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09 Mar 2021 15:37:35
Is it just me or is anyone having slight doubts about Llorente. I thought, coming out with the ball he looked imperious however defending, wether at set plays or just in open play he looked, weak. (maybe not the right word) . Whatever he was he was far from the saviour of our back line that we had all hoped and prayed for. Maybe I am being premature and maybe he just needs a few games (and a new partner) to bed in?

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09 Mar 2021 16:33:14
Leodis, like you say, some of his passing was very good last night. I haven't seen a defender slide a through ball into an attackers path like that since Ferdinand. He did something similar against Villa. I haven't seen any opposition centre backs do that against us this season so I am hopeful we have a good player on our hands.
Last night I also witnesses him keep pace with an onrushing Antonio and I know he is no slouch. Against Villa he also did similar against Watkins.

But, I also saw how easily he is bumped about at set pieces. The West Ham lads looked to have torsos twice the size of his and Dawson lost him for the goal.
Hopefully he can see what the PL is, bulk up a bit, and be more competitive. At the end of the day he can develop muscles, someone like Dawson can't develop those skills

My fingers are crossed he works out.

09 Mar 2021 16:44:17
I have high hope for Llorente he has show some class and is a Spanish international I think he will become a fan’s favour.

09 Mar 2021 16:58:33
Maybe give him more than 2.5 games to settle in and adjust to the Premier League?

It's more physical than what he is used to so he will have to go through a period of adjustment but I'm sure an international is capable of learning.

09 Mar 2021 17:28:45
I totally agree, he needs time to adapt in the PL and in the team. Just a couple of games after long successive injuries it will take while before he’s up to speed.
He did seem a little light weight against the brawn of the west ham players but again I’m sure he’ll adapt, I’m certain it’s not the first time he’s encountered some physicality.
Great passer of the ball which we desperately need and also noted for being very adept in the air.
Looking forward to see him lining up with Koch and Struijk on a regular basis.

09 Mar 2021 17:31:03
leodis, post that the other day should send him back or ask for a full refund should never have sold the man he’s replaced.

09 Mar 2021 19:54:49
If you refer to White, we didn't sell him, he was on loan.

09 Mar 2021 20:11:21
Maybe I’m being a real pessimist, and hopefully I’m wrong, but from what I’ve seen so far llorente, Koch or Struijk dosnt fill me with confidence at CB. As said last night love Lorentes passion, but lacks a bit of physicality and concentration. Koch is a good defender but seems very lacking in confidence when coming out with the ball. And Struijk has the physical presence but seems to get a rush of blood and press unnecessarily putting the line out of shape and leaving a hole. Not Coopers biggest fan but still the best option we have?

10 Mar 2021 08:11:24
Alf no mate he’s one that go away, Am talking about one who was ordered to give a goal away, that had a go at MB who wanted to look good as a far play manager? Try again.

10 Mar 2021 10:04:14
Berm, and fellow pessimists, surely you must concede that Bielsa has not been able to select a settled back four and DM all season, and he probably has not been able to pick his preferred line up at all so far.

Bielsa does of course have his faults, so do all managers, including the likes of Klopp and Pep, but he has stated that he recognises there is a problem with set pieces and will continue to work on identifying solutions, be that in personnel or tactics.

Llorente and Koch are new to the club and have had injuries, and are obviously going to take a while to bed into Bielsaball etc and this is Struijk’s first season as a member of the first team squad. Have patience for f@cks sake, and don’t try to draw conclusions before you even have any solid facts to work with.

10 Mar 2021 11:49:25
Op I’m not saying all previous managers have been rubbish I thought Grayson did a great job with hand dealt to him.

My point is everyone says that Leeds have been out of top flight for so long as if that is proof belisa has done well which ain’t that simple

As for a manager who scores 10/ 10 in every area of course that don’t exists my point is in some areas belisa scores 1 to maybe 3 out of ten and that is not for me acceptable. If I was chairman I’d sit with belisa and say your amazing but if you don’t sort set plays out your sacked. for all his good points that alone for me is not good enough

I do accept we ain’t had settled back for but even so you must all accept our defending of set plays and in general is not by any prem leauge standards acceptable

In any other job if you was doing great but so deeply flawed in one area the manager above you would demand progress. that’s how employment works.

10 Mar 2021 12:48:53
Berm - to look at it another way, despite our lack of a settled back 4, injuries, very young and inexperienced keeper etc, we have kept 8 cleans sheets so far this season. That puts us joint 11th. Teams we have managed to shut out on one occasion include, Blunts, Baggies, Burnley, Villa, Palace and Everton, all of which are a threat at set pieces. Only 5 teams have kept 10 or more cleanies: Citeh, Scum, Dean Smith’s lot, Chelski and Hammers.

Then perhaps we could look at Allardyce, who is apparently a defensive genius who some, including yourself possibly, have previously said would be able to sort out our frailties at the back. In the 15 matches since he took the managerial reins at the Baggies, they have had 3 cleanies. Surely even the most ardent Allardyce disciple would admit that their man is a deeply inferior managerial fit for Leeds than Bielsa is.



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