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10 Mar 2021 12:32:21
I'd like to address the Myth that is David Moyes,
Yes this season he is having a good year, but let's remember it's a strange season all round, if he goes on to continue with the hammers progress next season I'll doth my hat and apologise, but 1 season dosent make a great manager, and before someone comes on with the Everton arguement, let's have some facts
Premier games
Matches 572
Wins 223
Draws 155
Losses 194
A lot of defeats when u think whose he has managed
Over a 3rd of he prem games have ended in defeat
Goals against 718
O and let's through in he has only ever won 2 trophies
Play off final at Preston
Charity shield
Wow, what a record.
I'll add every West ham fan I know wanted him gone in the summer, to be replaced by Eddie Howe.
Hypothetically if Moyes had come to leeds when Bielsa did would we be were we are now

{Ed0666's Note - oh he’s also won the hearts and minds of the west ham fans can you count that as a trophy? Great post mate, but credit where credits due everyone had the same disadvantages this season and it’s been a level playing field. West ham have coped better than most wether that’s luck or design who knows?

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10 Mar 2021 12:51:56
I’d go with luck Ed.
Anybody that played boring football with Everton for donkeys and then took over a invincible and failed miserably. This is his happy hour. There will be only 1.

{Ed0666's Note - not a fan of the ‘moyseiah’ Aus 😂

10 Mar 2021 12:56:49
100% agree, in regards this season, and if he continues to push them upwards and onwards I will come on here and say I was wrong, just abit sick off the Bielsa knocking and moyes being bigged up.

{Ed0666's Note - anyone that isn’t on the BIESLA bandwagon mate is a knob the man is a genius a mad one one but nonetheless a genius

10 Mar 2021 13:03:05
He hasn’t won much but then who has? Very few get chance to manage teams who can win stuff.

So what has moyes done? Well wonders at Everton year after year he did great, he overachieved which is all a manager can do

Then at Utd he had a poisoned chalice, team in decline with a god like figure just left and he wasn’t really backed like other Utd managers

Now at West Ham spent not a lot compared to others and took a team from relegation battle to 5th

One word to sum up moyes overall in his career, overachiever.

10 Mar 2021 13:16:02
Ed666, when I last heard most West Ham fans didn't like going to their new ground. Is it possible its a relief for their players not to have the bad vibe that the crowd creates?

{Ed0666's Note - those west ham fans can be unsavory when the chips are down so you could have a point but I suppose we’ll never know because if he gets top 4 it will go down in the record books as just that no one will remember or care wether the fans were there or not

10 Mar 2021 13:45:34
Omg here we go again with Bermo! Do you write plays like you write posts? Full of fantasy and fiction?

Moyes over-achieved at Everton? How? He had an average gate of 40,000 and the subsequent revenue stream and
all he got was a 4th place finish, an FA Cup final and a couple of seasons in Europe. How is that over-achieving? No Everton fan has ever thought that

He inherited an aging Man Utd side and wasn't backed?
The side in 2013-14 included
De Gea, Evra, Ferdinand, Vidic, Rooney, Giggs, Carrick, Young, van Persie and Fletcher. Aging my backside.
He bought Mata for about £40m and Fellani for about £30m, not backed, really?

Bermo you got to break the habit of a lifetime, do some research before shouting your mouth off.

{Ed077's Note - the reason for Moyes not getting more players in at Man Utd was because he pulled the plugs on pre-organised deals for the likes of Thiago Alcantara, leaving less time to negotiate for other players.

10 Mar 2021 13:52:39
Strong words Ed regarding belisa. I’m not on his bandwagon and think I’m far from a knob. Although sure some would disagree

He is great and a genius but so seriously flawed. As all admit it is a balance of good against bad with belisa and for many the good style outweighs the bad defending

For me the laughable defending and non-existent defending of corners and inability to break a certain type of team down outweighs the amazing style and attacking play when things go our way. It is close I’m not massively against belisa and can see why people want him to stay but personally I’d be one bad corner away from sacking him

As for moyes what he done with them players on that budget for me is amazing the table don’t lie and time and time again moyes teams are higher up the table than they should be

Belisa saw us fall from promotion is record breaking fashion first season which was dissapointing. Then he got us up which was class but for me no less than expected considering our budget and squad and now for money he spent I don’t think we are overachieveing we ain’t doing badly by any means but I don’t think we are doing well either

Love the style but hate the basics and the basics always win overall.

