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14 Mar 2021 19:56:40
Want to leave the Moyes arguement behind, but watching this dross from West Ham on sky, I have never seen such boring negative football in a long time

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14 Mar 2021 22:44:24
I don’t think anyone would argue our football is better but would you exchange loss if style for there points total

Our game on Saturday was not great but so many rightly was proud of how we defended.

14 Mar 2021 22:48:37
I completely agree with berm that West Ham are where they are because they are well drilled in both boxes and both attacking and defending of set pieces are crucial and usually can be the difference.

But where I am different is I completely agree Richie that watching is pure dross and other than getting a champions league place (which he is close to) I genuinely would rather finish mid table - lower end every season being entertained to the highest level than finish 6/ 7/ 8th watching what feels like putting salt and vinegar in your eyes.

15 Mar 2021 05:29:26
It’s fair to say if West Ham are to make it to play European football then their style of football could be worth it, but as Love says if they persistently just miss out I’d rather be a mid table team and be entertained than have to watch that dreadful, ugly and to be quite frank, boring football.

15 Mar 2021 07:46:43
IF, big IF, they get into Europa League there squads not big enough to take it seriously, unless there owners dig deep, which I doubt they will, they will play thurs/ sun, again affecting the squad (remember Burnley) , and will moan about playing thurs/ sun, is it a massive financial benefit to be in the group stages of the Europa league, playing in Georgia against some sheep herders (no disrespect to sheep herders) .
BIELSA Ball anyday please.

15 Mar 2021 09:22:06
It's that old, old question.
Would you rather your team played boring football, winning 1-0 most weeks. Win the Premier League and get into Champions league Finals every year OR play Exciting, thrilling attacking football but consistently get beaten 4-3. Fighting relegation every year but doing it in an entertaining way?

15 Mar 2021 09:48:11
Sorry it’s mental it is not just about points but results

What you are saying is you prefer to see Leeds lose! I must care more when we lose it seriously hurts me and can put me in a bad mood for weeks (derby was months in fact I’m still not fully over it)

I don’t care about the style any Leeds win is better than any Leeds loss

Also some are two faced because the Chelsea game wasn’t good football but organised I loved it but according to some in here it must of been a bad day at the office

Also some forget belisa can often be awful to watch

Crawly Brighton wolves spurs palace cheasea twice plus few more we were awful to watch

I don’t mind opinions but if any other fans from other sites were reading this we’d look like idiots

As always voice of reason is plan a great when it don’t work plan b wold be great.

15 Mar 2021 10:13:35
Only 2 teams to win the league recently and do well in champions league are liverpool and citeh
Both play exciting attacking football
Spurs did under poch, not boring football.

15 Mar 2021 10:50:07
Ideally the former playing fabulous football, but if not the former over the latter everytime.

15 Mar 2021 11:14:24
Bermo. your quote. "the voice of reason". best laugh of the day

Moyes, never a legend at any club he has managed
Neither Allardyce, even at Bolton
Nor Pulis. Bielsa IS a legend at Leeds, so I figure most people appreciate Bielsa above all your suggested dross

I checked Chile's record under Bielsa and they didn't leak too many goals. Hence, given a selection of talent, Bielsa can organise a defence as well as the next manager. So, until he has an opportunity to select his preferred defence, injury free and probably improvements via transfers, people like you just show your ignorance when you spout on about how he can't do this and he can't do that.

15 Mar 2021 11:54:14
Yeah axe love the fact it made you laugh made my point even more

You are right belisa is doing much better than moyes you are right the table is just upside down

You’re right it is better to lose 4-3 than win 1-0

You’re right style is more important in football than results.

You’re right I’m deluded and you are not in any way biased in your opinions

Thank god for you axe the real voice or reason I’m just a silly old soul with my opinions rooted in the past. a darker past when football results mattered more than style.

15 Mar 2021 12:07:37
Berm, wasn't saying anything merely proferring the question.

15 Mar 2021 12:11:32
Hi deluded Leeds fan here

I Come in peace! For ages I have been looking at football a certain way but thanks to axe I have finally seen the light

See when it comes to West Ham v Leeds I have been looking at it all wrong

Like many other idiots I have seen two wins against two losses

I have seen 4-1 over two legs

I have seen a team pushing for champs leauge when they have no right to be there against a team who spent over 100 million to dissapointing as much as they thrill

I have seen a greater points total against a smaller points total

I have seen a team be better than the sum of its parts who perform well most weeks against a team that can break down as often as it flies

Like so many I have put points results and goals first! I have considers the euthoruia of the goals scored against the hell of letting in a poor goal! I have seen the bliss of a win against the pain of defeat and I have have let this blind me!

What a fool I have been but lucky for axe the voice of reason because as he points out although like against the mighty Brighton and even crawly we can be poor we also play nice stuff and this is what really matters

One thing though Leeds fans don’t let other fans on other pages hear this because like me they are all also deluded!

Thank god for axe.

15 Mar 2021 12:55:36
The thing is Berm you are taking the point too literally. West Ham maybe in a better position than us right now, but we can see the the way we are playing right now is not the finished article, with some new signings in the summer and having experienced our first season back in the PL, next season we should be winning more of those games that we have lost.
No Leeds fan wants to see the team loose but I think most of us believe we will trying to challenge for a European spot next season. If not, then I’m sure you’ll be telling everyone, I told you so. It’s my belief we will be a very hard team to beat next season and we will be doing it in a very entertaining way.

15 Mar 2021 13:01:24
Is that your rant over, or should I wait for more drivel?

15 Mar 2021 14:01:43
I can see what you are saying op but that is not what axe is saying is it? He is laughing at my drivel which I find hilarious

Now I have taken on board what you have said and I can see what you are saying. You use a lot of reason and some very vailed points to what you say

Now here is a counter arguement

Belisa in three years has shown no real plan b

He has shown a reluctant to mix up teams

He has shown a insistentamce to play players out of position

His teams have shown an open play to the detriment of defence

His teams have shown an inability to break down Poe teams who sit back

His teams have shown awful defence and offence at set plays

So while I don’t doubt we will improve, I don’t doubt we will get better players I do doubt there will be much change as change is not the gaffers strong point

While we make these mistakes and while west h are above us any snide comments to moyes and West Ham seem childish at best or plain stupid/ mental at worst

I See your points. do you see mine?

15 Mar 2021 14:30:00
Yes I do understand your points and it is fair to think like that, where I differ is that I am prepared to wait as I do think this is an evolution, a process where Bielsa hopefully is adapting to the PL. As we always say the proof is in the pudding, if Leeds don’t appear to be making any improvement next season, I will start to think there is a problem. I think we will improve next season but that’s just words, like your words. Let’s judge where Leeds and Bielsa are next season then see who had the right judgement, think that’s fair!

15 Mar 2021 15:22:02
Again I can see what you are saying and it is fair and reasonable

Personally I think after three years of not seeing a plan b of not being able to break down teams like Wigan Brighton and crawly and three years of awful set plays in both boxes saying enough is enough is also reasonable

Years ago I said moyes over belisa some agree but I stand by it and think this season brings some credibility to my statement.



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