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09 Mar 2021 18:41:16
Berm has yet again been very combative and resolute in his condemnation of Bielsa’s defensive techniques and that he would much prefer a Moyes type coaching. First question, is who would he prefer? because Moyes would definitely not want to leave West Ham. Allardyce? surely not, to watch that brand of football I’d rather have a red hot rod of metal rammed up my rectum.
It’s Bielsa for me 100 times over, from what we’ve had to what we have now to me is a total no brainer. So long as Bielsa improves the clubs position each season, which he has, why would you in your right mind want to change that?
Bielsa demands a huge amount from his players in training and on the pitch, the players he has now, and there are still a fair amount of previous Championship level players, he has conjured up something unbelievable out of most of those boys, i have no doubts that they would run through a brick wall for him, you ask why? because they totally believe in him.
He’s made Premiership standard players out of Phillips, Dallas, Ayling, Klich and Bamford, they all were box standard Championship players, at best before he arrived.
I truly believe that Bielsa with the right players at his disposal will get Leeds into the top 4 within the next two seasons. Folks might think that’s over ambitious but I sense that this is what Bielsa believes he can deliver to Leeds before he retires and goes back to his family in Argentina.

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09 Mar 2021 19:37:55
Opti, no one can deny that Bielsa is not a v. good manager, up there with the best. It's just that, like all humans, has a flaw (s) which so many of us die hard fans can see but the great man refuses to accept the obvious. He is so frustrating when he continues to pick and play, players who are either out of form or are just not quite up to it.
Would I replace him? We have not got within a million miles of that yet. No my " xxxx OUT" placard is firmly locked in the garage.

09 Mar 2021 19:46:53
I don’t enjoy watching the car crash defending or the joke set plays

I said moyes ages back and got laughed at. turns out I wasn’t that stupid was I? Bit like when so many on here said we won’t struggle in defence or on set plays because we kept clean sheets in champ. again now so stupid now am I

I’m not sure who I’d prefer as manager but we have to do the basics better and someone out there must be able to do that

I don’t enjoy the poor games and the losing and they come due to bad basics

I don’t think this is that odd a thing to say.

09 Mar 2021 19:53:28
Completely agree OP. People are forget far too quickly and demand the world when we are still cutting our teeth at this level. We need to take a big breath, look how far we have come, appreciate what we have achieved and recalibrate expectations. We would be absolute fools if we got rid of Bielsa now, after all he has done is exceed expectations.

09 Mar 2021 20:20:50
I don’t demand the world I demand we defend better than a leauge two team. it’s not much

I’m not sure we are exceeding expectations

Sheff Utd spent nothing and finished 6th I think wolves spent what we spent and finished 5th I think . we are not doing badly but I think to say we are doing well is also a bit of a stretch.

09 Mar 2021 21:00:54
Well Berm what more can be said? Bielsa has not met your expectations, even though he got us us promoted after 16 years and countless amount of mangers/ coach’s could not achieve. We now rest mid table in our first season even though we’ve been plagued by injuries especially to our defense players. You are without doubt a very hard man to please or perhaps, I’m a very easy man to please? . I respect your opinions but I most certainly do not agree with them concerning Marcelo Bielsa.

09 Mar 2021 21:21:56
cos we had 16 years of rubbish don’t mean not rubbish is good

Belisa has far exceeded my expectations in all the hard areas . playing football 10/ 10, attacking play 8/ 10, style 15/ 10 but in the easy simple areas he has let me down set plays 1/ 10, breaking down poor teams who sit back 1/ 10, defending in general 3/ 10, playing players out of position 4/ 10 making the same mistakes over again -20/ 10

It is not as simple as good or bad, exceeding expectations or letting down

Football like life is grey and not black and white

Am the grey is our basics for me are so bad I think it not acceptable and unlike most in here great style dosemt outweigh very poor basics.

09 Mar 2021 21:34:29
Bielsa all the way for just needs add more quality quality players I very much enjoy the way we play it s getting them quality players put work rate in which Bielsa loves to see of his players why on earth we can't put players on posts at corners is be hond me mot.

