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06 Mar 2021 01:40:15
Well fellas, being reading down your deluded page😂😂 seems your still quiet bitter about losing to us last week, I'll send Dave over to give you some kisses to make you all feel better lol. say what u will about dean smith and Terry but they got us to the premier league quicker than MB got you up and we are ahead of you with a game in hand as ausman rightly pointed out, also better goal difference as your defence is a bit of a joke, as much as I like your star player raph he couldn't get the better of a past it 30 something year old RB, I think Elmo was so slow on Wednesday cause raph was still in his pocket😂😂.

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06 Mar 2021 03:07:38
Villa first season back in the prem 35 points from 38 games, Leeds 35 from 26 games.
Also think most Leeds fans will admit we have been porous at the back but since we haven't had a single game with our strongest back 4, the fact that we have had wingers at full back, our right back at CB an u23 in defence and an AM at DM over the course of the season so far? Honestly that should worry any of the teams around us.

06 Mar 2021 04:24:44
What's happened to your banter Whacky Backy? 😊 Yet another tired, dim, lame effort from you!

Gummie spot on with the like for like facts to educate Whacky.

Whacky, I think you will find pseudo -psychiatrist Vile Dave is a bit busy with his unintentional absolutely hilarious ' John Terry demeanour ' PHD thesis 🤣 on the Vile Banter page with your Vile Banter boys in quite a tizzy between yourselves as to how bad Smith and Terry actually are!

Long may they continue! 😉.

06 Mar 2021 06:54:18
I think overall Villa were lucky to get the win against us but fair play mate you got it. The most worrying thing for me if I was a Villa fan is your inconsistency. Am I right in thinking you haven't managed back to back wins all season? That is something you need to fix moving forward but all the best with it. Looking forward to our clashes next season mate when hopefully revenge will be ours!

06 Mar 2021 08:43:03
Beilsa took 2 seasons yes, but he didn't break ffp to do it.
Most of your better players were either there or Bruce players
Terry wat can I say, I won't as ever time I post something ed deletes it.

06 Mar 2021 09:16:40
Alf, I am more worried about our inconsistency need to win more . I did say once about been lucky, got shot down buy some on here, there is no such thing as luck in Football.

06 Mar 2021 10:54:33
Whack, how do think Villa will fare against a slightly improved Wolves? Got a feeling without Grealish again you’ll lose or draw. Realistically I think Villa will finish mid table at best, that’s not a hate or bitter Leeds fan talking. Talk of Villa finishing in a European football place is far fetched as someone has already mentioned there has been to much inconsistency in your results.
You won’t like my prediction for Leeds because I honestly think we will finish this season quite strong, with a few injured players coming back and the ironing out of our weaker points we’ll finish about 8th or 9th and above Villa.
What’s your thoughts on that?
Oh and I did think Villa were lucky to get that win over us but then again Villa do rely on a hell of a lot of luck.

06 Mar 2021 11:52:12
Smith got a premier league squad promoted while breaking EFL spending rules. Think it says more about previous manager than his ability.
I think you will be a one season wonder tbh. Great start to the season but bottom half for for last 20 games. A lot will depend on if you can afford to keep jerk squealish.

06 Mar 2021 12:20:03
Chaps, we shouldn’t get sucked into his pathetic attempts to get a rise! If we ALL ignore his posts, he will get bored, go back to his PlayStation and milk and cookies from mummy.
We all know Vile have thrown loads of cash at their squad (probably breaking FFP rules in the process) , should have gone down last season with the goal/ no goal that their entire team and management knew was legit, but have no integrity, and they are pretty much a one player team (and before you spout up Whacky, I know he didn’t play in our recent defeat, as any result can happen on the day, but without him, Vile would probably be below Brighton!
If he Or any other Vile fan feel the need to post with the intention of causing arguments, let’s ignore them and hopefully they will go away.
That’s my bit, it’s time for a beer.

06 Mar 2021 12:52:56
Hey Alf, incorrect about back to back wins we had lots of them this season including our first 4 games, we haven’t won back to back since Xmas to be fair. smith inheriting our best players not correct either, he inherited maginn from Bruce and jack grealish but so did Bruce, smith brought in mings, konsa, targett, cash, Doug luiz, traore, Watkins, Barkley, nakamba, Martinez and trez. so smith players doing very well, only problem I have with smith is his stubbornness much like your own MB. smith lost 13 players after getting promoted cause they were old and out of contract and some were loan players so I don’t know how u think they were premier league players, maybe Tammy was but he’s pretty much the same lvl as bamford so no big advantage there.
1 hit wonders is strange call as we have being pretty much a constant in the premier league albeit we had a bad couple of years and went down but it didn’t take 15 years to get back up like it did Leeds, Sheffield now there’s a 1 hit wonder but villa are 1 of the longest standing teams in the top division.
I think we’ll beat wolves today and I think villa and Leeds will be close at seasons end but I think we finish top 10 and ahead of Leeds. we won more and lost less than Leeds so to question our consistency is a pretty lame shout.

06 Mar 2021 13:18:20
Last 6 premier league seasons in bottom half.
This is a one off Whack!
I expect you will end up just in top half so this is an odd year and I expect you will be bottom half again next year if/ when you sell jerk.

