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12 Feb 2021 18:22:57
Phil Hay reporting today that Leeds United will spend another Β£100 million on players this summer ( not including player sales) .

Therefore clearly there is no financial pressure at all on Leeds United, Radz, Marathe this summer to sell our best players under long contracts, unless absolutely huge offers of Β£100 million plus for either.

Sell KP or Raphinia this summer? DEFINITELY NOT.

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12 Feb 2021 19:03:43
Baz Needs to be more like Β£175m. George shopping list will cost that much. George wants the following to join:
De Paul

Yes, that looks rather convincing.

12 Feb 2021 19:20:33
Well at least you have got the deposit for Grealish. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Problem is, unfortunately for you, that`s where it ends.

12 Feb 2021 19:35:00
VD Maybe but when B&Q re-open I have it on good authority that they'll be selling diving boards on the cheap so no problem there. Maybe Grealish himself can buy one and deliver to Elland Road before lockdown ends. πŸ˜‚.

12 Feb 2021 20:19:53
You love him really, he is a great player, and you know it.

I am not saying he fault free, I never have, but you should watch some compiled footage of him, and see how much contact is made, you would be surprised, He take some real hard knocks.

I know from surfing and posting on different sites, how much he is liked and praised as a player, and as a human being, so its odd why you guys seem to be on your own on this one.

By the way, our reliable contact is way of Georgie boy, B&Q have have never sold diving boards mate, and why would Bellend Road need a diving board delivered anyway, your words above. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

12 Feb 2021 20:35:58
VD Jack is a very good player, have said many times. However, he's not Leeds material character wise. As for why ER may need a diving board, evidently you slow on the uptake. Your post described an imaginary desire that Leeds would want Grealish. I replied there are much cheaper options such as a diving board. Talking of boards, why not visit your own more often? Are you here more because yours is a dive? See what I did there? Finally, don't call my ground with such an insulting name please. Weird thing for you to do given the worldwide phenomenon which is SOTV.

12 Feb 2021 20:49:33
Good player Dave undoubtedly, good human? Hmm you stretching it just a little too far. Tell that to the hard working people show cars he hit when drunk driving, not his first offence. Making role model speeches online about stay in, protect the nhs, and then going off to meet up with friends.

12 Feb 2021 20:52:47
Vile Dave your 3rd paragraph is absolute bs hilarious deluded make believe nonsense from you 🀣🀣🀣🀣.

12 Feb 2021 20:54:57
How much contact is made. Give it up Dave.
Occassionally he gets what he deserves but that because everyone is sick of his diving with little to no contact.
Blatant cheat. Sad because he has world class skills.

12 Feb 2021 21:55:55
Mezzer, hope you and your wife are back to full fitness mate.
It is well documented, how myself and all Villa fans felt about what he did during lock down, unforgivable for sure.
In fact we were saying the captaincy should be taken of him.

Georgie, I new exactly what you were implying with the diving board, hence my tongue in cheek reply,
And you are right he is not Leeds material character wise, he is a practical joker, and is a life and soul character, well liked as I have said.
Ask your buddies on here not to call me names, my remark is not personal.

Canada, you know absolutely nothing about Grealish, you are totally oblivious to the treatment he gets.
You say cheat, you have the biggest cheat I have ever seen playing for you lot, what is it you call him "BamBam".
It is more dramatic than the famous Rivaldo incident, outrageous behaviour from a professional player. 🀣

Vinegar, not worth a reply.

12 Feb 2021 22:25:28
VD You think Paddy Van Bamigoal was bad? I can raise you an Adryan! At least our personnel are only the occasional cheat on the pitch. πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Š.

12 Feb 2021 22:37:21
Bamford dived once and was punished. He was wrong and rightly penalized. To say he is worse than grealish says a lot about you!
I know this much about grealish, since promotion he has missed 2 PL games as far as I can see. Hardly the sign of a player that gets 'real hard knocks'.
I know he wears shin pads the size of 50p pieces and yet still no injuries, weird that isn't it, those defenders that foul him are very accurate to consistently hit those baby pads.
I also know you say he is praised as a human being. If he is a good example of a human what are those of us who have never driven drunk?
He also could/ should be sent off every game for his foul and abusive language (like many many players - referees are pathetic putting up with it) which is more prevalent in no crowd times and is a disgraceful example to all the kids who look up to him. Real class human is jack.

12 Feb 2021 22:45:27
Vile Dave and your notorious bs.

Why on earth would you expect anyone let alone the vast majority of people , to like, let alone respect, Grealish a serial drunk driver, serial liar, deceiver, diver and cheat?

