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18 Oct 2021 08:08:57
Against Southampton, stats by WhoScored say that Rodrigo failed to have a single shot at goal before he was substituted off in the 64th minute.

He also made just 18 accurate passes, didn’t make any key passes and won no aerial duels and completed no dribbles.

Looking like a complete waste of 30million. No tonly is Orta unable to understand where we need to strengthen, he also wastes our money when he does actually bring a player in. We had 60million pounds worth of players on the pitch on Saturday in James and Rodrigo and neither influenced the game in any way, whereas the central midfielder we have needed for 2 seasons is nowhere to be seen.

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18 Oct 2021 09:57:56
Thing is Alf, Bielsa really wanted both Rodrigo and James, so it’s not accurate to pin them on Orta, much though you and others on here obviously want to.

Yes, obviously everyone, including Bielsa and Rodrigo himself, is really frustrated by his overall underwhelming impact since arrival last season - though to be fair he had seemed to be improving of late, and few of our squad emerged with any credit on Saturday.

As said previously, I reckon it would have been better on Saturday to have played Drameh right side of midfield, moving Shack inside and freeing up Klich to take a more creative role - with Tyro on the bench. Bamford said recently that Drameh, among others, were getting very close to the first team, so hopefully he’ll get some pitch time soon, enabling Shack to take up the midfield role he was initially expected to fulfill.

18 Oct 2021 11:51:22
Alf, I know I live in a "hot tub world" and most of my posts frustrate you with their unrealistic positivity but I can understand your frustrations with team and individual performances. Even I can see that certain players can not give to the club what others can. But I choose not to criticise them in favour of giving support and hoping things turn out right for our club.
Players will come and go. Managers will come and go. Even owners will come and go. But Leeds is my forever love and I know all I can give them is my support.
I don't think anyone in "hot tub world" is satisfied with the team at the moment. There are some massive pluses in there and a few who aren't able to work at their level. But we choose to keep faith.

I am answering your post as I respect how you phrase your posts. I hardly ever read you disrespecting individuals. I am always interested in how your describe the limitations of a certain player or a certain system.
In the past you have spoken about Cassilla, and hopefully you are satisfied that the club are seemingly moving him on.
I also recall your dissatisfaction with Costa. Again, hopefully you approve of how the club also aligns with your thinking
For a while now you have criticised Roberts and statistical you have it right. He has not produced for Leeds.
At the moment it is Rodrigo, and again the stats bear you out.
I too am frustrated but whilst they pull on our white shirt I will support them and their colleagues

My big issue is the language and sentiment used by some of the other "realists".

Does none of you "realists" not remember the c.v. The loss of revenue for the country in general. The need for Leeds to sell off more shares to SF49 in order to keep solvent.

Why are you all saying we should have bought this player and that player? Even multi-billionaire owner were frugal with the cash this summer. There hasn't been the money to do what you want.

18 Oct 2021 12:12:59
Axe I see from your post you too agree that Roberts has not produced for leeds. And while you choose to hold out hope he comes good, myself I would rather Bielsa gives a talented player like Gelhardt the place. Different opinions, not a hater or nothing good to say, just a fan of the club like yourself.

18 Oct 2021 12:23:43
Axe I appreciate your love of our team but as I am not averse to pointing out the error of my children's ways so I feel equally legitimised in pointing out the error of some of my players ways for although Mr Radz believes he owns them he is only looking after them Temporarily for, long after he is gone, they will still be my/ our boys in my/ our team. Thus I feel it well within my rights to mention if they stray from the straight and narrow. Give them a verbal clip round the ear, if called for. As for the acquisition of players, whilst I too throw in the occasional names (Messi, Ronaldo. ) it is more the wrong acquisition that galls or even the non acquisition, when it is obvious what we need and a gap is not filled. Sometimes it is not even acquisitions merely a suggestion that youth is given a chance.

18 Oct 2021 14:33:36
Leo - why the pointless and inaccurate snipe at Radz? He himself has made comments to the effect that he knows he is merely temporarily looking after the Club, and will try to do the best for the Club during his watch.

18 Oct 2021 14:45:46
Clu you keep saying that Bielsa wanted Rodrigo and Costa etc but how do we know that? Is it from clickbait such as the Athletic? and is that in terms of 'if I could pick two players in the world who I want it will be these two' or just 'out of the list Orta has provided these are the two that I would go for' - I suspect the latter because if it was out of anyone out there then Bielsa has much, much poorer taste than I believe.

