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11 Mar 2021 16:19:33
The next 3 matches will reveal all about whether Leeds will definitively be in a relegation battle or not

Leeds scoring first as ever so crucial for points accumulation

Be good to achieve at least a draw with Chelski at home

The Fulham match is a must not lose

And the Blades at home won't be easy but a win is essential with tough games to follow.

{Ed077's Note - Beat Fulham and you are basically safe I would think.

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11 Mar 2021 16:46:14
Agreed Ed077

So I want to see for all final 11 matches all the Leeds United players TOUGHEN UP, kick butt, be 100% determined and 100% focussed / concentrated, cut out stupid mistakes and overcome as well this so called London hoodoo bs at Fulham.

Otherwise Leeds will very soon really regret not picking up draws instead of avoidable defeats home and away to Wolves, home to Brighton, Everton, Villa etc

Those extra 5 points would have been invaluable.

11 Mar 2021 17:09:24
We won’t go down as enough below are worse than us. Fulham have really improved and fair play to Scott Parker who’s done a blinding job on limited resources and squad.

Shame as we shouldn’t be anywhere near relegation but stupid mistakes have us looking down rather than up which for me is the wrong way to be looking

That wonder save by Meslier against Sheff Utd is looking priceless at the moment as that could of kik started them as well.

{Ed077's Note - you arent anywhere near relegation, what are you on about?}

11 Mar 2021 17:16:46
And oh yes

For Leeds defence to hold out for (lots of) defensive clean sheets ; this would be very welcome indeed
as at least a point guaranteed in each match.

11 Mar 2021 17:40:16
That’s what I said we won’t go down but we ain’t on 40 points either and that is generally considered the safe point total so until we hit that relegation is ‘in the air’ so to speak loss to Fulham and Sheff Utd (I don’t think we have chance against cheasea) and we could start to really worry . Our recent form is very much relegation form. So I think my post is about right. We ain’t going down but we are looking over our shoulders. don't you agree Ed 77?

{Ed077's Note - 7 teams need to have a better end to the season from here on in than Leeds with Brighton and Fulham needing to make 9 points on Leeds in 10 games. I would say very improbable. I wouldnt necessarily say leeds are looking over the shoulders just yet.
Teams have gone down with 40 or more points and survived with lesser than 40 points. Personally I think 38 points will be enough to stay up this year.
I think things are much more positive than you try to paint them as Bermo. You are being too nervous and not enjoying the ride so to speak.}

11 Mar 2021 18:08:39
I agree I think we are safe as houses but fact this is being spoken about means we are closer than we should be and if anyone can Leeds can as our first season under belisa proved twice

I have loved this season and loved the football but In my 30 years of being a Leeds fan I have never been so frustrated, I took relegation well because we deserved to go down but under mb I have been so angry due to the nature of our play. We can be brilliant but also be useless and our goals for are quailty but goals against laughable

So it’s hard for me as I have loved this season and hated it in equal measure.

{Ed077's Note - you are only one that is bringing it up.}

11 Mar 2021 18:29:46
I think it’s more about Berm wanting to prove his point that Bielsa is no good for Leeds. The lower Leeds finish the more he feels he wins his argument.

11 Mar 2021 19:01:10
Spot on OP the bottom line is that Bielsa wants Bielsa to FAIL after his embarrassing error for Bielsa to be sacked last season.

11 Mar 2021 18:50:51
His main gripe is about the defense and lambasting Bielsa constantly for it, but what he so conveniently forgets is that we’ve suffered constant injuries to our defenders for most of this season. He is unable to acknowledge that factor.

{Ed077's Note - and he doesnt seem to remember where his idol Moyes finished last season. 16th if I am not mistaken}

11 Mar 2021 18:56:13
Ed read the site you are meant to be editing. bv started this post quite a few have mentioned it

Have I upset Ed and op I’m some way?

{Ed077's Note - and my point still stands, Leeds are nowhere near the relegation places but you still act like that.}

11 Mar 2021 18:57:26
You even commented on bv post Ed. must have really bad memory.

11 Mar 2021 19:27:51
Did post but think Ed blocked it (happens a few times on this site)

Ed I’m not the only one mentioning it if you read this thread I wasn’t even the one who started it was I and a few have mentioned the r word

As for beslia no I still have not forgiven him fully for our fall from grace or throwing away promotion in first season . that still stings we should of gone up and been there instead of villa and yes when I call things both positive like Bamford scoring more in prem than last year and our defence being a joke and us being useless at corners it dose make me laugh I called both preseason and got laughed at by all on here and now down the line I was right on both Bamford and our defence

It is not about being right or wrong just a bit of respect when I call things get mugged off then turns out I was correct

I want Leeds’s to win every game I just think with belisa making same mistakes overall we will suffer.

{Ed077's Note - what posts got blocked?}

11 Mar 2021 19:31:46
* ( I was supposed to type )
Berm wants Bielsa to fail.

11 Mar 2021 19:40:27
And my point still stands I said we are safe but few defeats and we will start to look down instead of up . what anbout your comment on me being the only one taking about it. you was just wrong wasn’t you. the comment on my spelling wasn’t that nice either was it. keep this up and I might start taking it personal.

