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18 Dec 2021 18:18:39
Sorry lads but I don’t care what anyone says or injuries or any other excuse that first half is embarrassing and the system that so so called greatest coach ever is on Obsessed with is a joke, it’s like watching an under 3’s team. Time for Radz to show some bollocks time for Bielsa to go and give someone else the transfer window and some time to try save this season. What is it they say about the definition of insanity? Time for change end of. Awful awful awful.

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18 Dec 2021 18:29:23
Honestly wouldn't surprise me to see Bielsa fall on his sword at the end of the game.

18 Dec 2021 18:33:12
I agree when you keep doing the same thing and expect a different result its time for a change clearly being the fittest team who cover the most distance per game is clearly NOT the answer Bielsa really needs to take a look at himself we can't keep the ball for more than 10 seconds and we can't tackle 56 years a Leeds supporter this is embarrassing beyond belief.

18 Dec 2021 18:43:24
Of course it’s embarrassing, no Leeds fan wants or enjoys this, myself included.

As regards you don’t care what anyone says, you’ve lost me? If you mean I must concur with your view, honestly, I don’t BUT, I respect your right to express your personal view.

Personally I don’t believe Pep or klop would get results with 12 of their first team (including Harrison) missing from their respective line ups.

Of course we’ve contributed to our downfall this evening we can all see that, but even the most rose tinted of the rose tinted brigade, myself included didn’t honestly expect a result with this team against in form Fourth placed Arsenal.

Doesn’t mean I’m not frustrated, doesn’t mean I am upset you want Bielsa gone.

Just I don’t want him gone since want our full team back and ideally new recruits in Jan.

And all the time the Ed’s keep this brilliant site going we’ll have to agree to disagree, be a boring site otherwise.

But neither of us have to concede or agree each other’s point of view, however bad the results or compelling each other’s reasoning.

18 Dec 2021 18:55:34
I don’t care what anyone else law says would surely imply that what I said is of my opinion. Feel free to disagree with it but it’s my option whether you agree or not.
It’s time for change.

18 Dec 2021 18:58:23
It’s all a matter of opinions class, I apologies if I’m coming across a tad crass mate but I feel that if we don’t change things we will go down, at least if we do make the change while there’s a window to work with then we’ve tried we rolled the dice rather than going with a whimper.

18 Dec 2021 19:00:03
Think I did disagree with you, sorry if that wasn’t clear first time.

18 Dec 2021 19:29:39
Really not a problem ME think we’re all hurting jus now mate, we all want same thing and things are as dark as they could be.

I’m not sure it will work to change manager at this time Gerrard worked no doubt, but so far amity and Howe haven’t just don’t see a manager of the quality we need is out there, who 1) would definitely be an upgrade? 2) is available?

My Christmas wish is reinforcements one or two more Raphinia type hems May just be enough this year.

20 Dec 2021 11:34:50
No manager change would make the slightest difference right now. It’s literally kids vs internationals.



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