{Ed0666's Note - I hear ya pal but you have to respect and appreciate Bielsa’s body of work before he came to Leeds. If Moyes had half of Biesla’s CV it would flatter him. the argument for Zonal marking and man marking at corners will be exhausted till the end of time there’s no clear indication or evidence as to which is better.

10 Mar 2021 14:17:27

To quote you.
"Belisa saw us fall from promotion is record breaking fashion first season which was dissapointing. "

Wtf. we lost in the play-offs. One game prior to the big game. How is that fall record breaking?

Is emotive fiction your only tack?

10 Mar 2021 14:22:33
Moyes achievements Berm
U forgot to mention Real Sociedad, I think that's were he failed profoundly.

10 Mar 2021 15:06:21
'Emotive fiction ' is definitely Bermo's tack Axe

along with being a wannabe Talk Sport Shock Jock, a sort of Millwall version of Gobby Ablonghor🤣.

10 Mar 2021 15:29:03
BV, trouble is there are already enough of those about, no room for any more.

And besides, the above mentioned do at least bring some factual information to the table, sometimes.

10 Mar 2021 15:00:42
Axe belisa broke two records

No team has ever been top when Leeds was top and not got promoted (awful record to have) and no team has ever been up from an away leg in a play off to get knocked out (again awful record to own)

So own it Leeds fans under belisa we threw away promotion twice in record breaking fashion that is just plain fact no one can argue that

With Utd I didn’t mean ageing that way a typo I mean the Utd team was a shadow of what come before. Many agree fergie winning the leauge in final year was one of his biggest achievements because it was a poor team by Utd high standards

As for who thinks moyes overachieved at Everton. everyone listen to any pundit this is common agreement

Ed maybe belisa did well before Leeds I’m not sure I agree but can see why many say this. I certainly see why many hail his style and improvement of players and he certainly made Leeds a better team to watch

For the argument on corners that is up for debate what is not up for debate is Leeds are shocking I would expect leauge two teams to defend corners better. watch Leeds and disagree . you can’t we are that bad

Our defensive record this season is poor to the point of being a joke. this again is not a debate but fact

The fact we make the same mistakes the fact we are so bad at basics the fact we have the same problems three years in. for me is reason to sack belisa. this is an opinion and up for debate but how bad we are defensively how bad we are at basics and how we make same mistakes is not up for debate. how to deal with these problems of course is.

{Ed0666's Note - Maybe you’d win the league with moyes maybe you’d get relegated. Who gives a fuc* until it happens. This debate list it’s thrust ages ago mate. Enjoy the fact you have premiership status for another year and until some sugar daddy buys you that’s all you’ll have. Imagine what WBA fans must be thinking reading this they’d love to have biesla. You are the epitome of privilege mate.

10 Mar 2021 16:06:32
Do not forget Sunderland, and how a female reporter, needed slapping. Would not want him anywhere near Leeds.

10 Mar 2021 16:08:10
Axe and bv you are embracing yourselves

You are Leeds fans how can you not know what records belisa broke in his first season? It was widely commented on in the media

Record 1. no team has been top at Xmas (we was top end of jan) and not get promoted. awful record to break

Record 2. no team has been leading in an away leg to not get to the final. an awful record to break

I have mentioned it in here and it was widely mentioned in all media. I’m shocked as less fans you didn’t know this and perfer to think of it as my fiction. Still I have educated you now so you know

Belisa three away our first season in record breaking fashion twice which is not good is it?

{Ed077's Note - you dont know how to spell your manager's name?:)

Also do you have any opinion of your own, an observation on your own behalf or are you only here to repeat what the Media narrative is?}

10 Mar 2021 17:14:03
Berm what happened to the 'I'm too busy with my film career ' 🤔 you must have spent hours typing these repetitive ad infinitum posts.

