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06 Mar 2021 19:02:35
Need my eyes testing.
Just saw vile take a corner and didn't see any of their players hit the deck. Weird.

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06 Mar 2021 19:17:10
Sure the screen didn’t freeze?

06 Mar 2021 19:35:41
Must make a change from watching your team concede from corners😂😂.

06 Mar 2021 20:09:12
Said it before, will say it again, Grealish went down once 4 England, Southgate gave him a look, didn't do it again, but yet for Vile every 2 minutes, 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔.

06 Mar 2021 20:14:43
Spot on Richie.

06 Mar 2021 20:25:34
Nice one whack!
Sad but true haha.

06 Mar 2021 20:39:16
You must not of watched the Belgium game he won 4 or 5 frees in good positions. he’s worth about the same as your entire team if u take out raph.

06 Mar 2021 20:43:14
Wolves beat you didn`t they, twice if I recall.
And its obvious that your obsession with Grealish, is without doubt a jealousy thing, he is beyond your grasp, forget it.

06 Mar 2021 21:34:38
Thing is with Grealish is that there is no doubting his talent as a premiership star, but I’m still not convinced of him being an England regular and that’s not what he does on the pitch but off it.
He’s a ticking time bomb to do something really stupid again and I think Southgate is very wary of it. As for his excessive diving in matches which incidentally he has mastered the art of it, could also potentially be an embarrassment in international tournaments. The odd dive or two i'm sure Southgate would tolerate but when Grealish’s theatrics go over the Richter scale, I’m not so sure.

06 Mar 2021 21:48:59
Vile Dave wind yer neck in with this jealousy bs

Many many far better players than Grealish that one would covet

The issue with Grealish and it seems the rest of your Vile team is that they are diving cheats aided, abetted and encouraged by your club culture and coaching staff.

06 Mar 2021 21:49:17
Bielsa has standards, he wouldn't take jerk squealish.
If he stopped diving he could be a world beater.

06 Mar 2021 22:07:56
Southgate worried about grealish I doubt it, foden and greenwood sneaking hookers into the hotel under quarantine and they missed what was it 1 game? MB would take jack in a heartbeat as would any team in England and to say any different just makes you all look foolish.

06 Mar 2021 22:08:56
OP, the first part of your post is spot on and I agree with you 100%.
The second part re diving, I agree in part, but we in the midlands have seen footage of fouls on Grealish, that have been questioned, and in slow-mo 85% are fouls, the other are just him being himself.
I would prefer him to stay on his feet, he has messed up a few times going down, when it could have been more rewarding standing up.

06 Mar 2021 22:15:58
Listen to yourself Vinegar, you say the same thing over and over.
Just take a second and read what you have written, sounds like its from a 10 year old.
Now name me a better player than Grealish, in his position, who can shield and carry the ball like he does, drawing the foul, defending, and breaking at pace, assists and goals.
He has a weakness in that his left peg is not great.
So Name one:

07 Mar 2021 02:55:36
Venereal Once he departs the villainy, should you fail to reinvest adequately, I've got you down as contesting a relegation canine scuffle. I rate Deano as a competent manager but the loss of Jack shall be devastatingly harmful to your league points accumulation prospects for next season.

07 Mar 2021 05:33:58
Venereal Dave on the contrary saying the same thing over and over again is something you are notorious for from the Grealish jealousy bs to you being hard done by and to your 19th farewell speech. 🤣

Grealish has talent but don't worry VD you won't have to talk about Grealish for much longer when he leaves Vile this summer.

And oh yes I really enjoyed your latest tizzy meltdown on the Vile Banter site with your Vile Banter posters over your 'John Terry demeanour ' comments with you wanting Terry out.

07 Mar 2021 13:41:22
Not sure I see your point in that comment baz, Dave is entitled to his opinion that he don’t like Terry, he’s not everyone’s cup of tea but he’s what we have so we got to support him. do u even have an assistant manager or is it just a translator you have lol😂😂.

07 Mar 2021 13:43:48
Any your best players are just as likely to leave as ours are, probably more likely in raphinha case as he has no loyalty ties like jack and KP.

07 Mar 2021 13:50:13
One player better than grealish is Foden who I think will eclipse gazza as our greatest ever player

But grealish is class no one can argue with that which is great for England.



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