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27 Feb 2021 19:51:46
Villa played the perfect spoiling game and they did it well.

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27 Feb 2021 19:58:28
Yup a very lucky early goal (Watkins was trying to shoot but slipped, but well taken by El Ghazi) allowed them to. Mings was very good.

27 Feb 2021 20:00:56
Smith outclassed belisa happens a lot to be fair.

27 Feb 2021 20:35:18
Villa 2 3 leeds
Leeds 1 1 villa
Villa 0 3 leeds
Please explain how Smith outclassed Bielsa alot.

27 Feb 2021 20:41:17
Smith did not outclas Bielsa. Bielsa sets out play football, Smith to cheat at all levels.

27 Feb 2021 21:06:41
Berm lol I think you need to give the baby shams a rest with your silly 'shock jock' attention seeking posts calling again for Bielsa to be sacked .

As for your other silly claim that Smith laughably 'outclassing Bielsa a lot ' : well Leeds under Bielsa beat Smith's Vile in 2 out of tbe past 3 matches and literally very charitably gave them a goal to draw the other: Smith outclassed by Bielsa in all three of those matches

To be fair Leeds as a newly promoted club have done well to be 10th with a lot of key injuries all season; we have simply not ' underperformed ' as you claim.

Whereas your 'messiah'Smith's Vile were an incorrect VAR goalline decision from being relegated last season.

Anyway, moving on to the next game.

27 Feb 2021 21:29:18
No it doesn’t!

28 Feb 2021 00:23:21
How did smith outclass belisa

Cos they are above us with games in hand

Question tactics question style question dirty play

Don’t question the table you look stupid

As for my shock jock. I’m in one of the biggest films of the year. I just signed another three film deal and got huge Leeds film coming out

I don’t need this sight to do shock jock I got the film industry for that

I use this sight to vent my angre at stupid stubborn manager and to share my love for Leeds. nothing else

When I need this site for my career I’m in trouble.

28 Feb 2021 02:41:47
BW lol 🤣

Your shock jock posts are just you still trying to prove your point from the past 2 years on you being so wrong on both KP and Bielsa.

You wanted Bielsa sacked in Jan 2020 :yet he went on to get Leeds promoted as Champions and even you agreed to eat some humble pie

You state KP is garbage CDM: yet he is now an England international . yer you still laughably welched on your promised KP. tattoo

You laughably state that Smith has outclassed Bielsa when in the past 4 head to head matches Bielsa has won more. and you don't as usual respond to these facts

You never ever actually compare like for like: Bielsas Leeds are doing far better than Smitha Villa in first seasons back in EPL. Etc etc

But hey don't ever let logic and fact get in the way of your shock jock posts 😉 Cheers.

28 Feb 2021 05:43:47
Like for like

Pretty sure smith and beslia been at clubs for same time

Smith got promoted year one belisa failed

Smith kept villa up (admitted lucky) in year two belisa got Leeds up which smith did in first year

Year three villa flying and doing better than they should Leeds attacking with class but defensively laughable and just below mid table

Both spent similar amounts over all both been at club same time so like for like they been on similar journey

Smith goes for substance belisa goes for style . substance has won every step of the way

So like for like who is doing better?

{Ed001's Note - as always you forget to include context. Smith took over a club just relegated from the Premier League, that had invested heavily in players and also kept hold of their stars. Bielsa took over a team that had been mired outside the Prem for an extended period and had sold any youngsters that looked good to survive.}

28 Feb 2021 08:17:56
Spot on Ed001 very good point 🔥.

28 Feb 2021 09:01:56
Ed001. Don't let the truth spoil a good story! 😂😂.

28 Feb 2021 10:51:41
Villa spend £143million last season to survive their first year back - 43% more than we have and that was on top of a team already full of Premier league players. This season they have spent a further £88million, close to what we have. I
the championship season they spent £17m. In that period they have made £19m in sales so a net spend of £229m.

Leeds spend £10m in 18/ 19, £0 in 19/ 20 and £96m in 20/ 21. We brought in £33m in total across those 3 seasons so a net spend of £73m.

So like for like in the last 3 seasons villa have only spent £156m more than Leeds.

You're absolutely right Bermo we should be doing so, so much better on such an even playing field. In fact, we should actually be winning the league.

