to believe that being bought through Qatari sports-washing investment would be our only hope.

29 Dec 2021 14:29:20
Clue, being bought by another company that’s already heavy invested in another team is never a good idea can’t split funds in both clubs. It’s not something that I have read it’s I what I believe in, not made up stories or from any pundits. Rads has investment in other things which is why money have not been available he’s even taking about selling before we can buy how about he doesn’t charge us rent for he ground that could go towards players.

29 Dec 2021 17:22:54
Whitey - John Henry and Tom Werner (through Fenway Sports Group) already owned Boston Red Socks before buying Liverpool, and that doesn’t appear to prevent Liverpool competing at a high level.

49ers are owned by the York family, which has an estimated wealth of around $3.5bn (possibly roughly on a par with Henry and Werner) and the 49ers Enterprise branch operation also attracts investment from other interested parties. Those we know of who’ve include Peter Lowy, a significant member of the Lowy family whose estimated wealth also runs into billions. Others known are Chad Hurley and Nick Swinburne, successful businessmen whose combined wealth is around $0.5bn. Other parties may also choose to invest through 49ers Enterprises (and some may already do so, and of course Radz may choose to remain a minority stakeholder.

You say Radz has investments in other businesses, which is obviously true, but the same applies to almost everyone else who ‘owns’ a football club.

29 Dec 2021 17:42:54
Clue thanks for the info, you may be right we can only wait and see, great post anyway.

30 Dec 2021 00:40:22
Clue, with all this wealth in the club as you say why are we in this position we could buy any body, one billion should do it lol.



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