10 Mar 2021 18:27:51
Berm you can yada yada until the cows come home with all your irrelevant stats, rants and raves about how useless Bielsa is to Leeds Utd. The very simple fact that you are missing every time is that Bielsa has improved our position season after season. Fact!
Regardless of your personal dislikes of how “you” perceive Bielsa football coaching should be, he has elevated the club, season after season.
Radz doesn’t give a flying fook what Bielsa is doing with his defense, or anything, he just wants the club to improve and move upwards.
My point is that we all know you don’t like how he manages his defense and guess what? I don’t give a toss what you think mate because he is elevating the clubs position and in a spectacular way, it’s amazing to watch, but I guess you’ll never know that because he doesn’t play football the way you personally want to see it played.

10 Mar 2021 18:41:03
Wet Sham have done quite well financially but still spent around £60m more than Leeds over the last 3 seasons plus they have been able to build EPL experience and squad for all those years. can't really compare the two.

10 Mar 2021 18:41:35
And bv film on I’m the can the last heist. Now working on 9 other films one a huge Leeds Utd film but sadly at the moment I got time to bemoan our defensive failtiues

Op I love the way belisa has got us playing I just think it leaves us open to get beat due to simple basics.

10 Mar 2021 18:46:29

I see, that is what you call "records". Wow your a real positive Leeds fan aren't you. Well if that's what you call "records" then I humbly bow to your superior knowledge and logic on the subject of Bielsa. Hopefully you don't mind me carrying on my upbeat posts with the more positive posters on here and you can bemoan Bielsa's entertainment all you like.

10 Mar 2021 18:38:14
Ed 6 I agree it’s all theoretical but for West Brom we had better players to start with and spent a lot more money so to compare us to them is not just the managers which make the difference is it? As much as they’d maybe like beslia maybe they’d also like rads to spend over 100 million as well?

Ed 77 I’m severely dyslexic and as belisa don’t come up in auto correct I have no chance of spelling it. As an Ed on a site like this I’d imagine you come across this a lot as dislexica is common so I hope you don’t view that as a level of my intelligence

As for my own views I got a tonne of them and I don’t really get you comment to me? I don’t think I’m repeating what the media says in fact I’d say my opinions go against the media don’t they? I don’t think I have copied any media in my posts but just commented that our record breaking Promotion fail being covered in media hence not a fiction of my Imagination.

10 Mar 2021 19:13:11
Alf they spent 60 million less than is net spend not more

As for records what is it then? It is a record and was reported as such

As for positive no as a person I think I’m pretty balanced as a Leeds fan I try and be balanced as I try not to be biased and as someone who watches football o can not defend or understand a lot of belisa actions and find our defence at such a poor level I can not stand it. Every time we let in a corner it makes me feel angry and sick and to the point of tears. It hurst when we lose and when we lose over the basics I get so angry

Balance I love the style and way we attack I am glad we are in prem but angry I think we should be doing better as basics are killing us.

10 Mar 2021 19:14:12
And axe I have never come at anyone being positive sad I can’t put my judgements with out being shot down ain’t it.

10 Mar 2021 21:00:21
You can always make your judgments Berm but don’t expect there to be no flak, your comments conflict massively to what everyone else thinks about Bielsa.

10 Mar 2021 21:05:42
That is taking into account incoming and outgoings so we spent 60 mill less than the hammers over the last3 seasons. That would get us 2 quality players at least with which I think we would be able to challenge more effectively and particularly strengthen the midfield which is our major weak point imo.

10 Mar 2021 21:42:27
Bermo, for a playwright your English is terrible. Yes I know you have said you are dyslexic but in the last week I have found your grammar and punctuation at the worst I have read from your posts. Are you drinking a lot? That may indicate a reason why you are ranting angrily at the moment.
Are you ok?
I feel you have been fighting a running battle with a few of us posters, and doing it alone. Please remember these are just different views. I hold you no malice, its just how we see things differently

Hope everything is OK. Going to bed now so will joust with you again tomorrow. Take care.

10 Mar 2021 21:53:55
Cheers axe and while I do live a drink sadly that has nothing to do with my awful spelling, punctuation or Leeds rants!

I’m lucky to be a multi award winning and critically acclaimed playwright and touch wood will have no fewer than 11 filmed out by next year but I can't speel fro toeffe and think a semi colon is found just under your liver.



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