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11 Apr 2021 12:12:18
Balanced posting seeing the good and bad is for some if not many ideal.

There are one or two posters who are always negative and then there are some posters like Rose tinted Mr Hottub Axe who are blinded by Leeds bias who get offended by any Leeds criticisms valid or otherwise such as the Cooper challenge (that on most days would have cost Leeds the match)

Fully agree that the Ref was abysmal and Citeh for instance should have had the player who poleaxed last man Raphinia sent off

But as Gummie Me and Leo rightly state below , Cooper's challende was ranging from at best unnecessary and clumsy to at worst reckless.

With anti Leeds refs and anti Leeds VAR also in existence Cooper should be more savvy and know that the way he challenged for the ball would very likely also lead to at the very best a yellow card but more likely a red card and potentially lose us the game.

Some posters are calling Cooper a liability at this level and should not play another game and it is true that Cooper also could have easily given away a penalty with holding at a corner. He does that a lot!

I stated that Cooper should not be a guaranteed starter, for me he is 4th best Llorente, Koch and Struick are better.

Therefore he should not be captain if he is not a guaranteed starter. Cheers Mr Hottub 😉.

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11 Apr 2021 12:49:22
I'll be honest I disagree that the tackle on Raph should have been a red. Look it's heavy and it looks a really nasty one the way he goes down but at the end of the day he stays on his feet, he clips his ankle and he's not last man. I think it's the speed that Raph is travelling at that that makes it look worse than it was.
For me Sterling catching Mesilier on the wrist was worse, had time to react and jump him.

11 Apr 2021 13:12:53
Possibly so Gummie re the player's foul on Raphinia.
Sterling on Meslier maybe so too.

11 Apr 2021 13:44:21
Gummi, how was he not the last man?
Keeper don't count.
When Raph gets hit the ball is around 1 yard ahead as Raph saw the challenge come. Nearest defender is around 8 yards to his left and basically level with Raph along with Costa.
Absolutely nobody between Raph and goal but the keeper. 92:36 if you able to check highlights again as I just have.
Blatant red.

11 Apr 2021 15:39:48
Baz Axe ain't rose tinted, it's something else with him.

11 Apr 2021 16:06:52
Indeed Georgie 👍.

11 Apr 2021 16:06:56

Why the extra dig?
You told me to relax after my reply to your original comment ("Idiotic challenge from Cooper, he shouldn't be a starter ( nor therefore captain) moving forward") . I did. What's with the return to the subject on a different thread.

In this thread you now downgrade the challenge from idiotic to reckless. Stick to your guns mucka, I ain't going to be asking for you to be banned from here because you have a totally different view to me. And you don't need to name check others who agree with your view. I respect your views even if your the only one with it.

All I said was its weird that you type so much negative about one of our players, and our captain at that.

11 Apr 2021 16:08:28
I’m not hating on Cooper I just say what I see, I feel as club captain he is the one who leads by example on that pitch. He knows that’s a red card lunge everyday of the week, it’s a horrible challenge and every leeds fan would have been screaming at their tv wanting a red if it was the other way around. He makes mistakes every game that leave others exposed and yes city should have had a pen yesterday for his stupid pull on Stones again that’s just plain stupidity, try attacking the ball liam not trying to wrestle your man. For me llorente, Koch and struijk are all far better defenders than Cooper, he’s been a great servant to the club but to progress and build this team moving forward we have to upgrade certain weaker links.
Akin to Casilla, and a few more to mention. I personally think we need to upgrade on klich, Roberts, alioski costa, pablo Forshaw I’m not saying sell them all keep klich n Roberts but bring in better first team choices . One things certain, it’s gunna be a fascinating summer transfer window. I can’t wait to see who we bring in.

11 Apr 2021 16:28:18
Mr Hottub ' so much negative ' about one player Cooper! ?

Really? On the contrary this season I have defended Cooper in many posts from the League 1 Liam tag and stated on several occasions he has had a decent to good season.

My critique of his idiotic challenge has not changed Axe mucka nor has my belief that for me he is 4th choice CB behind 3 better players.

Appreciate you respect my opinion but be grateful if you would not misrepresent my views oh Axe mucka.

11 Apr 2021 16:36:36
Sorry Canada but it's only last man if there is no cover, City had cover (whether Raph would have beat them in a footrace is a very different question) so it's not a red. It's a professional foul to stop the man advancing, right or wrong that's a yellow every day of the week. If one of our players got a red for that I'd be upset.

11 Apr 2021 17:05:58
Gummie, there isn't actually a dedicated 'last man' rule, the rule is its a straight red if a player commits a foul to stop a goal scoring opportunity.
'Last man' is a term we have all used and assumed is relevant as a player would be through on goal and alone therefore obviously has a goal scoring opportunity.
Raph played the ball past the defender and was then deliberately taken out. As no other defender was there to stop a goal scoring opportunity it is a red card.

11 Apr 2021 17:43:29
It's objective for a reason, to stop players getting to the backline and going down to try get someone sent off.
For me, he's far enough out and wide enough that the second nearest defender has a chance of getting to him before he gets into a 'big chance' position. As I said I'd be unhappy had the roles been reversed and a leeds player got sent off for that. Had it been a bit closer and more central then yes it probably would have warranted a red.

11 Apr 2021 20:26:12
Bazooka, how can I misrepresent your views? I cut and pasted from your actually post!

Hey if you keep changing your mind about players at the drop of a hat (again your own post. "On the contrary this season I have defended Cooper in many posts") then I am so glad you aren't managing Leeds. You would have no idea what your doing and how talented a player was or was not.

Your fickle, that's your problem,

Cooper is captain of Leeds and your just an indecisive poster. More power to Liam.

11 Apr 2021 20:47:05
Axe sweetie

my views haven't changed at all (not to say that one can't change ones mind in any event, Cooper made a bad mistake in the Citeh match, he has had a decent season but he is 4th choice CD behind 3 excellent players

Enjoy your evening mucka.



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