So essentially, whichever excuse you want to give for Orta's ineptness he is still inept and has still wasted millions on players who aren't good enough in positions that we didn't need. Meanwhile completely ignoring the actual areas of the squad that need strengthening.

I know very little about football, I have a full time job so I only really follow Leeds and watch their games each weekend and even I could recognise we have huge gaps in midfield, overperformed last year and have an ageing squad. Why the heck can't Orta, on 2 million quid a year with NOTHING ELSE TO DO ALL DAY BUT SCOUT FOOTBALL PLAYERS FOR LEEDS seem to recognise this as well? That's why it annoys me and why I want the charlatan out.

18 Oct 2021 15:21:24
Orta the Charlatan OUT Alf? Hmmmm.

18 Oct 2021 15:29:26
Alf - once again demonstrating why the term hater came into use on here.

Do you count Phil Hay as a clickbait merchant just because he now writes for The Athletic and are those who do the Square Ball podcast etc also clickbait - or are they apologists for the Board, or any other derogatory label you wish to come up with for anyone who comes up with any information which does not accord with your narrative on my favourite Uncle?

18 Oct 2021 15:36:06
Exactly Baz. He has been a drain on our finances for too long now.

18 Oct 2021 19:24:35
Without Orta there’s no Bielsa and no Raphinha. Without Bielsa we most likely be mid table in the Championship.
I can give you a bit more perspective if you want…!

18 Oct 2021 19:26:43
I really do hate Orta if that's what you mean. I hate the fact he wastes our money on garbage, I hate the fact he failed to identify and bring in players to help us push on after last season and I hate the way he continually brings in sub standard dross for loads of money. I also hate the way he has seemingly blinded large portions of the fan base into believing he is any good. A snake oil salesman indeed and of the highest degree. His carp signings got Middlesboro relegated and he is well on the way to making the same happen here.

18 Oct 2021 20:12:10
Clue, I have to say, Moscow white from square ball does grate on me .

The way he tries to defend Forshaws injury record is now delving into the realms of pure embarrassment

Forshaw needs moving on, there is no way that lad will ever be an established Prem player now after the 2 years he's just put down

We are bad enough with the small amount of squad players we have, Forshaw is now taking the space of a more abled bodied player in an already threadbare squad .

And before Axe dives into me, Forshaw is crocked by injury, I not insulting him or bullying him, I just stating a fact sadly for him.

18 Oct 2021 20:37:15
120% correct Alf on contents of past 2 posts ; I am sure Axey would concur.

18 Oct 2021 22:23:12
Chris - Moscow White does quite often stray into deadpan irony, which can sometimes be confused as being meant seriously - I have seen a number of absolutely enraged comments on YouTube underneath some of their podcasts, from people who have misunderstood his delivery - so it is possible you too may have been misled in that way.

Alf - I’m sorry but I have no words - I give up even try to talk reason to you any more - and good luck to OP and anyone else who tries. It would however be good if you could answer my question as to whether, in your view Phil Hay and those at The Square Ball are clickbait merchants and/ or apologists for the Board. Perhaps you’d also be so good as to inform me who you would consider to be reputable sources of information on our beloved Leeds United.

19 Oct 2021 06:51:30
Axe Frugality, huh? Grealish went for £100m+.

19 Oct 2021 07:22:44
Clue, no misunderstanding I have actually heard him have it out with Dan almost,

There's no irony or sarcasm involved, he's totally bullheaded that Forshaw is not injury prone, rather 1 injury with complications

It's embarrassing.

19 Oct 2021 07:54:22
Gotta say, I agree re Forshaw. good player on his day, but it’s another one day per year player. offload.

19 Oct 2021 09:51:09
Apols, Chris I recalled that conversation after I’d sent the post. However, Moscow White is actually correct in the sense that Forshaw had one long-standing complicated injury, rather than lots of separate injuries, which is the usual definition of injury prone. As with any other player who has had a long term injury, Forshaw is currently at temporarily heightened risk of minor muscle strains as he endeavours to get back up to speed, which will be particularly challenging at Leeds currently due to the extraordinary demands of Bielsaball. Being very empathetic by nature, Moscow White clearly doesn’t like a false narrative being built up against a player who has had such a long-standing lay-off and is desperate to get back on the pitch to help the team.

As an extension to that, Baz, Alf and others with extraordinary powers of hindsight, seek to use Forshaw’s injury lay-off as an excuse to have a go at my favourite Uncle. That would be fine if he had a particular record of injury (was thought to be injury prone) when he was signed by Leeds - but he didn’t.



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