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23 Mar 2021 06:26:01
I am a confirmed Bielsa fan, no question. He has almost single handedly transformed us and his achievements will go down in our history.

However for all he has achieved it is unlikely he will match what Sgt Wilko did. He took us up after 8 bleak years away, finished 4th then won the league in his 2nd season up.

Times change I know but just think about how amazing that was, it does put Bielsa in the shade a bit and I don't think Wilko ever really got the credit he deserved.

Can you imagine if El Loco won the league next year, how would the media react to that? Far more favourably then they did to Howard is my guess.

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23 Mar 2021 06:52:55
I agree that it was a great achievement by Wilko and all that team were quality.
I just think it was a little easier in those days. There were the obvious bigger clubs but pro rata nowhere near the gulf of money available now.
I know prize money is up etc etc but these days you have at least 6 -7 teams with finances to spend big big money.

23 Mar 2021 07:31:05
I agree Aus that there wasn't that gulf like today, but still, what an achievement! I love Bielsa, but just imagine the media if he ever wins the league, be great to see though.

23 Mar 2021 07:47:32
Yeah. Don’t think there was a weak link on wilko team. Good bench too. More complete team than this one.
The press would go wild if biesla playing his exciting way actually got to turn the big boys over. It’s not impossible. Leicester did it and let’s not forget I believe tots were second that yr too.

23 Mar 2021 07:46:51
For me as a Leeds fan from childhood, I have these periods of success firmly in my mind and linked to my age at the time. The Revie years as a child going with dad and grandad, the Wilco years, working in London, seeing all the London games and as many as I could get to in Leeds, The O’Leary years, married and working too hard, football on the tv and the occasional Elland road games and the Bielsa years, retired, divorced, time and money to have a season ticket and watch a lot of first team and under 23 games. Very difficult to compare the managers due to the different circumstances and eras, but I suspect these 4 will be the ones most engrained in our history.

The Bielsa years are probably my favourite just because they are now, I’ve been in and around Leeds a lot during this time and I’ve spent a lot of time around Elland road and The training ground. Also the time watching the under 23s has made me feel closer to and more involved with what’s going on. Love the club, love the city and love the fact that wherever I go people are talking about Leeds again and loving the type of football we play.

23 Mar 2021 08:14:49
Fantastic post Spanish, I actually found it very moving funny to reflect on my own life, divorce, children just remember Revie years but Wilko was my favourite (hero) hence my Class of 92 name, UNTIL Bielsa and as you say it’s now, we get to see the most amazing football every week, the defending issues (luckily for me) really don’t spoil it for me it’s the sum of all parts thing, and if tightening up, or being less open stopped this brand of football then I for one would really miss it.

I recall your long stay in Leeds and you were the first to share, highlight our most amazing U23s as a spectacle and I recall one post where you noted how Corberan was week on week tweaking playing style to replicate that of the first team in order to ease transition of the best youngsters to the senior side, what’s not to love about that.

So thanks again Pal, been an avid U23 watcher ever since.

23 Mar 2021 08:33:46
I was only very little / not even born during the Revie era so don't remember it but feel like I know more about it than is possible. School years were spent watching Leeds in London and as often as poss in Leeds playing Div2 football and that was tough. Loved Wilko, sad how things ended, didn't take to O'Leary so much but loved his teams. I think Bielsa has reinvented us though and in doing so reminded the world what a huge club we are. My 12 year old son is now seeing this club in the same way his old dad kept telling him they were for himself and to me that is very special.

23 Mar 2021 12:10:35
As you all know I love wilko what he did was amazing

He is the only Leeds manager I can think of that overachieved and got a team to consistently punch well above it’s weight

He had some great talent but made the most of them and made a functioning team that consistently got the best results it could

Gutted he left when he did as he just made some signings (Martyn bower and Radebe) that could of brought wilko a second golden age had he been given longer

O’Leary was useless he threw away a golden geberation and his book was beyound all sing and the catalyst for our down fall

Grayson also built a great team which if bates backed could of got back to back promotions and done well

Garyson is a what if but wilko was the best.

23 Mar 2021 12:41:03
Revie years by far the best, most exciting especially 1968 onwards ( and at times most disappointing with bad luck, corrupt refs etc )

Big Shout out to Jimmy Armfield who steadied the ship from the Clough bs turbulence and despite it all did remarkably well to reach the European Cup Final that same season, deserved to win it.

Wilko supremely efficient glorious entertaining winning years 1989 to 1992 great team ; he blotted his copybook just a tad with some bad mistakes thereafter

O'Leary teams played superb football, a touch unlucky at times a great rollercoaster of a ride, he couldn't quite grasp some of our defensive frailty issues at left back in particular and losing at home too often to mid table teams. He messed up with that darned book but I blame tbe catalysts to that bs Bowyer and Woodgate even more

Bielsa era to be continued so far very good indeed and the man is impeccable in his morals!

23 Mar 2021 14:00:18
Great stories lads. For me it started in the Wilko years so Wilko will always be a legend, then George Graham who did so much to put us back on the right path although his tenure was short. Of course O Leary when I used to be a steward at LUFC. After O leary it wasn't until Grayson that a hero rose again and of course now with Bielsa. TbH Grayson played similar ro Bielsa for me - great attacking footie but suspect at the back at times.



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