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21 Mar 2021 07:19:30
Sometimes I just get a bit concerned Spanish but you, as always, make good points. Word at ER is that we are looking to sign another 5 this summer to strengthen and if we bring in quality and some of the lads from last summer stay fit I will feel much better. Truth is though we were outplayed by Fulham which shows we definitely need better quality in the squad overall or we could do a Sheff U next season.

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21 Mar 2021 10:13:38
What! We were not outplayed by Fulham! They had a couple of chances and Messlier made a great save. We also created additional chances and their keeper made some good saves. We were the better team and deservingly winners and all pundits on Sky, BBC etc agree (apart from Mark Schwartzer) , and controlled the game, especially in the second half.
I think you you need to fill the glass half full instead of leaving it half empty Alf and enjoy the ride. If we strengthen in the areas we all know we need better players, we will have an even better season next year!

21 Mar 2021 10:13:51
Not sure we were outplayed Alf. What I would agree with is everytime the ball went anywhere near our box Headless Chickens came into view. It does seem as tho the well drilled outfit going forward are a pub team defending. Can we not offer George Graham (or simil) a part time job and just give him a free hand. The problem would be solved in a matter of days. The excuse of a non settled back four only accounts for a small percentage of the problem. Right now it seems as tho defending drill is squeezed in at the end of a few sessions.

21 Mar 2021 10:22:33
A few have said about potential for us to do a Sheff Utd

Truth is second season syndrom is a thing and can affect anyone

We could have a dip in form

Without inability to find plan b we could be found out

But then we might not

One thing that can’t be argued with is we are championship at best when it comes to defending and by far the worst in the leauge. Unless this dramratically improves we will always struggle at worst and under achieve at best

Next season our defence must improve and improve by a huge amount otherwise we will never be better than mode table and have good chance of going down. With our defence this year we’re lucky not to get relegated. The worst defence normally goes down d fair play to lads that we are mid table.

21 Mar 2021 10:40:52
I’ll just keep repeating like you keep repeating your opinion Berm, we haven’t had a settled defense in the the Premiership due to long term injuries to all our CB’s bar Struijk who is a rookie all be it a good one at that.
If we have defensive problems in the (Premiership) , because this is not the Championship, next season, then and only then will you have a valid point. Also to say the worst defense always goes down and according to you we are the worst defense in the PL, then why aren’t we in the relegation zone?

21 Mar 2021 11:37:26
Our defense has been awful for years, long before Bielsa arrived. Last year and the year before it wasn't as obvious because the opposition wasted chances and we were able to keep clean sheetsbecause our attack pinned teams back. Often teams playing s would barely get a shot off. This year the opposition are much, much better so that isn't the case. If we get better players I the midfield and continue improving in attack or upgrade there as well then our defensive stats will improve as sometimes 'the best defense is a good attack'

21 Mar 2021 11:38:32
Our defence at times has been poor and you can't hide from the fact that we have shipped too many goals and been poor at defending corners and set pieces at times, this is all true. But we have been unlucky with injuries which hasn't allowed our intended centre halves partnership to play together or develop. Left back is a problem area that needs addressing and a new player bringing in, I think we all understand this and see if as an obvious problem. Maybe we are a head in terms of expectation of many fans with where we are in the league. Yes we need to build on this season for the next, take nothing for granted. Fact is we are a breath of fresh air in the premiership, played well most of the time but also been nieve at times. Next season is the time to judge.

21 Mar 2021 11:56:32
Op you make me laugh, there is optimistic then down right nieve

Firstly going up a leauge is not really an excuse. In life if you go up a level you just compete to prove you belong to be there

Secondly I accept we have had an unsettled defence for one season. I do t see how you can use this for a three year problem? There is no excuse for that

Finally I think it is so funny that you think I’m making up our defence being the worst like it is an opinion

It’s not it’s fact we have conceded the most goals, we have conceded the most goals from set plays (16 now next behind us is 11 so that’s quite a gap)

This is not an opinion I have formed but fact based on goals going past a white line and counting against us. it’s how football works. How you don’t understand this is quite literally beyound me!

As for why we ain’t in relegation as I stated it is due to our impressive offense. Again it’s how football works if you score a lot it will offset against what you let in. think of it as a balance sheet if that helps?

