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20 Mar 2021 09:34:58
For me . we should shop for the following

Haaland (oh yes. he is coming)
A left back
A seasoned back up goalie

The rest we’ll a achieveby a full preseason and development of the squad we have.

All assuming we keep Bielsa.

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20 Mar 2021 10:39:34
Is Alf coming out of retirement?

20 Mar 2021 11:10:53
Phil Hay reckons 5 but I would be happy with three altho not quite the three that you propose Toro. LB, AM, LW.
The AM is the most crucial. He should have the touch and eye of Messi with the engine of King Billy.

20 Mar 2021 12:16:27
Bielsa is definitely 100% staying

Haaland sadly is definitely 100% not signing for Leeds United unless in around another decade when he is around 32 in the twilight of his career

Definitely need
Experienced number 2 gk
A tall commanding in the air CB ( to replace Coops) .

And top priority vital
Proven goalscorer.

20 Mar 2021 12:50:56
I think the left back is the crucial one. Been a big weakness in the defensive lineup and has pulled players from other areas to fill in. With a star player in that role, Luke on the right with Cody as back up and 4 CBS to fill 2 places, in front of a developing keeper, not to mention KP in front of them., we’ll have a much stronger defensive platform.

20 Mar 2021 12:53:41
Toronto if only dreams come true.

20 Mar 2021 12:54:56
Scoring seems to be ok

Left back is a must and for me a proper dm who will cover ground protect back for and be box to box this gives Phillips protection to do what he does best

If we could get a dorigo and batty type next year would be great

Most important signing is a defensive coach with emphasis on set plays.

20 Mar 2021 13:54:05
I agree that left back needs looking at for next season, Berm but defensive coach ain’t going to happen!
We have our unique, brilliant coach that determines the way we play! Don’t forget we have not had a settled defence at all this season. That’s why we have had problems at set pieces/ corners! Once we settle with our strongest combination at the back I think we will be able to cope much better!

20 Mar 2021 14:27:27
Down south I’d buy the not settled back four excuse apart from two things

1. We have been useless for three years under belisa in this area the defence being unsettled doesn’t count for three years

2. This is basic stuff even leauge two defences do better and these are lesser players any prem leauge team with any selection from there squad should do better

We can make excuses as fans do but truth is it just ain’t good enough.

20 Mar 2021 15:14:43
BW scoring is just ' ok '? You don't want better?

We have been fortunate that Bambam has been an ever present as our only goalscoring striker; we need a proven goalscoring back up for Bambam god forbid an injury.

20 Mar 2021 15:49:04
And bv we need a proven goal scorer I would suggest a player called paddy Bamford playing in a bottom half team but scoring a lot of goals and had three good goals ruled out he is in the fringes of the England squad and very much a belisa player. I would put his name in the hat if looking for a proven goal scorer.

20 Mar 2021 17:12:15
Bv our scoring is top five I believe our defending is the worst

Of course I want to improve in all areas however budget is always limited so surely defence is the concern as it is the worst

I want better attack but attack is not costing us but our defence is well. not defendable.

20 Mar 2021 17:55:23
BW you miss the point entirely, I love Bamford he is my player of the season. He is proven goalscorer and our main source of goals and assists this season

It's the scenario that if Bamford was INJURED for any length of time more than a few games

without a proven goalscorer back up we would be forked and become relegation candidates

Rodrigo and Roberts have 3 goals and no goals respectively this season ; they won't score anywhere near enough goals to compensate.

20 Mar 2021 19:03:06
I can’t disagree we have been awful at defending set pieces and I’m not necessarily defending bielsa but once the corner comes in surely it’s up to the lads on the pitch to win the ball 1st. I don’t understand how you coach some1 to defend a corner surely it’s just basic defending. I do however think we don’t have much height meaning we are constantly out matched in the air but if we have a team of 6ft players we don’t play like Leeds United anymore and it becomes more like wet spam. Llorente is a Spanish international yet is awful at defending corners, is that that bielsa fault? Meslier is a going to become on of the best keepers in England (in my opinion) yet can’t catch a corner, is that bielsa fault? It’s completely god awful school boy defending I don’t disagree but I don’t think you can blame bielsa solely unless you know 100% as a fact they don’t practice corners in training.

20 Mar 2021 19:36:22
Bv I agree And see what your saying just think it will be hard to get a proven scorer to sit on bench when belisa don’t like number 9s

Away days we are so bad and have been for so long it can’t be all of the many players fault. Same with pep at city (weaknesses at corners espically near post)

It is simple lack of focus and time working on this on the training ground. I spoke to lee Dixon who said under George graham they just worked and worked it and it showed. Clearly we don’t put this emphasis in on the training

Less murder ball more corner kicks.

20 Mar 2021 21:48:16
Murderball is what keeps us physically fitter than opponents giving us the greatest chance to outrun them. It’s the style of play we have and for me it’s high octane and marvellous to watch. What you might gain in not conceding corners by practicing more and doing murder all less you may lose in conceding more goals by pressing the opponents less because we ain’t as fit. It’s all ifs and butts, but one fact is we are safely in mid table and are one win short of been the newly promoted team with the most wins ever in the premier league so that in itself speaks volumes and mixed in with the fact we have a keeper that holds the record for the most clean sheets for his age in the league. Which says to me we are doing far better than people seem to suggest on this site regardless if we concede the most set plays or concede the most goals or are naive or any of the other negative comments. Of course that’s not to say we can’t and shouldn’t improve but little by little we improve.

21 Mar 2021 01:01:32
Agree away days of course we must keep up the murder ball but can we not spend at least an hour on set plays even ten minutes might help

No one can take away from all the positives this season there have been many

But no one can over look our weaknesses

Facts are we are by far the weakest team defensively and mid to long term that ain’t good enough is it

Unless we dramatically improved in this area mid table is all we can hope for and heaven forbid if our form drops we are will be relegation next year as our defence is that awful

Pros are that attacking we are pushing for Europe that’s on stats but cons are we are the weakest team defensively and would be rock bottom on al of these stats

For me that is very worrying and mid to long term has to change

It is all ifs and and buts but I did predict Bamford to fly and our defence to be a joke despite getting slaughtered on this site (granted I also said belisa wouldn’t get us up ) I just hope this worrying trend defensively will not kill us in the future but as a rule teams who defend as poorly as us get caught out sooner rather than later and that’s just the facts of football sadly.

20 Mar 2021 19:16:48
Agree about the area of concern but it also highlights the need to fastrack Gelhart and Greenwood. Either of which could be the answer to our problem. Back to the old question. How any points does it take for the Big Man to be happy to give some U23s a go?



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