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28 Nov 2021 00:00:05
So my friend went today after all, free beer! Enough said.

Still made the meal tonight after the game sitting opposite a Brighton season ticket holder, had to be didn’t it, hard luck mate you deserved so much more!

So the Brighton perspective in the hospitality box was we’re the worst away team they have seen at the Amex so far.

Cannot argue with that and cannot defend the indefensible, my warning to them just watch our man Raphinia, massively blew back on me, interestingly Roberts was a slight improvement, they also said it’s the best Brighton performance in their last five games.

Apparently, other than Mwepi they started with all their first choice, best side.

Lamptey and Trossard are also their crown Jewell’s apparently, a Brighton fan in the box claiming to be in the know telling me Lamptey is expected to sign for Real Madrid, season end.

As woeful as that was, I have to cling to the positives and that’s one defeat in five, yes totally agree we’re well out of form and agreed Firpo looks a mistake to date but overall something to build upon, I mean what’s the option.

Fortunately, a full passionate Elland Road next up against Palace will prove there are many like minded people who realise, appreciate, yes it’s tough, no very, very poor just now, but it’s our team and we support the team.

‘Side before Self’

As for being rid of Bielsa …. ok to be replaced by? Mmmm Steve Bruce? Mmm thought so.

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28 Nov 2021 02:22:36
The thing is Class

the vast majority of this season including preseason has been truly abject ( that is around 22 games now ) that is becoming a MAJOR long lasting entire season problem

so LUFC have a major problem if

a) the team and squad is not good enough ( which it clearly isn't ) and/ or

b) players have lost faith, desire, motivation, energy and enthisiasm and are wholly underwhelmed by

1) the Leeds board re the summer window and / or
2) Bielsa as coach and manager

For without any doubt KP was simply NOT giving 100 % in the Brighton match I watched the match a 2nd time specifically watching KP and he was casually floating around the first half NOT picking up any players in and around the box then berating the rest of the team for conceding chance after chance when he was more at fault than most.

so it was no surprise at all that Bielsa hooked KP off at half time, KP is not bigger than Leeds United, he needs to stop with the perceived by some public displays of petulance and disharmony and keep it inhouse .

as for Bielsa he is a decent to quite good coach but with serious flaws and his player man management skills are possibly questionable

he will very, very likely be gone in 6 months time anyway ( and although likely Radz and Co won't have the balls to do so ) but if we do NOT beat Palace and Brentford why not make a bold move ( just as other struggling teams such as Norwich, Watford have done ) and get in a new coach either an interim or permanent appointment : Diego Martinez to be given the job in interim and see how he does in next 6 months if he is up to it.

Next 2 games are must win games for LUFC and will reveal more if Bielsa has indeed lost a few of the other players faith desire motivation etc ( along with KP ) .

28 Nov 2021 04:40:37
or also consider other potential options such as Marcelo Gallardo of River Plate.

28 Nov 2021 08:22:40
BazVid can I refer you back to your post of a fortnight ago where you categorically state that YOU have never posted about wanting Bielsa gone.

Congratulations on this new change of mind. What has happened in the last 14 days to make such a dramatic change or is it, as other posters have pointed out in response, actually you viewpoint all along and your denials were only used to justify a specific posts context?

Played poorly, got a point. how many times have we played brilliantly, huge amount of possession and still come away with nothing? I will take a dose of good luck any time.

And before you cut and paste your usual rant about the rose tinted glasses mob.
I know we are 4th bottom
I know we are battling at the wrong end of the table
I would love us to have bought a few more first teasers in the summer
I would love us to be battling for European places
. but guess what we aren't. But it doesn't make me want to stop supporting Leeds. It doesn't make me want to blame anyone (the chairman the DoF, the manager, the players, the cruel world) . I turn up. Sing. Clap. Cheer. Go home and look forward to my next chance. If they get relegated I will still turn up, sing, clap and cheer because its just brilliant. I moan about my job, not my sport.

28 Nov 2021 08:44:17
axe, we are all in the hot tub, Christmas is coming let’s all be happy and in joy the moment.
Thoughts are with Dave who who did get to see his team under the new manager.
Be happy everyone as axe has said . You never know!

28 Nov 2021 09:27:46
Think your spot on with Phillips Baz, I too watched him very closely and for whatever reason he was not giving everything to the team yesterday, however, Bub had the balls to hook Englands player of the year last year and replace him with Pascal who was an improvement on KP

As for the idea to switch with a new manager for six months, thanks for providing candidates, if I’m honest I’ve not heard of any of them, although to be perfectly honest. I hadn’t heard of Bielsa before he joined and Ed001 told us who he was.

I also agree with posters who say the rolling one year contract situation is not satisfactory.

And you see the bounce that Villa have enjoyed under Gerrard and it’s very tempting, that being said, whilst there are more positives noises coming out of Norwich and Newcastle of late, that doesn’t translate to results, so I believe it’s a huge gamble for someone without any previous PL managerial experience to come in at this time.

I’ll stick with the ‘godfather’ of the modern football managers, according to Poch, Guardiola, Conte etc

And with a win percentage at Leeds over 50% only slightly less than the Don, I think he’s more than owed a bit of commitment at this admittedly poor run of performances.

Clearly the players have not performed to their previous standards, and whilst that’s the managers job, agreed, a crippling run of injuries, and lack of new investment, (can’t magic money out of thin air) have hampered what he can do.

But it is what it is, I’ve requested tickets for the return fixture for my Brighton mate at Elland road, and I’m on the waiting list, such is the desire to watch this team play.

Totally get why people are frustrated just now, but I firmly believe we’ll be ok come end of the season whatever that means, stay up on goal difference i'm happy my team is Leeds United and I think it takes five years minimum to get a firm footing in the PL.

28 Nov 2021 09:30:28
I just don’t think Kal is suited to the CB role. He was floating around due to being unsure of his role. Let him stick to wait Bielsa made him: a world class DM.

28 Nov 2021 10:59:29
Bielsa has already quoted he may have to re calibrate his ideas on shuffling the players around into positions they are not familiar with.
He’ll get it right and we will move away from the relegation zone.

28 Nov 2021 13:14:45
Good reply post Class.

28 Nov 2021 15:57:42
Was mine not a good post BazVid?


28 Nov 2021 16:36:08
Axe my ole mucka
yours was a beautiful post
love Baz.

28 Nov 2021 17:03:45
Thank Baz.

28 Nov 2021 17:17:45
Oh feck! It’s a love in now! Stop it fellas! 😳🤣.



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