As for next season yes that is what scares me (and a few others on here hence mention of Sheff Utd) yes you’re right that is a sorry however our poor defence this year is a light concern and problem right here and now as it has happened and does count. in life you can’t right stuff off because it suits you or you don’t want it to be the case.

21 Mar 2021 12:14:37
Agree Alf and mezzer and I admit it is very much my mindset. I’m the same in my job, I appreciate the good and enjoy the positives (Leeds have had loads this year) but I focus on the negatives as it only if you focus on the bad you can improve and do better

There are a few facts that no Leeds fan can be happy with

We have lost more games than Fulham a team that are in the relegation zone

We have conceded the most goals and goals from set plays

When behind we have worst record for coming back to win points

We have a negative goal difference

Let’s enjoy the positives and being back in the prem but let’s also accept these are real problems and need fixing.

21 Mar 2021 12:51:44
Personally I am going to enjoy the rest of this season, and we will hopefully get a few more wins. I have faith the powers that be will invest in the team so we build on this season and don't as the phrase goes, "Do a Sheffield United".

21 Mar 2021 12:58:08
Alf That's not the truth at all. We were not outplayed. The opta stats from the Fulham game show things were more or less even. Fulham came out on top of these stats marginally but that's not being outplayed. Remember they were at home too. Game was like the basketball type description which Parker said. Therefore, neither side outplayed the other.

21 Mar 2021 13:11:12
Berm - you often make persuasive verbal arguments, as befits a wordsmith of your calibre. However, sorry to say, numbers and number-based facts are not among your strongest suits.

Two of the ‘facts’ you present are indeed correct. We are the worst (by a significant margin) in terms of goals conceded at set plays, and yes we have a negative goal difference. Generally speaking, it is likely that around half of the teams in any league will have a negative goal difference. However your other ‘facts’ are not supported by reality.

I think we would all agree that we have conceded more goals than we should, and that that needs to be addressed, but four other teams (Newcastle, Southampton, Baggies and Blades) have actually conceded more, and Palace, managed by defensively minded Roy, have conceded the same as us.

Fulham have actually lost the same number of games as we have - 14 each.

We are actually joint 4th best in the league (with Liverpool and in terms of points gained from a losing position - having gained 10 points from three wins and 1 draw. Only Man Utd and Leicester have gained more wins from a losing position.

21 Mar 2021 13:17:46
Agree with LUFCfeath I am going to try and enjoy the rest of the season now we are virtually safe.

The correct summer transfer window recruitment is vital.

21 Mar 2021 13:19:36
2nd season blips happen to the likes of Huddersfield and Sheff Utd because they do well season 1, then there owners don't invest, I know for teams like that it's hard to attract quality players due to wages, but I firmly believe Radz will strengthen again in the summer, lose the dead wood, improve, this needs to happen every year, sentiment on players needs forgetting about.
Even champions need to add quality year after after.
Keeping Bielsa will be a plus as he will attract quality.

21 Mar 2021 13:33:55
I agree with what you say Berm but if we were ticking all those boxes you’ve mentioned already, we’d be challenging for the title. There was always going to be certain issues in our first season in the PL, that I can definitely accept, but I feel very comfortable that our owner is gradually paving the way for our club to be challenging at the top in the near future. If i'm honest, if we can play like we did against Chelsea consistently we would not be mid table right now.
Patience and this team will evolve into a very feared football club in the PL, I’m definitely enjoying this journey our club is on.

21 Mar 2021 13:37:24
You know what clueless fair play

I’m delighted to know these stats as honestly thought what I says was the case however what you say is true then that is really good news as things are not as bad as I thought and that is a good thing and cause for me to worry less

Not sure where I got our worst defence in terms of goals conceded I did see a stats o sky sports but I’m not a numbers man so easily could be confused from that

I Know at the start of the Fulham game they said we lost more than them but obviously the win put us on equally defeats (which is still bad but of course better than being worse)

Thanks for this mate it has put me in an even better mood as I’m honestly delighted to hear we are not as I thought the worst! Still need to improve by still
Good news.

21 Mar 2021 14:20:30
Op that is right take away goals from corners and free kicks and we’d be third! That’s what annoys me

We don’t need better players for this, this is basic stuff with a bit of work on the training feild we would improve

As good as we are we must cut out soft goals moving forward. it’s a silly way to make life harder for us than it has to be.



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