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15 Oct 2021 12:04:48
This annoyingly irritatingly difficult season
sadly continues to play out to inevitable outcomes with Raph's gobby agent Deco talking up a move just 7 games into the season ( nice one Deco class )

This is where Radz and Orta need to steadfastly and stubbornly ensure that they indeed get top dollar for our best players as so far their record of doing so is not very good ( Roofe, Jannson etc)

Even Cellino considerably outperforms Radz and Orta in getting top dollar for our best players in McCormack

Raphinha's transfer fee should be sky high as he is now a proven talent at international level, there will likely be considerable competition with many clubs wanting to buy him next summer ( only an idiot would sell him in Jan) when he will still have 2 years on his contract ;

so Radz and Orta will be in a very strong position to get top dollar for Raph and so there will be no excuses for them not to attain at least £80 to 90 million ( £100 million should be aimed for ) Raph is better and has more talent than say Grealish and if he were English the fee should/ would be far more than £100 million.

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15 Oct 2021 14:28:32
Baz would it be silly to now suggest our total farce of a pre season recruitment drive was a plan to stagnate and knowingly drive Raph to move on for a ridiculous amount of money for Radz?

If this season stays on its current mediocrity trajectory it's going to be very hard to both keep Kal + attract decent talent when Raph goes in summer .

I know the Radz thing sounds mental but where huge cash is concerned, I always go by the Machiavellian mantra.

15 Oct 2021 14:53:09
Its certainly a feasible hypothesis Chris.

15 Oct 2021 19:25:33
Now we really are getting into the realm of fantasy and bulls#*t.

16 Oct 2021 09:56:35
Clue, as I stated I know it sounds mental, but does £80 mill sound mental to you? Decos going to say Raph wants Champs league football, Leeds obvs can't offer that

Had Leeds spent big money again pre season on a CF + CAM then our chances would be a whole lot greater, but would have left a big credit footprint

Now here's where I find it a possibility, obvs for his stadium plan Radz needs to finance that, diligence +credit checks will need doing, very little spent this summer, return of fans, and the big fat cheque for the sale of Raph coming in June will be a whole lot easier for a bank to sanction the cash needed

Why is it bull? He's a successful businesses man more than a Leeds fan, it's ALWAYS ABOUT THE MONEY

So enough of your moral high ground with your posts which you seem to think are more worthwhile than others once your view is not reciprocated .

16 Oct 2021 13:08:13
Chris - I certainly don’t think my posts are more worthwhile than any others on here.

However, getting back to why your previous comment seemed like fantasy and bs. Firstly, you said it in this hypothesised scenario the hoped for sale of Raphinha would have been to generate ‘a ridiculous amount of money for Radz’ - suggesting that Radz would be trying to get money for himself rather than the Club. Even if we were to take it that was not what you intended to suggest, the second point is that at the time when this supposed plan was formed, there was little if any significant indication that Raphinha was in Tite’s plans for Brazil this season, and with the number of other forward/ wing options Brazil have at their disposal there was absolutely no guarantee that Raphinha would be called up before next June. It is only his appearances and performances for Brazil which have pushed his potential selling price to ‘ridiculous’ levels. Even if we were to believe that his call ups were, all being equal, a racing certainty, such a fast and skilful player is at significant risk of injury, with opponents routinely making at the very least professional fouls on him to stop a rapid break on turnover, like Fernandinho’s cynical foul last season. A more serious injury this season could have prevented him making an appearance for Brazil, and having now made the national squad, and made such an impression, he will have even more games in which he could become injured, which could be significant enough to prevent a sale in June or at least reduce his value. Radz and co would not have deliberately held back our progress, and indeed put us at greater risk of relegation in the very uncertain hope that Raphinha’s could be sold for a ridiculous amount of money. Not forgetting that the 49ers are now 37% owners of the Club, and while some on here seem to be happy to attempt to characterise Radz as a two-bit chancer, it would seem difficult to paint the 49ers or their investors (particularly longtime Leeds-supporting Peter Lowy and his family) in such a way.

16 Oct 2021 16:23:31
Clue regardless of raphs appearance for Brazil this past fortnight, on the back of the season he had last year there was always going to be a huge mark up on his sale next summer

Regarding payouts for Radz are you that naive to think Radz has not insulated his own PERSONAL INTERESTS when he diluted his stake?

Seriously you are being a bit silly by believing that Radz has all his cards on the table for all to see, there's bound to be caveats inserted into share sale which guarantees Radz cash from all angles .

Again less of the expletives please, your view is your view I wouldn't use the terms you do as I ain't 14, disagree all you like but don't use the terms as it let's you down pal 👍.



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