As for these other banter sites you keep banging on unconvinvingly alleging you frequent, the only banter site that you ever seem to frequent is ( your beloved) Leeds United and oh yes very occasionally your own Vile site 🀣

but hey do feel free to quote your bs claim of other clubs Banter sites, posters names, dates and times who have been 'liking and praising Grealish as a human being ' with you. Good luck!

12 Feb 2021 23:14:20
Thanks Dave I am well and back at work, the missus is taking a bit longer with her recovery but home from hospital and getting better each day. On the grealish debate you would be hard pressed to find any blue nose fan that has time for him, I know he's had lots of terrible things said about him and his family that are totally out of place in a decent society. Unfortunately no excuse for this. As I have said can't argue with his football talent, but his off field antics leave a lot to be desired from a so called role model. The guy doesn't help himself.

12 Feb 2021 23:19:45
Your flagging Georgie. 🀣

CD, I am not on about his diving, I am talking about his antics getting El Ghazi sent of.
Went down like a stack of πŸ’© and nobody touched him, are you for real, did you not see it?
Derby fans also have a beef with him ( Bamford)
I have already explained the driving incident, move on, that`s what I mean with you people, you hang on to things, let it go.

Vinegar, "rants" not worth a reply. 🐍.

13 Feb 2021 05:21:28
Aha Vile Dave your usual kop out 🀣

in other words, you are oh so predictably, unable to provide any facts and details of your bs of other banter sites posters ' liking and praising Grealish as a human being ' with you 🀣.

It says a lot about you Vile Dave as a person that you clearly like and praise Grealish as a human being.

13 Feb 2021 06:25:45
As good a player as he is I don't think Grealish is a Bielsa player. He certainly isn't in Radz type of price range so no way would he ever be a target.

13 Feb 2021 07:45:41
Dave you were the one that come onto a Leeds Utd banter page and brought up the name of Grealish, believe it or not we really don't talk about him all that much, but you decided to bring him up. Let's not beat about the bush, very few rival fans rarely have good things to say about other teams that we don't support apart from the usual well played, or you deserved the win. Football is tribal, and I guess like you I've seen good times and some terrible times following my team. I don't get from your posts that you are a stupid man, but sometimes you only seem to pop up on our page to well, like the wasp nest. All teams have dubious characters and all teams get a lucky break that irks other teams, that's football. You say that a lot of you on the villa site have said Grealish should have been stripped of the captaincy for his indiscretions, well Bamford has had equally a tough ride by Leeds fans, he is probably the one player in our squad that has divided opinion.

We as fans are probably very similar and have the same failings regarding our team, but honestly mate, it does appear you just come on here to take the rip at times . Personally I thank you for your kind words towards myself during my challenge, but I really don't have any love towards your club, so sorry that I not really interested in anything villa.

13 Feb 2021 09:53:35
Grealish is a good player, but totally unsuitable for Leeds United in my opinion.

13 Feb 2021 11:09:05
Thanks for your comments guys, and pleased things are going well Mezzer,
I have constantly been told this is a Banter forum, and should expect what I get.
When I give you a bit of banter, it don`t go down very well, and I am told that`s all I do, come on here to take the rip.
Trust me I feel the same about Leeds, as you do about Villa, period.
Take care.

13 Feb 2021 11:56:06
Well done lads

We won another banter match with that Villa fan

I now have the score at 27-0 but I may have missed a couple of threads when I was busy

I am not durehow you guys feel now but I am thinking we should look to asking the Eds if they can feed in a West Brom or Wolves fan for the remainder of the season. They are not top four bantering supporters but the Eds assure me that they are a couple of leagues above Villa supporters and are top of the Midlands for intelligence and originality

Personally I think we need to push ourselves and look to have more interesting banter with different supporters. This one has gone stale now.

13 Feb 2021 13:51:32
Now you spout up, when all the others are exhausted.
You have won nothing hottub, I have made a point, people have responded with their opinion, but nobody has proved me wrong.
So I would go and take another dip. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

13 Feb 2021 14:09:59
Eds, you told me you were going to increase the banter challenge!

What have we done to deserve this, its like you want us to live in Groundhog day!

Please, please, please up us to Level 2.

Even Level 1.5 will do

C'mon guys, we did as you asked. How about a couple of Tranmere fans. scouse wit but in a manageable small eco package. just acknowledge we did better than still having to beat Villa fans

Its not a big ask.

13 Feb 2021 14:34:34
Lol Axe and spot on about
Vile Dave ( never a more apt name)

13 Feb 2021 14:49:17
Ok, I will not post on this thread if you want, I don`t want to cause you anymore stress, I can see it is getting to you.

Vinegar, no comment.



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