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18 Dec 2021 21:11:28
At least three of their goals were due to sloppy passes from our players.

But why no penalty when Ayling was pushed over by two of their players when it was 0-0 and why the f@ck did Xhaka not even get spoken to following his appalling tackle on Raphinha. Piss poor refereeing again.

It doesn’t excuse our mistakes, but when we’re getting such horrendous luck with injuries and shafted by the officials our players must sometimes be left feeling ‘punch-drunk’.

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18 Dec 2021 21:38:31
Clue, please stop with the " luck " thing we are getting hammered on merit

Arrogance + flawed ideology is where we now find ourselves .

The above is said on cold hard FACTS.

18 Dec 2021 21:56:01
What that more than half our squad are not available!

18 Dec 2021 22:26:25
No Chris - my comment was cold hard objective fact - yours was subjective. I can’t be arsed getting into a pointless discussion over all of this all over again.

We all agree we need to get some more players in next month - and given our litany of injuries it seems very likely that reinforcements will be sought. And surely you’re not so sold on criticising our own Club that you you’ve become blind to how poor Marriner an VAR were today.

18 Dec 2021 22:37:47
Op, our " squad " remind me again how much cover we have in said squad

Keep on denying it all you want but the league position tends not to lie

By your reckoning we might be able to tell the PL management we should be immune from the drop because our " squad " was decimated by injuries

Reckon we might have a case?

18 Dec 2021 23:05:03
Clue your reply a bit more uptempo in it's delivery tells me stealthy there's an acceptance. that underneath your always articulated replies there's a rawness which truly understands my point

What's" subjective " about shipping 11 goals in 2 games?

Lad accept reality we are in a pickle which was forecasted.

18 Dec 2021 23:54:12
Chris as I’ve said before there are no guarantees in football, nothing is a given and yes should our unprecedented amount of injuries carry on till the end of the season then sure we could be relegated. But I can be sure that there’s probably no coach out there that could do any better with a completely decimated squad.
The more likely reality is over the coming weeks we will get our crocked players back and we will move out of the danger zone. Then hopefully in the summer we will invest in some quality players.
Your point of view seems to suggest that we sack Bielsa now and gamble on a new manager to deal with an injury list as long as your arm and implementing his brand of football at the same time.
No thanks mate, I’m putting my faith in Bielsa to sort this dilemma were in right now.

19 Dec 2021 01:33:32
Again Op, understand this

I have never called for Bubs to be sacked albeit currently most Prem chairmen would have by now

That's inarguable .

My point as you well know has been for many seasons Radz + Victor need moving on .

Ultimately the blame ENDS WITH THEM .

Radz has AND WILL MAKE MANY MILLIONS FROM US, he has under invested in the league we now play in, he is the boss NOT BUBS

Luck, injuries, suspension etc etc etc HAVE TO BE PLANNED FOR in the best league in the world,

Currently at lufc THEY WEREN'T and you can call me what you want, but just tell me again does this sound familiar to you? We are woeful.

19 Dec 2021 09:07:45
Chris - any rawness is due to the feeling that we’re being shafted not only by inept and biased officiating but by circumstances that mean we are effectively being punished for our players being double vaccinated - so apparently when one of our players tests positive for c.v. 19 no-one else is required isolate. Whereas other clubs with 25% or more of their players are not vaccinated get to call of their games if they have one case and 3 other players are required to isolate as contacts, even if they otherwise have a fully fit squad. And from knowing the rest of the Prem and their supporters and the corrupt authorities will be lapping this all up - the EFL will be absolutely salivating in the hope that we might get relegated.

Squad additions are required, not only for greater depth but also as a show of defiance to the authorities, naysaying pundits, the other clubs and their supporters - which will lift the spirits of our whole Club. They may knock us down, but we get up again. F@ck them all - we go again.

19 Dec 2021 11:59:44
Hands up Clue I wasn't aware of that, thank you Sir, once again a very good post from yourself 👍.

19 Dec 2021 12:12:53
I actually don’t believe Radz, Orta and Bielsa need moving on as you call it, but I do know that with the continued evolution of this club that they will all be replaced at some point. Radrizziani has already stated publicly that he will be selling the club to the San Francisco 49er’s in 2024.
I really appreciate his honesty and "future planning" of the club for the period he has been the custodian. Yes he’s going to make a stack of money out of it but good luck to him, he’ll have done a great job for himself and our club.

The problem is I find with some fans in football they are too impatient, expectations are not viable. It’s going to take time for this club to build for the future and that never comes without ups and downs along its journey.
You can tell quite clearly what the fans thought of Bielsa last night at Elland rd, they know that he has guided this club that we all love out of the stagnant doldrums into an exciting, enthralling and most entertaining type of football that we haven’t witnessed for many years.
They also understand that he’s hit some really piss poor bad luck with injuries and some quite unbelievably bad officiating. Not everything in life is a straight line to success, there are many obstacles to deal with on the way and this current situation is just one of those obstacles. All those fans know who are swinging their Leeds shirts around their head in the freezing cold whilst being whacked 7-0 believe and trust in Bielsa no matter what, and I’m pretty sure the players do too.

19 Dec 2021 14:56:16
Referee Marinated must have received extra bonus pay for missing Xhaka borderline red card. CPL at its finest. Guess what C stands for.

19 Dec 2021 17:18:42
OP If only honestly was in Radz book! What about planning didn’t see our current situation coming. No no planning, the only planning he had was getting 50 million from 49 to fund the ground improvements to which he paid nicely in rent.

19 Dec 2021 17:36:57
I think what you might read from the media and perhaps what is reality concerning Radz business with the 49er’s are likely to be two very different things. Also in hindsight who would possibly imagine that you would be ravaged by a very unusual amount of injuries to your players in a given season.
I do believe there is money available for players but they must be the type of player Bielsa needs also at a price that is within means and lastly that the player wants to come to Elland Rd.

19 Dec 2021 18:43:30
Op let’s hops so we will need it.

20 Dec 2021 08:43:35
Op, where is this "exciting, enthralling and most entertaining type of football" you speak of?



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