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12 Mar 2021 05:31:09
Berm, I think most of us know you are dyslexic and I’m sure we certainly don’t judge you because of it. However your constant bleating about Bielsa and his errors with the defense is like a broken record. You. do post other topics about Leeds, but it is quite rare. Your rants about Bielsa, and they are rants are so repetitive I find them unreadable, there are other things to talk about with our club. To be fair mate I think you have made your point extremely clear, as to whether you are right, I personally don’t agree, but that’s my opinion.
I know you feel alone in defending your corner on your stance about Bielsa and you probably are, but it’s not necessary to feed us the same posts day after day after day. It’s got to the point where I feel that there is no point in posting anymore because it just gets jumped upon by your anti Bielsa rhetoric.
Have an opinion, make it, then move on I say.

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12 Mar 2021 05:44:28
Fair comment OP.

12 Mar 2021 06:17:42

Sorry, couldn't let this go.

You quote. "I know you feel alone in defending your corner on your stance"

Why oh why are you using the words 'defending' and 'corner' to Bermo?

12 Mar 2021 07:52:11
I couldn’t help it axe.

12 Mar 2021 08:03:14
So Funny axe. Actually hilarious 😂.

12 Mar 2021 08:26:27
Op the dislexic thing don’t bother me! The way the Ed come at me, made a dig and then pretended it was a question annoyed me

As for my rants. axe yourself and many others constantly come at me, even this post you bring it up. You see that right? How many posts have I been mentioned in that I haven’t even commented on

So lots of people come at me (sometimes personally like George and few others in the past) that’s fine

So many constantly argue with me. that’s fine

So many laugh at me and say I don’t know what I’m talking about. that’s fine

When like with the defending of set plays or Bamford scoring in prem, it turns out I’m right. Be decent if people come out and said it. I said belisa wouldn’t get us up I was wrong, but I come on here and said it. Now I was right about our defence and set plays. I was only one who called it pre season. I was right so o expect the same decency. Maybe it’s a London thing maybe it was how I was raised but it’s just being decent

So many say I want to be right or I enjoy it. Not the case I loved coming in here and laughing at myself when we went up. but when I right I don’t expect to still be mugged off like I am on her by many

The calling me a wall fan (bv) fav thing to do. no I wouldn’t stand for that in person

When people belittle me when I’m right no I wouldn’t stand for that either.

The records we broke in belisa first season is prime example it happened it was well documented I mention it only to be told it was part of my fictious mind like some forgot what happened just two years ago!

Again things like that show a lack of class in my opinion

Mot seems to only stand if you agree with a few passive aggressive bullies in this site. and I have never stood for bulling. I’m sure a lot of people on this site (one even messaged me) would post more if all views were welcome

I’m not the only one who thinks our defending under belisa is not good enough. just the only one who can seem to take the flack that comes with it

Comes to something when Villia fans have my back.

12 Mar 2021 10:39:17
Whatever Berm and no, we don’t want Chris Wilder now he’s left the Blades.

12 Mar 2021 11:09:41
O P, rumour has it Heckingbottom the new man at Sheffield United tasked with keeping them bottom!

12 Mar 2021 11:13:48
Nobody is saying you are wrong about our terrible defending though Bermo - you are 100% right. We are saying that we think Bielsa is still the man for the job despite that poor record and we believe that it has more to do with the players and the fact we haven't had any defenders than Bielsa's tactics.

12 Mar 2021 11:40:39
Got to say I don't agree with Dean Saunders often, yes he does my nut in with his love/ hate relationship of KP. Saying that I tend to agree with him on Bielsa's failure to get to grips with our defensive problems and poor defending of set pieces. Is it not ok to not enjoy losing more that we win? All very well our attacking style of play but football is also about defending your goal. Injuries haven't helped I know, but most teams play players that specialise in a position rather than square pegs in round holes.

12 Mar 2021 12:24:32
alf, absolutely, you hit the nail on the head. I can't remember one poster saying our defending has been brilliant. But there seems to be a very small minority that wants to lay that blame at the door of the manager without any reference to the injuries we have had in that area, without any reference to the fact none of our defence has ever played in the Premier League

Bermo, you just come on here, slagging the players off and deciding to lay blame on all and sundry, including the very manager that has transformed those mid-Championship level played in yo ones that can compete at PL level.

I don't care that you said in pre season that the defence was poor. To be honest with you I hardly ever remember anything you text for more than a day, you ain't that interesting or insightful. For that I look to the likes of Spanish

I don't care that you said that Bamford would be better in the PL. I actually doubt you did say that, but again, I don't care

I had a long text discussion with you the other day in which I used public stats to illustrate my points. All you did is mouth off. So when you said I "come at you" for one i have no idea what that means, did they use that words in 'The Sweeney' when they meant "put a reasoned counter argument together"?

And as for feeling disrespected by all those who don't concur with your view, well tough luck. You need to grow a pair. Your London sensibilities need to harden, your chatting with northerners here. We don't talk in riddles like you.

And finally, whilst I am in rant mode, being top at Christmas and failing to get promoted is not a RECORD. All it is is an interesting statistic (how would you beat that record then? Be top at Christmas Eve and fail to get promoted? Winter Solstice? Bonfire Night? . God you spout dome rubbish)

12 Mar 2021 13:08:03
Wow axe.
Water shortage?

12 Mar 2021 13:26:39
Wow, as black eyed peas said, where is the love.

12 Mar 2021 13:41:37
Alf people did say I was wrong time and time again

When I say about our weakenesses I get shouted down

Axe we was top at jan and didn’t go up only team not to do so. that is a record, not sure what your northern brain don’t understand? Maybe the education system is as bad as they say up north

If you don’t care what I say I couldn’t care less

But not insightful? One of the few if only to call Bamford a success alongside our weak defence and poor defending of corners

Maybe the fact you don’t listen, don’t care and the argue with me is the reason you don’t find me insightful because the fact I called it against the majority means I know something but then how would you know? You don’t listen you don’t care but you still judge

You just making yourself look stupid and as for my London sensibilities you can see them in person when I’m filming in Leeds if you want?

I have loved meeting Alf and DJ who I consider great mates and if you want I’m happy to add you to that list?

12 Mar 2021 13:56:35
Can I?

12 Mar 2021 14:04:59
Meet me aus of course more than welcome

And Mezzer thanks for keeping the Dean Saunders up!

12 Mar 2021 16:30:50
Looking forward to a meet up Bermo. For anyone that doesn't know Berm he is a fantastic guy and very likeable. Yes we lock horns on here from time to time but it's just footie talk and we would never mean it on a personal level.

12 Mar 2021 18:58:11
Any Leeds fan has my time of day, Leeds Utd are a big family who 'should' stick together as no-one really likes us much. This is a forum for different opinions and it genuinely upsets me to see Leeds fans having a dig at each other. Just my opinion mind.



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