{Ed077's Note - the way I see it for Leeds is finishing anything from 17th and above is a decent season. Surely avoiding relegation was the objective before the start of the season.

After decades outside the PL and stints in even League 1, which some seem to have forgotten, securing PL footy for next season cant be seen as unsatisfactory. Even a title winning Leicester side were almost relegated the season they got promoted and never enjoyed anywhere close to the safety cushion from relegation places that Leeds have experienced this year.

I am not suggesting you guys are going to compete for the title next season or anytime soon but clearly there are lots more things to be happy about as a Leeds supporter right now than there is to be negative.}

28 Feb 2021 11:26:19
Ed your right about context that has to be taken into account and Alf if that spent is true (which I don’t doubt you then the same)

But the negovitivy on here towards smith is a joke anti football this and lack of style that is just wrong end of day points is all that matters same with moyes

Ed 77 there is a lot to be grateful about there is a lot to praise belisa for but there is also a lot that is almost beyound a joke

As said before it is not only the goals we concede but the way we do so. How many times has belisa made the same mistake?

How bad do we have to be at set plays

How many times will
He play people out of position

How poor does our defence have to be

It’s like Groundhog Day

With some simple fixes and cutting out the managers stupid mistakes we could be higher

I don’t expect perfect total football but I don’t expect Sunday leauge defending either.

28 Feb 2021 13:26:10
Just weighing in with some info, yes we have definitely spent more than Leeds but smith didn’t inherit a premier league team, from our team starting last years premier league only jack grealish had played in the premier league as a teenager, mings had a few sub appearances for Bournemouth, oh and Tom Heaton, we had invested heavily in the championship but all wasted on flops, Scot hogan being prime example, there were lots of others. after winning promotion we lost 13 players, either ageing players out of contract or younger players going back to parent clubs, we had to spend big but no real big money on single players we bought 11 players for about 120 million. I think both managers have done really well and if MB gets backed in transfer market this year ye will have a very good team next year.

28 Feb 2021 13:41:23
Come on whack don’t let facts get in the way of a good story! We can’t have logic or reasonable debate on this site

Belisa is a god smith plays anti football and even villa fans hate him. who wants be be higher in the table anyway. what does the leauge table even mean in football?

We play pretty stuff so there!

28 Feb 2021 14:02:04
Also whack worth saying Leeds nearly made playoffs under monk then invested in manager and coaching staff as well as some big money singings like Bamford

You paint a picture of villa while we had internationals like Dallas kp, cooper Klich and Pontus so it was not that bad at Leeds as most make out

Yes we slumped under the manager before belisa but it was not a bad picture or set up at Leeds.

28 Feb 2021 15:37:38
Main thing is your making progress, our center backs struggled last year big time but this year they have being great, the experience really stood to them, especially post lockdown we battled hard to stay up, I know guys will argue the ghost goal incident but we had 9 other games and we got results from a lot of them, we were about 8-9 points away from the teams above us with 9 games left, it took a huge effort and but for a freak West Ham deflected last min goal in our final game we would of being safe by 3 points instead of 1. your defence had a lot of injuries this season, once season is over MB will have time to look back at things like the set piece mistakes and work on them like we did during the lock down, hence making ye a better defensive unit next season, ye will recruit more also and that will probably help with the playing players out of position due to injuries, from the outside looking in I think next year will be the defining year for you guys, if he’s still making the same mistakes you will have a valid argument for replacing him, definitely deserves a chance though, to often u see managers not given time to do a job, look at moyes at West Ham a prime example. we are also hoping for a few more players in the summer we’d all love to play the attractive attacking football every week but when your not like city with the abundance of world class talent you have to take each game differently, we played more open against you at VP and we had our chances to score before you guys but we didn’t take them and then you skinned us, most important thing for us yesterday was not to let you do the double over us, you got to play to your strengths and right now our defence is our best strength, we have played lots of attractive football this season scoring lots of goals in games but smith got slated for not changing things when needed to grind our a win, yesterday he changed around a lot in midfield and he’s applauded for it and had 3 points in his pocket going home which is the most important thing at this point for us being so close to European places with games in hand. if your owner is ambitious next year will be massive for Leeds I have no doubt.



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