{Ed077's Note - I cant stop you from taking things however you like Bermo}

11 Mar 2021 19:53:46
Does not realise. This is Leeds we are talking about, anything is possible and, in the past, most of it has happened. So forgive us for being, at times, a little negative. History has taught us not to overstretch in our dreams.

{Ed077's Note - a little? We have gone through Moyes leo, negativity isnt little under him}

11 Mar 2021 20:17:08
Exactly Leodis first season under belisa proved that. twice

For the record always says we ain’t going down and don’t think we will but we are closer to it that we should be. The fact people (not me ed) are talking about it is sad because we should be well clear

And Ed when you come at me twice no other way to take it is there. The spelling was below the belt and then to say I was the only one when clearly wasn’t was two in two days. the lack of an aplogy speaks colours about your mark as a person, in my opinion anyway.

{Ed077's Note - what below the belt? It was a general inquiry. And you say that you are always saying "Leeds ain't going down" and also keep saying Leeds are in danger. Are those things not different. You keep talking about relegation as of you are 19th.

You can judge me as you want. That's not in my control, your perspective.}

11 Mar 2021 22:42:47
It was not a question it was statement I can’t even spell managers name, second was a statement saying I was the only one. which was wrong. as for posts had a few when responding to one of the other Ed’s

Look I’m not going into it any more. It’s clear to see you went wrong twice, a bigger person would apologise but clearly not your style. In person we’d be having a conversation but nothing can happen online so best to leave it be. I know what you done and for you to say to me I take it how I want it a cop out

As for me wanting belisa to fail. no of course I want Leeds to be as good as we can. But I made statements about Bamford coming good and got laughed at. I was right

I made comments about our defence and set plays and got laughed at. I was right

I don’t mind comment and opinions but when right people could give me some credit in stead the heat I get from some is unreal on this site.

11 Mar 2021 22:46:38
Having a dig and laughing at me or appeasing to be laughing at me for being dyslexic normally is followed by an apology same with saying I was the only one when clearly I’m not also really should be followed by a lack of an apology which if we was in person I would demand

I have never said We are in danger I said if we lose the next few (two of which would be against teams in bottom three) that would make our record 8 losses in last 9 games (currently 6 losses in 5) it would be a bit squeaky bum time and relegation form

As Lodi’s rightly said its Leeds! No team is top of champ end of jan and failed to go up. other than Leeds. no team has won away leg of playoffs and not made final . apart from Leeds so if it can happen at Leeds it often does

And I do judge you as you come across that is human nature when you dig someone out personally and wrongly and don't apologise you will be judged . human nature and to be expected.

{Ed033's Note - Apologies Bermondsey :)

11 Mar 2021 22:48:27
I like you Berm don't think we'll go down, still nervous but confident. However I am curious to know why you think we should be well clear of relegation? The total cost of our squad is one of the smallest in the league so we are currently well punching. Bielsa has us over achieving, despite one or two misgivings which I'll happily overlook.

We play such a great brand of football it is easy to forget this man has done this on the cheap and makes us look much better than we ought to. For that we must be grateful and personally I think any mistakes that he makes (he's not perfect) should not be dwelt on as the good he's done for our club far outweighs his errors. I have a similar stance on Phillips too, but love this site for the differences of opinion.

12 Mar 2021 04:54:28
See my prev post below.

12 Mar 2021 08:16:14
Thanks Ed I would expect no less from you, like so many of the other Ed’s on here you do an amazing job however two Ed’s on this site are rude unprofessional and nothing short of bullies.

We’ve been through it all, the reason I think we should be well clear is because of belisa rads and our players

Rads has backed us and spent big

We have for me one of the best keepers (motm many times) . In raph we have a world beater, in Bamford we have one of the most in form strikers in the league

The main reason I think we should be well clear is our manager. he has mastered what so many find difficult. He has got us playing free flowing amazing football and scoring for fun. We have broken down some teams in a way that fits a champs league team

So we should be well clear because we are that good.

If we was bad (like we have been in past) I’d accept it but we ain’t we are great however doing the basics like any professional team should we fail miserably

I read on fb that if we didn’t concede from a set play (not including pens) we’d be 3rd! Now I know not to concede from any corner of free kick is crazy talk and football is not that simple but our defending of set plays is the difference between 3rd and where we are. that’s huge and this is the basics

Teams like West Brom and Fulham can’t do the hard stuff which we do with ease, they don’t have our players or manager or style but the stuff schoolboys learn we seem to not be able to do. This is not due to quality or betters players it is our manager refusing to address it. that winds me up and makes me think we could be doing so much better.

12 Mar 2021 14:01:21
Set plays and corners must get better and that is significantly a Bielsa and his coaching staff failure. That is where I ONLY agree with you Berm re Bielsa.

As for your stat omitting penalties : we have conceded a lot of penalties so your ( 3rd position ) stat is as usual misleading : about 8 or 9 penalties that's not down to Bielsa that's down to the stupidity/ carelessness of certain players.

12 Mar 2021 14:12:30
No bv the stat is if you take away goals from free kicks and corners but keep in pens we would be 3rd

Taking away pens would be misleading which is why they left them in

So corners and set plays is belisa fault you agree? Well fix that and we could be 3rd granted that is perfection which is impossible but improve on it and we could be in top six

This is the only reason I’d sack belisa but for me this one reason is a pretty big one.



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