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23 Jun 2021 13:11:24
Not a bad assist from Diver Grealish yesterday

and I hear Arsenal fans are clamouring for his signing because let's face it Grealish is wasting his career and time spending anymore years at mediocre Aston Vile

If he cuts out the diving, Grealish would be very successful at Leeds under Bielsa.

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23 Jun 2021 13:22:33
Bielsa would possibly insist on taking him for a spot of litter-picking, as part of a purification process required after so many years in such a rancid atmosphere.

23 Jun 2021 13:32:15
Lol Clu 🤣🤣🤣🤣👏👏👏👏👏.

23 Jun 2021 17:37:21
He has to play in the knockout stages, as does that young arsenal lad who played so well yesterday!

23 Jun 2021 17:54:00
Saka - agreed Bright.

23 Jun 2021 22:29:58
Maybe your bait has gone off Baz, fishing is poor right now!

24 Jun 2021 01:03:31
Hehe Canada actually you know what it's more gratifying and tranquil having tweedledumb and tweedledumber from tbe Vile just read it and not respond 😃.

24 Jun 2021 01:28:56
Shame you couldn’t afford him baz, a move like that could put you back in league 1 all over again😂😂.

24 Jun 2021 06:27:39
Good bants Whack 🤣🤣.

24 Jun 2021 07:05:07
Wacky - what time was it when you posted the above reply on our banter site? Obsessed with Leeds or what?

For a while I almost believed you might have read my reply to you dated 18 June (20:05:25) , gone away to look at yourself in the mirror, and then reflected on the moral turpitude currently pervading your once great club, and become too ashamed to show yourself on this site again. But apparently not.

As for your comments on Ed’s article below, many clubs have had a couple of rotten apples within their ranks over the years, and it was a great shame that O’Leary was so far up himself that he didn’t notice, or could not be bothered with the effort to stamp out, the disciplinary problems brewing with Bowyer and Woodgate before they got totally out of hand, and Ridsdale was too busy counting his Monopoly money, and his goldfish, to get a grip either. The thing is, we’ve learned from those past mistakes.

Coming back to the present, it’s the motley crew in charge of your club you need to be worrying about. It’s time to take your head out of the sands of the past and give it a shake mate.

24 Jun 2021 07:51:11
Well said Clu

Youngish whipper snapper Whacky 🤣

You're understandably frustrated 😃

As noted Whscky YOU never seeing the Vile win anything in YOUR LIFETIME so far and in the future must be infuriating for you! 😜

But NOTHING. you say or do Whacky is going to change that fella so just breathe and accept it fella😃👍.

25 Jun 2021 00:21:17
No frustration here verruka, the old “I’m older than u argument” your maturity levels impress me every time you post, it probably go’s over your head but it doesn’t help your cause when u try to follow up on posts that clueless writes, he comes across as a pretty well educated fellow with his insightful posts and fancy wording, he talks quiet a bit of sense most of the time.
then in comes the “spud gun” hey whack I’m older than you I seen more than you lol, your actually that disrespectful to the people who founded your club that you maintain that anything that happened before your time is irrelevant and means nothing, well mate me and you will grow old and die but villa and Leeds will carry on creating history, good and bad, I think I speak for all football fans in saying I’m proud of the CLUB I support for everything it’s achieved since it was founded, like clueless said in another post we have no control over the running of the club or players behaviour or indeed staff but we will nevertheless support the CLUB pretty much no matter what, younger clubs like Leeds should be glad of clubs like villa who founded the league, or they wouldn’t of had a league to join when ye got up and running.
in relation to your frustration comments, you have said that you watched Leeds win the league in the 70’s so you have being watching for 50 years or more hmmm, well in those 50 odd years you have watched 24 seasons outside the top flight, Compared to 9 for villa in the same period, that had to be pretty frustrating for you if you ask me, So I can kinda understand your constant need to try make yourself feel better at somebody else’s expense, not attractive trait but nobody’s perfect after all.
Clueless I’m on nights this week hence why I’m online late, I’ll have a look for that post you mentioned I’m not sure if I’ve read it as I don’t get to read them all,

25 Jun 2021 00:45:59
Sorry clueless I had a read of that post, all I see is excuses as to why the bad stuff that Leeds done is irrelevant but villa are cheats cause it’s your opinion, you reference things from JT’s past you say we cheated over spending to get out of the championship, what team hasn’t tried everything they could to get back to the premier league, Bournemouth for example hugely over spent to come up but they were seen as great because they were such a small club, bamford done his fair share of diving in the championship, Luke ayling another cheat, MB openly admitted to cheating by spying on other teams training sessions, they had to bring in a rule to make it illegal, his karma was not getting promoted imo and it was poetic that derby stopped him in his tracks in the playoffs, nobody is perfect, you say young is a diver, well he has more medals than Leeds have had premier league seasons, jack is a diver and premier league refs are that stupid they can't see it, even with var nowadays, international refs are so much better but yet grealish has won numerous frees while playing for England, everyone can’t be wrong mate and just because it’s your opinion it don’t make it right, nor me for that matter hence why they are just our opinions, for these reasons I’ll never find myself looking in the mirror pondering what some guy on a keyboard thinks cause at the end of the day it’s not that important, if I agreed with everything you said I’d be a Leeds fan and vice versa.



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