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27 Feb 2021 20:21:39
Okay, 3 big mistakes No1 Before we kicked off. Picking Roberts and Costa to start! They have both been given many chances previously and fluffed them all. Love the man BUT he is a stubborn manager who is the only one who cannot see it or, he can, but does not like to be proved wrong.
No2 Again before kick off, messing with the back five. Previously Llorente did well at DM so why change to Struijk, who has never done well there.
lastly No3 Putting Alioski on to "change the game". The sooner all three of them are known as "Ex Leeds Players" the best for all. I ask again, when will Bielsa learn? The next six points cannot come quick enough.
As for the next few games I would play (for the first half) Greenwood or Gelhart with an Instruction "run them ragged" and then a second half of Pablo. I may even consider a similar thing for the wings with one half Harrison and the other Sumerville.

There are a few U23s who would bite Bielsas hand off to be given a go and quite rightly, on todays lacklustre performance, have a right to think " I could have done better". I know it's a bit of a gamble throwing on untried kids, but you never know. Many of the stars we know, were untried kids once and grabbed their chance. Just need those next two (at least) wins.

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27 Feb 2021 22:35:31
Leodis, Think you have covered it all there. Time to give the kids a go they can't do any worse than, I won't name them.

27 Feb 2021 22:37:12
Mate belisa and mistake go like fish and chips

Did we concede from a set play.

27 Feb 2021 23:20:48
Good post Leo. I agree regarding another 6 points, I have said 41 should do it for a while now. And Costa and Roberts should be bench at best. Three games to come now against London opposition, WHU, Chelsea and Fulham. I hope for more, but I would take 3 points from these games, preferably against Fulham, let's break the London away hoodoo.

27 Feb 2021 23:26:24
Absolute nonsense, if anybody at the beginning of the season would say we’d probably finish mid table we’d take it with both hands. To say Bielsa makes mistakes constantly etc etc is so tiresome, I just start yawning and think to complainers, shut up will you.
It’s our first season in the Premiership, give Bielsa a chance to prove himself. I’m sure the Villa fans are happy they gave their coach a chance to prove himself.
Stop whinging!

27 Feb 2021 23:39:57
Costa, Klich, Roberts, Alioski, Cooper all must be let go this summer. lOVE ALL OF THEM FOR GETTING US BACK WHERE WE BELONG, BUT WE NEED QUALITY! MOT.

28 Feb 2021 00:03:11
I don't think we have anyone else to pick. Nit sure if you have noticed but we are ravaged by injuries, the players we depend on are knackered or carrying knocks and the u23s nowhere near ready yet. Believe me they can do a lot worse.

28 Feb 2021 03:30:30
Good posts but OP, Hooksie and Alf are correct. Casilla, Alioski, Cooper, Klich, Costa and Roberts must be removed from wage bill and upgrades must then arrive. Make Stuarty Dallasy captain for next season. 💛💙.

28 Feb 2021 05:46:19
Op I’ll stop moaning when our defence is not a shambles and defensive stats ain’t bottom three

Until then Leeds will frustrate me yes I love them yes I enjoy watching them yes I think belisa deserves lot of credit but they will annoy the life out of me and that makes me moan

We lost a poor game to a corner. again

How can you not moan? Do you not care?

28 Feb 2021 07:04:04
Of course I care.
If you hadn’t noticed we haven’t had a properly bedded in defense since the Championship through injuries. That being injuries to two new players and a under 23’s who has just moved up to the first team. You can’t expect miracles, a bit of patience is required.
Struijk was put in Phillips position because someone has to, I was a little surprised he didn’t use Llorente yesterday but I’m sure there was a good reason for that.
Don’t get so upset every time we loose and demand the head of Bielsa. This team is developing and I can assure you if you didn’t know already there will be some changes in the summer.
We will finish about mid table this season and be honest most would be happy with that, especially with the injuries we’ve had and a home pitch that definitely isn’t fit for Premiership football.
I don’t like to see my team lose as much as the next person, but a little bit of perspective and patience is required when looking at what players we have, injuries and it being our first time in the Premiership for 16 years.
It’s also Bielsa’s first experience in the Premier League.

28 Feb 2021 09:24:39
Here here opt
It’s a tough league and we will survive.
How many newly promoted do that?
20-30 %?

28 Feb 2021 11:19:20
Very true about bedded defence ect but look at other side

I don’t demand miracles I am not unreasonable in my expectations

I think having one of the worst defences in the leauge (it might be the worst not sure) is not good enough

It is not just the goals it is the way we concede

You may think it’s good enough I don’t

You may Accept the silly and constant mistakes like playing players in wrong position I don’t

You may accept every time the other team have a comer it might as well be a pen. I don’t.



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