06 Mar 2021 13:33:54
As I have said before MG your in no place to talk about integrity after cheating your way up spying on all the other teams and if you want to talk about 1 game then go back to bamfords antics at eland road trying to win at any cost throwing himself on the floor like the proper cheat that he is and add ayling and Hernandez to that list. and yes we beat you without our best player so that tells me your going backwards not forwards, more proof of that is how many goals you shipped, we get beaten by a goal usually and you get beat by several for the most part 😂😂 embarrassing against the likes of Crystal Palace lol.

{Ed077's Note - "spying" isn't against the law and something almost every team does in one way or another.}

06 Mar 2021 14:43:50
As I’ve commented before, Deadly Doug would be turning in his grave at how Villa are going about their business today, must be some very thick brown envelopes being passed around in high places for Villa to be untouched so far.
Whack, you’re wrong about you beating Wolves today, you can see their form is turning and the best you’ll get today is a draw, but don’t go silent on us if you lose like against the blades, come and share your sorrows with us, we’re a very sympathetic bunch of guys.

06 Mar 2021 15:09:13
Excellent post OP re thick brown envelopes. #corrupt

And Whacky Backy you contradict yourself ( quelle surprise) : as last season and this season, even in the past few days you have posted you have wanted Smith out.

Whilst you forlornly try and conceal it to opposing fans Whacky
in reality you clearly don't rate Smith 🤣.

06 Mar 2021 16:21:14
Whack i Make you right about a lot smith done a great job and is ahead of belisa both took over similar teams in similar positions and smith is ahead

Villa are better than us the table don’t lie

But the disgusting way smith handled the goal that we gave them to the Sheff Utd goal was poorly done

As for the spying that was scouting and makes no difference belisa plays the same way anyway so be fair

Credit to smith and villa but Leeds and belisa despite our defence fariluty are a touch of class the way we conduct ourselves.

06 Mar 2021 16:53:13
ED it is now against the law in football since the spy-gate controversy, EFL made him stop his cheating, and as I have said before he did redeem himself after being somewhat forced due to his players diabolical antics after they scored the goal after pretending to be decent human beings when our player was injured.

Sorry baz mate but u need to learn to read I never said I wanted him out I love the fact we have a villa fan in charge, all I have said is that I want him to act faster making game changing subs and with his team selection don’t just stick to the same guys week in week out, different games require different tactics and players as you know yourself.

OP if I went silent after Sheffield loss why was I here 2 days later? I know you love me and all but I can’t come here everyday, win or lose I don’t hide, ye beat us 3 nil early in the season that didn’t stop me coming on here and congratulating you lot.

BW as usual I agree with your non biased opinion mate 👍 Leeds and villa are very close but currently we are edging it, no doubt we both spend in the summer and both improve.

Canada, as u stated we finished bottom half for our last seasons in the premier league, as will you this year, hard to finish higher when our greedy owner sold benteke, young, downing, Barry, Milner, delph, albrighton, all of whom went on to win titles except benteke so I ask you if you take those players out of the same team I’m sure u agree you are doomed unless you replace with quality which he didn’t as he sold everyone and jumped ship when his money was made, hence why Martin o Neil left after finishing 6th 2 seasons in a row, while u were in league 1 was it? Either way bottom half of the premier league is a hell of a lot better than slumming it in the lower divisions for the guts of 20 years 😂😂.

06 Mar 2021 18:05:42
Whacky Backy aka Mr Porky Pies lol 😃 I know cheating, lying and being deceitful comes naturally to Vile and Vile fans but you now full well that you and most of the Vile fans wanted Smith out last season.

and just this week folowing Vile losing to 10 man bottom club Blades you ( and others) posted on Vile Banter the suggestion that Smith needed to be replaced at the end of the season because you strongly doubted Smith could take your club to ' the next level '.

Anyway it's all fine because I personally hope that the mediocre Smith and Terry are at Vile for years to come : roll on Vile's continued mediocrity.

06 Mar 2021 19:00:32
So you admit now that this season is a one off. Good for you whack.

06 Mar 2021 19:45:32
I love it, he comes on here and drops comments to get our backs up, we collectively put him well and truly in his place and he comes back arguing like a little school girl, what a tube.
I don’t expect any reply tonight as it’s past his bedtime!

06 Mar 2021 19:49:22
Bad your reading abilities really do show why u support a team like Leeds, you know that when reading a sentence u have to take into account words with only 2 letters like “if”, example from my posts- IF dean don’t start changing things around during games and be more ruthless and positive he won’t get us to Europe, if being the important word there, and I’ve never wanted him out, BW constantly calls for MB to be replaced, does that mean you all think the same? I think not as others opinions always differ,
And at least we have a manager for next season, MB always leaving himself with the option to jump ship if he feels the ship is sinking.

Well if we are mediocre then you must be poor being 5 points behind us who are so bad in your eyes.
Interested to see how you do in your next few games maybe you will do us a favour in our European push but probably not.

06 Mar 2021 20:20:10
pigs flying overhead as you type Whacky 🤣🤣.

06 Mar 2021 20:43:32
Clearly you don’t know me MG. not sure where u put me in my place, the table will tell the story come may.



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