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27 Jan 2021 13:13:44
Some statistics I promised you yesterday.
In reply to B. Verruca yesterday, I agreed I have only seen Villa win one League Championship.
But in that time, I have also seen them win:
9 cups and I charity shield.
See below.

Fan Base 744,486 Thousand
Biggest Gate 57,892 1967
Ground Now 38,000

Champions 3
FA Cup 1
Charity Shield 2
Inter Cities Fairs Cup 2

Fan Base 3,337,609 Million
Bigest Gate 76,588
Ground Now 43,000

Champions 7
FA Cup 7
League Cup 5
European Cup 1
European Super cup 1
Intertoto Cup 1
Charity shield 1

"Well done last night".

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27 Jan 2021 14:49:42
Know one knows how many people support a team
So fanbase is wat?
Something off facebook,
Counting trophies over 80 years ago?
Huddersfield were the 1st team to win 3 consecutive titles
Are they a big club.

27 Jan 2021 15:37:10
Lol 😃🤪Vile Dave touched a raw nerve I see re your laughable earlier suggestion that Leeds supporters are jealous of Vile.

The vast majority of people compare football clubs achievements within their LIFETIME ; they were there to see it, know about it, relive it etc

Vile's 6 leagues and 6 FA cups were won 2 lifetimes ago between 1893 to 1910 ( 110 to 130.years ago ) . Very few if any other fans other than Vile are aware or care mate and neither would they be jealous lol 😃👍🤪.

Seeing as Leeds were not even formed until 1919 it's hardly a fair comparison VD that virtually all of Vile's trophies were won before Leeds were even formed and therefore the vast majority of Vile's trophies are irrelevant in this comparison.

As for social media Facebook likes are you really basing that on supporters? Seriously VD? 😃🤪

So VD in your 60 odd years of supporting Vile you have seen them. win the League once, not even an. FA Cup, 4 league Cups ( which has always been. the least prestigious trophy . these days it is practically worthless ) , an Intertoto Cup 🤪lol ( keep that one quiet if I were you VD) and the old style European. Cup when. in. those days you only had to beat 5 clubs to win it Vile beating mediocre teams Valur, Dynamo Berlin, Dynamo Kiev. and Anderlecht. Leeds beat better teams like Barcelona to get to the European Cup final and their achievements in the Champions League to play 19 games against the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid AC Milan Lazio, Valencia even more impressive in matchplay.

So VD, of the millions of Leeds supporters all over the world not one of them would be in any way jealous of mediocre Vile, how ridiculous of you. 😃.

27 Jan 2021 15:43:40
And wat has current capacity to do with it
Sunderland 49000?
Big club are they.

27 Jan 2021 15:56:49
Apart from a charity shield have ye won anything since 72? I’m only asking cause I’m not sure, both our clubs have a good history but your trophies seem every bit as far back as ours.

27 Jan 2021 16:08:46
Wrong, they use all sorts of stat finders, social media sites, shirt sales, surveys, foreign exports, etc etc, .
Counting trophies is part of a clubs history, and I have seen our club win 9 trophies, not bad to be fair.
So what are you talking about, your team has been in obscurity for 20 years.
And yes Huddersfield were a decent club back in the day.
But don`t try and get of the subject here, this is about your club and my club, and it is blatantly obvious they do not come close to make comparisons.

27 Jan 2021 16:12:18
What apart from the league twice?

27 Jan 2021 16:17:42
Saw them win the FA Cup in 1957 fella.

27 Jan 2021 16:20:38
To be fair Whacky, they did win the 1st Division in 1991/ 92 mate.

27 Jan 2021 16:43:59
Lot of words there Mr Verruca, not very clear at all 🤣.

27 Jan 2021 16:50:13
What like 63 years ago VD . lol.

27 Jan 2021 16:56:24
crikey they’re a gift that keep on giving aren’t they!

I ACTUALLY used to have a soft spot for Villa similar with Everton thought Ron Saunders was a PROPER football manager once met Gary Shaw when on holiday to minorca he was a great bloke Peter Withe proper number Nine

My own recent problems with Villa is that Vile manager of yours who let's be honest most of you wanted out before the Bournemouth matter. For us you’re behaviours culture at your club is the epitome of Smith and Terry.

Freakish is probably in top five best players in EPL today he would not have been embroiled in this drink driving issue under our current Manager.

We all have history good and bad and I appreciate your above us in the league on merit, but if Smith was ever linked with managing our club I honestly would consider a sabbatical.

Many good things about Villa but for Me Dean Smith is an abhorrent individual so is John Terry and consequently anyone connected to or led by those two I wish nothing to do with.

27 Jan 2021 17:00:29
And another villa fan gracing our forum, slow day in Brum guys or just obsessed with all things Leeds! Need to get yourselves out, try a walk around Aston Hall!

27 Jan 2021 17:02:27
They'll be saying there a bigger club because more of there fans are on the leeds banter site.

27 Jan 2021 17:11:30
We are all great blokes 92, but you never gave us a chance.
You said it was banter, but really was it banter, I think not.

27 Jan 2021 17:14:42
Hope you’re doing ok Mezzer I see the Villa fans popped across especially to entertain you.

27 Jan 2021 17:28:54
Quite honestly VD it’s never personal on my part but i’m honest enough to say I truly do not care what you think.

My point was if i met you under a previous Villa Manager like Ron Saunders, Brian Liitle (great player) easily could have shared a beer had a football discussion with you under Smith and Terry you lose all credibility with me.

27 Jan 2021 17:53:35
Bloody hell! If we get many more vile fans on here we’ll have to change the name!

27 Jan 2021 17:57:33
Lol how is it daves fault or any reflection on him as to who our manager is? Ye had a player spit at another player last night but that’s ok I guess as he plays for Leeds.

27 Jan 2021 18:11:07
Thank you for your kind welcome DSW, I don’t think too many of you attended Charm School. 😁
Tell me Class of 92, what ever would you do if John Terry became a future Leeds manager? 🤔.

27 Jan 2021 18:54:04
Cheers class, been a tough week so far mate but I know others have it worse. Days just blurring into one mate but counting days until Sunday when I can get outside. Missus not doing too great unfortunately been taken into hospital. Mad times!

27 Jan 2021 19:03:09
Hey Mark welcome. Leeds fans for the most part get behind the manager whoever it is. If they fail to perform then we ask them politely to leave or get a boot in their behind!

27 Jan 2021 19:27:09
There’s a few on the Villa site with the same problem Mezzer. I wish you and your family a speedy recovery. 👍.

27 Jan 2021 21:19:03
Mezzer, so sorry to hear that mate had two friends who were also admitted, but once in hospital they had great care and support, right meds and both were back home a few days later. Hope things start turning in the right direction for you and your missus very soon.



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