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23 Mar 2021 16:33:54
When Bielsa stays on and gets us into Europe (Champions league not Europa) how about a statue outside Elland Road. Don, Wilko, Marcelo, O'Leary?
I know we would all have question marks over who to commemorate but some sort of satue would be appropriate.

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23 Mar 2021 17:21:32
We should really have appointed Big Sam, or Pearson though.

23 Mar 2021 17:27:26
Fully agree Leo

The club should definitely commemorate Sgt Wilko with a statue ( the only other Leeds United manager apart from the Don in our history to win the League title )

and depending on the further achievements of Bielsa too.

Maybe a tad controversial but I think Oleary should definitely also be commemorated in some way ( but not a statue) as he did achieve 2 consecutive semi finals in 12 game UEFA Cup then 17 game Champions League an impressive feat for Leeds United at the time

Jimmy Armfield should definitely be commemorated too. # ' European Cup Winning Manager Leeds United 1975 ( but for corruption)

23 Mar 2021 18:29:56

23 Mar 2021 18:39:35
Not sure about O’Leary. He did very well, but not statue material.

23 Mar 2021 18:45:46
O'Leary? He didn't win or achieve anything. If you're handing out statues to all and sundry, I'd put Grayson above him.

23 Mar 2021 19:07:30
O’Leary did badly with a great hand. many mangers did better than him in they overachieved with poor teams.

23 Mar 2021 19:07:49
I knew O'Leary would be contentious. Light the blue touch paper. :

23 Mar 2021 19:11:52
Farsley, yes Oleary didn't win anything but very few managers ever do win anything

But for you to say he didn't achieve anything is just dumb; league positions 5th,3rd,4th 5th for 4 years; 2 European semi finals etc.

23 Mar 2021 20:31:44
Yeah bv but look at the players he had at his disposal

Finishing 5th twice with that team could be considered as bad as what warnock did as warnock for me achieved more as he did amazing to keep that team up.

23 Mar 2021 21:18:59
Yeah those record gut wrenching 7 goals conceded at home to Forest under Warnock just fab BW 🙄.

23 Mar 2021 22:16:25
Dumb! So you think he deserves a statue for those achievements? bearing in mind what he spent and the players he had at his disposal, never mind the last 16 years we've gone through which was partly his legacy! And what Brilliant job did he do else where, after us?
P. s what's the etc?

23 Mar 2021 23:13:01
Such a shame Warnock didn't get properly backed or we could have been up years ago.

24 Mar 2021 04:45:28
Just in terms of successful periods for the club and periods that I remember with great affection it’s Revie, Wilko, O’Leary and Bielsa for me in chronological order no more. Hard to compare them because of the different leagues, players available, competition etc. I think you can argue that the Revie side didn’t achieve as much as it should, the wilko success wasn’t consolidated enough and The O’Leary years were a glorious gamble that didn’t pay off and probably sewed the seeds for the dismal years that followed. Bielsa is the only one still to play out and who knows where he will finally sit compared with the other 3. It’s tough on some other managers who probably were just at the club at the wrong time, of the rest, Grayson stands out for me. I also had a soft spot for Thomas Christianson, because I thought that might be the start of the revival that finally came with Bielsa. Interesting discussion!

24 Mar 2021 06:17:08
Farsley, I specifically said NOT, repeat NOT a statue if you bother to read!

So getting through a whopping 18 matches with a side ravaged by injuries at the time which included most of our players who came through the youth

and the signings of Ferdinand at £18 million, Dacourt at £ 7 million Viduka at £6 million, Batty at £ 4 million and Mills £ 4 million ( total outlay £39 million hardly a fortune)

in the Champions League at the first time of asking against Real Madrid, Barcelona, AC Milan, Lazio, Anderlecht, Deportivo, Valencia is in your mind NOT AN ACHIEVEMENT Farsley ! 🤣🤣

Man City have spent BILLIONS for a decade and have not done better, worse in fact in the Champions League than Leeds United ACHIEVED! 🤔

So give your head a BIG OLE SHAKE Farsley Lad. 😊.

