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26 Mar 2021 10:41:52
First want to add thoughts to Alioski - like many here think he's given his all clearly for the club, great personality and he wasn't involved in the events back in the day. If he wants his likely last big move to be to Galatasaray then he can go with my blessing - he's earned it.

On the same note we're being linked with new full backs. I think this is an acknowledgement that A. Alioski is definitely leaving B. Bielsa now sees Dallas in CM. We need to save tbh if we can but with 9 odd games to go would love to see both Huggins and Leif Davis given fair shots to make the spot their own.

Likewise when/ if Paddy needs a rest sounds like Gelhardt is first choice backup now ahead of Greenwood. Give him a shot. Jamie Shack needs a few more chances too. Drameh at right back and even Charlie Cresswell at CB (personally think Casey won't make it here now see his level as peaking in CH but would love to be proved wrong) . Worth getting costa out of the side completely for Poveda/ Summerville or keep Costa in in the hope of boosting his value. Tough call.

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26 Mar 2021 13:51:14
Get rid of Costa asap. Waste of space.

26 Mar 2021 15:34:14
It's easy to say get rid but who to?

Costa, yes not performing for us at the moment, and we would be better with a step up in winger quality, but who is going to fork out a substantial transfer fee and his wages for a guy who has demonstrated that the PL is probably just too high for him

It's a similar scenario with Casilla. Who is going to pay his wages when he hadn't demonstrated any sustained quality for us?

For me the leavers are the obvious ones. Beradi (brilliant servant but we saw that the top end of the Championship was just too much for him) , Henandez (he deserves more game time and his first love will give him that chance) , and Alioski (again a brilliant servant but the defensive side of the game isn't his forté) .

26 Mar 2021 17:57:34
TBH, some players are so useless that Casilla we may have to accept a loss on to get him out, just be grateful for someone to take a portion of his wages for the rest of contract is better than nothing. We'll lose on Costa too obviously but he'd have some transfer value at least, not what we paid for him but something. Try and ship Costa to Middle East, USA or China, somewhere he can have a payday and look good and we can recoup something. Berardi and Alioski gone (thanks) . Hernandez has a yr left, so if he left he'd be taking a pay-off. Great servant if he's ready to go back to Spain let him. If he wants to stick around and be a veteran presence let him too (he won't play) .

I almost think Klich is suffering Bielsa 'burnout' and if we ever want to think about getting a fee for him summer might be the time, although i wouldn't shop him, just consider it if someone asked, although that puts a biggish hole in mid.

27 Mar 2021 03:23:35
Alioski looks like he is gone and I think Hernandez is an option to extend, so I don't think we will.
Bera also makes sense but he has been doing his badges while injured so maybe a player/ coach role? Makes sense for all unless he has a good first team offer.
Casilla will go, he joined us to play first team so a move back to Spain with a second level team makes sense.
Think Costa will go if we receive a half decent offer, won't make our money back but a champ club will probably pay £8-9m.
Got to think Forshaw and De Bock will go plus Bouy and O'Kane will finally be off the wage books. Should all free up some funds but decent amount of rebuilding/ improvements even if a few of the youngsters move up to first team training.

27 Mar 2021 10:50:48
We need to find someone as desperate as we were and shift Costa on a similar deal - loan to buy - or just loan him out. He's great on his day but sadly his day is only once every 12 games.

27 Mar 2021 13:06:45
Costa will extremely likely still be at Leeds next season and Bielsa seems to rate him.

If he got stronger physically muscled up in the gym he could be an asset at least coming on from the bench as be has talent and some end product.

The worst ever Orta signing Kiko still has a ridiculous 2 further years of his contract in £40K. a week; unless Leeds pay him off he will be here next season too.

27 Mar 2021 15:57:01
BV, slightly disagree.

Although I am not the biggest fan of Casilla I thought, and still do, it was a brilliant piece of business

Firstly it was a free transfer. Yes I know his wages were steep but our aim was to get in to the Premier League and his wages are on par with what Peacock-Farrell is picking up now. He didn't get an increase after promotion.

Next, he was from Real Madrid! Can you imagine what sort of sign that gave to the players already there. Leeds are serious. They are buying from the top table. They are buying a Champions League winner. A Spanish international.

Lastly, I touched on it earlier, experience. Here comes a guy who is a winner. Knows how to act like a winner. Train like a winner. Has higher expectations of his team mates. We have no idea how he changed the dressing room but I know I always tried to emulate those who were better than me.

I personally think Casilla was a brilliant signing. Not for his work on the pitch but how he demonstrated what WILL be expected of every player.

27 Mar 2021 16:20:47
Axe as ever respect and admire your half glass full outlook, most sincerely 👍

What I would say is that if Kiko truly is on 40 K a week

a 4 and a half year contract equates to over £ 9million in salary.

That is a hell of a lot of money for any club to pay for a so called role model off the pitch but who contributes little to nothing himself on the pitch.

And is he really a ' winner '?

that is really debatable as in reality he watched other players be 'winners ' from the bench.

27 Mar 2021 18:45:47
Even though the club was Real Madrid I very much doubt any players would have been impressed at the acquisition of a professional bench warmer. Maybe if he'd actually managed to play for anyone's first team.
Casilla an awful signing but I think JKA is the worst for Orta. Mind you there are plenty to choose from.



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