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10 Oct 2021 17:56:04
I think it's pretty classless of radz ro be involved in these 'concerns' about human rights issues (which comes from pure jealousy and fear for his investment) . Wasn't he responsible for a Leeds tour to an equally dodgy country only a few years ago?

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10 Oct 2021 18:18:03
True enough
But as the saying goes 2 ( or in this case more than) wrongs do NOT make a right.

10 Oct 2021 22:41:52
What is the current trend with slating our board and management? I really don’t get it? We wouldn’t have got to the PL without them, which was something we all craved, and yet a few months into the season, they are all carp? I’m just bemused. Such positivity to negativity in such a short space of time, can’t be healthy.
Chins up boys. ALAW.

11 Oct 2021 02:00:36
Brighty from my own perspective its been pretty much fab from 2019 to 2021 yes

but I think you are probably aware of MG'S favourite DRUM I have been constantly BANGING

in some of my previous posts

that I am ( a tad) concerned and frustrated of what I perceive missed opportunities by Radz, VO, MB to progress the club even more this season

but yeah ALAW.

11 Oct 2021 04:18:06
Bright, have to agree with Baz, we appreciate what they have done and it’s beyond our dreams to be in premiership
Think we feel after last season’s impressive position, a couple of players could take us to the top 8 and into Europe.
My worry is our poor start and lack of goals, needed a striker to compete with bamford or cover if (as has happened) gets injured.
I actually feeling more confident and still hoping we can beat last season’s position, we have been better last 3 games with attacking play but need to convert more as can bite us.
I feel Europe a must if we want to retain raphi and get in better players.

11 Oct 2021 10:54:39
I think I give a balanced view of what is happening providing credit where it is due but also not turning a blind eye to the improvements needed. I don't get why certain fans blindly think everything is brilliant and let's owners get away with whatever they like without holding them responsible when they make mistakes.

11 Oct 2021 11:54:42
Baz pal, I whole heartedly agree with your point that this has indeed been a massive “missed opportunity “, don’t get me wrong. I would have loved to see big investment in certain positions, for sure. However, I don’t feel we can underestimate the impact of a season of empty stadiums, which surely will be the cause of the lack of investment. As others have said, we are financially a “small” club, without the backing of a multi billionaire, sadly.

11 Oct 2021 13:07:45
Brighty fair comment Leeds have obviously lost revenue from empty stadiums, but that loss is not quite as big as you may think : £20 million ( £1 million per home game )

but how much did Leeds receive for the EPL deal tv money last and this season and league placing of 9th?

11 Oct 2021 14:51:39
While sufficient investment in our squad should be made to maintain at least mid table respectability, the increased financial backing for the Toon surely makes it even more imperative for our Club’s planned increased stadium capacity to be delivered as soon as possible.

While our owners will not have pockets as deep as those of Citeh, Chelski, and now the Toon, a stadium capacity of 55-60,000 will generate sufficient income for us to consider competing with the other sides who have ambitions for European places and domestic cup success. Yes, Pool, Salford United, Gooners and Spurs have a significant headstart in so-called global brand recognition and related potential income streams. However, a significant boost to gate receipts and other match day related income should make it possible to compete consistently with the latter two and the likes of the Foxes, Hammers, Toffees and the Villains.

Besides the Foxes’ League success in 2015/ 16 shows that even against seemingly insurmountable odds, it is sometimes possible to achieve success in the league without eye watering financial backing.

11 Oct 2021 17:42:40
Good post Clu increasing capacity to 55,000 plus is essential

I understand that new billionaire board member Peter Lowy and Vice Chairman SF49ers Paraag Marathe are the board members particularly responsible in the stadium extension process.

11 Oct 2021 21:12:22
Would seem so Baz. Make sense given 49ers experience of stadium redevelopment and Peter Lowy’s previous extensive experience of large scale building projects for the family’s Westfield retail property company.

11 Oct 2021 23:09:22
Uncle Clueless Once Geordies buy Donnarumma Phillips Messi Chiesa Haaland Kane Mbappe and Raphinha, there'll be no Foxesesque fairytale in the PL any longer.

12 Oct 2021 00:42:30
George - having a $#*t load of money doesn’t guarantee success - it doesn’t even guarantee the best players will want to go there. I may be wrong, but I’m not sure any of the players you name, or similar would, even with the offer of a significant increase in wage, want to move to a club whose golden age was 1904-1910 and last won a meaningful trophy in 1955, located in a tinpot city like Newcastle.



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