24 Mar 2021 08:18:35
Got to look at whole career though bv

And that includes buys of flower (who I thought did well) Keane and many others including the amazing Seth Johnson for 1 billion I believe

O’Leary started well and had his moments but over all he under achieved did some awful business and threw away a great dressing room with awful book

In most of Leeds managers O’Leary finishes nearer to hockoday than the don.

24 Mar 2021 10:15:40
Thanks berm, you know where I'm coming from.

24 Mar 2021 10:38:24
O'Leary at Leeds overachueved in 3 of. his 4 seasons

1998/ 99 finished 5th with his Oleary Babes a group. of youngsters. plus journeyman in Hopkin, Halle and Molenaar with the key man Hasselbaink

1999/ 2000 Lost top scorer Hasselbaink at the start of the season but recovered to have an amazing season finishing 3td and UEfA cup semi final

2000/ 2001 the key season
Had a superlative 18 game champions league season reaching the semis whilst also having to endure the very disrupting Bowyer and Woodgate scandalous charges court case

Crucially finished one point behind Liverpool in 4th due to the exhausting Champions league campaign and the crucial injuries to Kewell, Bridges, Radebe and others all season etc damaging

2001/ 2002 underachieved to come 5th: 3rd would have been. acceptable but there was obviously a lot of internal pressure bs going on behind the scenes with tbe court stuff and Leeds finances having unluckily missed out on CL income

His ' awful business ' was Seth Johnson a waste of £7 million not a billion Berm that's it . He perhaps didn't need both Keane and Fowler but don't forget that he had lost Bridges due to career ending injury.

Been. supprting Leeds since tbe Revie era the Leeds managers that have done better than Oleary are very few

1.The Don
2 Sgt Wilko
For sure those 2

Then Bielsa, possibly Jimmy Armfield that's it definitely not Grayson won nothing coming 2nd in League 1 is his. achievement

Oleary gets a lot of biased hate rightly so from his darned book, but on the field he did well and off the field finances Ridsdale is the man at fault.

24 Mar 2021 10:59:12
Bazooka, good mention of Jimmy Armfield, great football man and professional, widely respected in the game. But for me the four managers who captured my imagination and made people talk about the club and take notice are Revie, Wilkinson, O’Leary and now Bielsa.

24 Mar 2021 11:31:05
Spanish as ever concur with your most knowledgeable posts.

Fully agree Spanish with those 4 Leeds United managers :the Don Wilko, OLeary and Bielsa capturing tbe imagination
And my soft spot for the wonderful man and Manager Jimmy Armfield too. Very close to winning tbe European Cup in 1975 a finalist, semi finalists in 1977 FACup and 1978 league cup respectively.

24 Mar 2021 12:01:13
Bv you obviously just look at leauge table I look at further factors

Instead of O’Leary we nearly got o Neil just Imagine that squad with a proper manager! Ok early for me got dealt a great hand and played it badly as shown else where he is a very very limited manager

For me Grayson was dealt an awful hand and played it well. Grayson was unlucky O’Leary was lucky

Also my sources have told me we signed Johnson for best part of a billion. fact.

24 Mar 2021 14:20:02
Aus got it right with Grayson he was a choker in that season 2010 to 2011 from 1st on Boxing Day to 7th at end of season 4 months later with top players in Becchio, Somma, Gradel, Snodgrass, Howson, Schmeichel

Further irony for you Berm and your pet hate of teams who can NOT defend set plays/ corners etc your Messish Grayson simply couldn't do so that season in particular

The pain of Graysons Leeds in that same choker of a season 2010/ 11 throwing away a lead of 4-1 at home to tbe 'mighty Preston' to lose 6 -4 ( a 5 goal swing ) unable to deal with Preston at set plays corners. Then we later had the 5 nil home defeat to the mighty Blackpool. Both games embarrassing.

Sorry but Grayson was a choker.



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