09 Mar 2021 21:46:54
Berm to give you context, in our promotion season plus 1st year in premier out net spend is 84 million.
Sheff Utds was 72 million plus an extra 68 million this season and they are going down.
As for Wolves it was 118 million followed by 114 million and only 4 million this season and they are below us.
Think it will help you realize that we are doing very well indeed.
But I won't argue our defending is a joke at times!

09 Mar 2021 22:17:04
Good post Canada

Not sure about Sheff Utds spend but if true that’s not humbling

And I agree Wigan perfect world we kept belisa and get in quality players to make his style really work but honest question do we have that kind of money?

As I said before West Ham have gone from relegation to 5th on net spend of 65 million due to keeping it simple

Can we splash out the money or should we keep it simple?

Personally I love moyes and I love wilko I’m a fan of keeping it simple.

09 Mar 2021 23:11:47
Berm forgive me if I’m wrong but I’m sure you’ve quoted before that you thought Grayson was a very good manager! So perhaps not all the previous managers were rubbish?
I’m just going to leave you with the thought that you would like a manager who scores 10/ 10 or near enough in all those areas you have mentioned.
Good luck with that one because I don’t think one exists on this planet or ever has. Even your fave manager Moyes isn’t that good.
Well I think you’re just going to put up with Bielsa for a while longer, you never know mate he just might sort out these defensive issues. Nah, just joking.

10 Mar 2021 08:07:57
OP, your basing your views on that MB got us up, that doesn’t make him the best manager ever they all have bad points, he’s supposed to be the god of all managers so what are the ones that beat us called super Gods,

10 Mar 2021 08:44:24
Bermo I often think we give the opposition a head start with our selections and that is my main complaint of the great man. Players out of position, players out of form and players just not good enough. but still think he is the best around.

10 Mar 2021 08:55:47
Whitman I think you’re just being a bit silly making statements like that, Bielsa is a very good manager and probably the best that that Radz and Orta could find.
He’s a very good fit for where we are now and if you ask me we are extremely lucky to have acquired his services.

10 Mar 2021 09:38:13
OP, silly I don’t think so, never said he wasn’t mate, and no I don’t think we should feel like that at all, he’s like all of us paid and paid very well to do the job, but as I said is those who beat us better? that something you can’t answer which make your post silly, .

10 Mar 2021 10:02:52
What? This is the point where I go for my frontal lobotomy. Enjoy your day fella.

10 Mar 2021 11:36:03
I agree with leodis regarding Bielsa being best around, don't think anyone can argue that what he has done at Leeds with the players he's had isn't anything but good. I also see Bermos point as I hate how we seem easy to beat at times. Bielsa style of attack, attack gets lots of pludits and most say we are good to watch. However we are not safe from religation, we have some tough games coming up and we have lost more games than won. In the championship our fitness and style was head and shoulders above most teams, in this league our quality is matched by most teams. So Bielsas strength as a coach, his belief in his tactics is flawed by the quality and trust in some of his players. Yes staying up is our priority and then hopefully building on it each season, but we not surprising teams and they working out how to play us. Just wish we can turn some of those narrow defeats into draws at times instead of rubbish or bust.

10 Mar 2021 13:44:04
Mezzer indeed the key line turning narrow and needless defeats into draws

Wolves twice Brighton, Villa, Everton, even West Ham away. could / should have been 6 draws instead of 6 defeats

Those 6 points would have us on 41 points and probably safe.

10 Mar 2021 13:59:39
OP, don't go, I've told you before that Bermo is just doing it all for a rise.
His championing of Allardyce and Pulis should have been the clue. His lack of facts in his arguments is another. His dismissal of researched counter-arguments is just the icing of the cake of the "know-it-all windup merchant". I used to remember a few of them in the pub, when there was such things as pubs, late on a Saturday night. Regaling anyone that would listen how he would solve the crisis.
Do what I do, buy him a bag of pork scratching and carry on eyeing the barmaids.



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