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24 Feb 2021 12:49:37
Now the most relaxed I have felt all season; And that feels good.

Wish list

1) Bielsa 💜 to sign his new contract please well before the end of the season instead of during the summer.

2) Pablo 💜 to not leave this summer but to see out the final year of his contract in season 2021-2022 and then be given a thoroughly deserved testimonial as the most influential Leeds player of the past 20 years # Legend

3) ( Controversial one) Leeds to move to a new stadium ; I predict it's going to happen as both Radz and Marathe have made considerable noises about it and Marathe was key for the SF49ers in them moving to a brand new stadium

4) After his 10 year plus reign the club to name some part of the stadium after Marcelo Bielsa.

5) The club also to erect a bronze statue of Bielsa outside the stadium in recognition and appreciation. #legacy.

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24 Feb 2021 13:32:14
Sure to name a stand after him or commemorate him in some way but Bielsa will have to do something extraordinary at Leeds Utd to merit a statue at perhaps the future new stadium?
Mind you he’s making great progress.
As far as I know there has been nothing to commemorate the successes of Howard Wilkinson and he has been our most successful manager since the mighty Don.
I do appreciate Bielsa very much, but he will have to deliver a trophy to the club to be recognized as a great manager and with the super elite clubs in the Premiership now, that’s going to be a hard task.
Let’s see.

24 Feb 2021 14:02:42
Good point OP
Howard Wilkinson definitely deserves to be recognised/ commemorated for his successes with two League Champions trophies and a charity shield

Bronze Statue for Wilko also.

24 Feb 2021 14:10:59
Agree if they make a bronze statue of belisa they need to make a bigger gold one of wilko

Also hope Pablo goes he is a god but career is short go somewhere where he will start and still affect the games like he did for us last year. I say this out of respect for Pablo.

24 Feb 2021 14:12:31
Agreed OP he has done an amazing job getting us back in the PL after year's of mediocrity, but winning a major trophy would be worthy of some sort of recognition. We were in a similar situation when Wilko took over and he delivered promotion and the Championship, another brilliant achievement. He was allowed to bring in a lot of top class players though. Who knows, maybe a tribute of some sort to both of them in the future.

24 Feb 2021 15:41:27
Wilko brought well compatively he ain’t spent as much as belisa remember 100 mill is a lot of money

Wilko brought class but didn’t spend that much chapman, fairckough, Strachan, Whyte, all under a mill

Mcallister, lukic a mill dead. Wallace dorigo cantina just over a mill

What wilko did was get the best from every player and got the best results possible. he was unreal in all honesty belisa ain’t fit to sit on Wilkos bucket belisa done ok nothing like wilko though.

24 Feb 2021 16:33:20
Surely Grayson deserves more recognition than he gets? Did a great job when he was in charge.

24 Feb 2021 16:35:39
I think with the differences in player values then and now Wiljo would have spent much, much more. He bought in some real quality that wasn't cheap compared to the value of other players in that era.

24 Feb 2021 17:07:39
Hard one to call 100 million is a lot in one window by any standards but then wilko 1 mill was top end for a player. I wouldn’t like to call it

Agree about Grayson he was amazing and what people forget was he constantly had his teams ripped apart by bates

Had Grayson had rads we would of got back to back promotions . look at the players Grayson was forced to lose due to bates, schilmce beckford becchio howson gradel Delhp Johnson to name a few Grayson was class.

24 Feb 2021 19:14:19
You need to remember Bermo, that football is a very different game from when SGT Wilko was in charge. Money wasn’t a priory for success, nowadays it is.

24 Feb 2021 21:23:55
Dl money has always talked I mean look at Blackburn

After we won the leauge Blackburn won the leauge due to walkers millions by buying everyone they literally brought the title two season after wilko walked the leauge. Same with Utd they were a big powerful club

The amounts change but money has always talked think we just romanticised about the good old days.

24 Feb 2021 22:57:53
Wasn't Lukic and McAllister our 2nd and 3rd million ppund players (after Barnes) . Hardly low spend for the era.

25 Feb 2021 09:13:13
Grayson was building a good side, but was shafted by Bates's transfer policy.

25 Feb 2021 16:35:36
Barns I don’t remember him, was he brought in by wilko?

Wilko brought a lot faighclugh whyte Mac Strachan chapman dorigo lukic Wallace and can ya a thing is they were all great buys and not over market price

Nothing compared to what other teams like Blackburn Liverpool arsenal Man Utd spurs were spending so it was not that much for the time compared to others. Have many teams spent more than 100 million this window?

Both have spent well and both are in line with each other but wilko got us up then 4th then won it. Belisalost in playoffs then got us up and then this season

My point is both spent similar but wilko done hell of a lot better. No manger including the don has ever overachieved like wilko.

25 Feb 2021 17:06:48
Peter Barnes, a decent to quite good winger signed by Allan Clarke for an OTT £930 000 in 1981. He wasn't what we needed as a playmaker and proven goalscorer should have been the priority.



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