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21 Nov 2021 21:44:39
Hey lads come on! There are some great posts on here and not all great posts have to be through Leeds tinted glasses but come on guys. Stop looking at the positives for other teams around us, you seem more worried about their status credentials than ours and 'The Championship beckons' really? At the start of the season fair enough the recruitment was dire and then the performances were rubbish, I will give you that but the Leicester game was an improvement then today's game was more like the Leeds we know and love. If you have the words to slate the lads on the pitch when they are dire then at least have the decency to say how it really is when they play like they did today. There were players on that pitch that worked hard today, Phillips being one and although he is not the best at the moment young James played well, his heart is getting bigger and it shows. I'm with the why Roberts brigade and Jack Harrison Is very wasteful at the moment but Geldhart, Llorente, Struik were good. Cooper and Klich off the pace but we have players coming back from injury. It's not perfect but it's getting better, we are on the up. We are not Real Madrid and we don't have a Messi or a Salah but what we have is our heart and for me it's not missing anymore, so all you serial doubters, hang your heads in shame. You need some lessons from Whiteman1, Brightwhite, Clueless, and many others on here on how to look at the bright side of strife! Come on you Leeds. MOT. Great posts Whiteman1 and Brightwhite.

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22 Nov 2021 08:08:22
Cheers bro! On, on, on! ALAW!?

22 Nov 2021 09:29:43
I am going to change my strap line from "haters got to hate" as in hindsight its too incendiary to "moaners got to moan".

I love the accusation that some of us have rose, or Leeds tinted glasses on. Hello, smell the coffee, we support Leeds, of course we have tinted glasses on. We have had very sparce success over a long period of time and many tough times to accompany them. I can't think of another team in the top 50 at the moment that has had endured as we have had. So when you accuse us of being myopic then you also accuse yourselves, of your own failings. Being a Leeds fan means your in it for the long haul. You will endure the trough and you will celebrate over the top any success we have. Of course we are optimists. Check out the dictionary under Optimist, there is a picture of the Kop celebrating.

For those that turn up the Pessimist Dial everytime we suffer a setback, look inward and ask yourselves, "Am I really a Leeds fan, wouldn't I just be happy jumping on a well financed bandwagon and support some generic conglomerate? "

If us over optimistic Leeds fans offend your sensibilities then here some advice. Step out of the path because there are hundreds of thousands more coming up behind us. welcome to an alternate reality.

I have loved reading the positivity after yesterday's result. Being a Leeds fan isn't about results it's about celebrating all the good things that it means to support and part of that is the oneness through good times and bad.
I have to travel past the Eithad to get to Elland Road. I think they play brilliant football. I think their supporters (30,000 in the 3rd division) are proper supporters. But their is a cat in heels chance I will stop off there whilst my Leeds still fulfill fixture lists.

And final word to the moaners. I do recognise how low in the division we are. I do recognise that we are having difficulties. I am not stupid so don't berate me as such. I choose the enjoy my life, and a big part of that is being part of a free society in which I can choose to support the team of my choice and smile even in adversity.

On this cold day the hot tub is gorgeous and the Prosecco is flowing like wine (! ) . None of its carbon neutral yet but I aim for it to be by 2030.

22 Nov 2021 09:50:38
Here we go again, the rose tinted automatic assumption that they know best on this forum!

Hang my head in shame? Why for being correct in our assumptions that Leeds would struggle this season!


All your points so far are all what if + hopefullys

Don't tell me to be shameful whilst Leeds are 17th, a few of us said all along without key additions and a bigger squad this would happen

It's amazing that even though it's happened we have you and a lot of others we should be shameful and we are just moaners

In my eyes that's incredible that some people can't actually. say, lads ye were correct

It's not actually about being correct to me . It's the idea that somehow ye are a better more knowledgeable supporter than us because you don't agree with our point of view ( which so far is correct ) that's the infuriating thing

So woody don't tell me what I should be feeling when back in July / August certain people said repeatedly here that Leeds would struggle and yet here we are


22 Nov 2021 11:32:41
I’m proud to be a glass half full supporter as like many on here are but OMG change the bloody record. It is what it is, we are IN the Premier League, why moan it away! Great post Axe mate, great to read and spot on. MOT SUPER LEEDS.

22 Nov 2021 12:50:00
OMG is right here we go YET AGAIN

Let me refresh your memory on this 1

You start a thread slamming a certain group on here, telling us we should hang our heads IN SHAME

You then get a reply which you don't like, feel is inferior to your "knowledge" and then tell me to change the record!

It's exactly this arrogance that drives me mental,
You "change the record " woodie omg it's painful hearing about, what if, what might be, what's to come,

See there's a difference of opinion as much as you don't agree with mine, I don't agree with yours neither

But somehow your " group " always seem to think their the superior supporter .

Change the record lad is right
Boring me now.

22 Nov 2021 12:51:00
Woody 1967 thanks mate.

22 Nov 2021 14:48:39
Chris Chris.

You may well be correct. You may best the most correct man in the field of correctness that has ever lived. but we don't actually care.

Be as correct as you like. only you care. We optimists just live supporting Leeds and enjoying that fact. Supporting Leeds doesn't make us miserable like it does others

You are going on about how frustrated you are that we don't admit you are right. here it is


Is that enough for your frustrated sensibilities?

22 Nov 2021 15:30:29
I’m totally with you Axe great post mate. I love the banter on here and I like to read all posts, The thing is mate I remember the days of standing watching Leeds getting beat by Hitchin then Rochdale in the cup, constant disappointment, constantly heading into Monday at work with another season of doom and gloom ahead, so for me I’m now enjoying what’s going on, we’ve moved streets ahead and although nowhere near the finished article in owners, manager or team we are in a better stronger position, nobody wanted us years ago now we are an attractive business opportunity so bring it on and bring on the even better times. The futures bright, the futures Mighty Whites 😎.

22 Nov 2021 16:05:37
Axe I am exactly like you, couldn't give a toss about you . Let me explain again

Arrogance is the label I use for a certain. core in here .
Arrogance in assumption that you are better than me in your support

A man comes on here telling people who don't agree with him their shameful

How arrogant is that? . So we will leave it there now as circles completing circles is now the farce this has become

But rest assured Axe in the hot tub the feeling is mutual 👍Kind regards.



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