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11 Jan 2021 04:45:29
Berm said in a post of earlier Bielsa couldn't find an answer to English football? He has got us promoted and to 12th in the premier league . We have ground out many results in the championship to win promotion and we have beaten Burnley and West Brom recently with out conceding a goal who played with very English style managers .

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11 Jan 2021 11:02:33
Is that the West Brom that took a point of Klopps team at home, the same team that let in 7 against villa - best start dissecting his style too.

11 Jan 2021 11:07:51
He can’t find an answer to English football

Burnley- they got a perfectly good goal disallowed had that counted like it should who knows

West Brom- big sam been in charge for five minutes so not really his team. They played under slaven billic for ages and in championship played progressive attacking football most of the time

The English game is very European our results against Everton city and Liverpool show we can mix it with the best when playing this European style opposition

We lost to palace and West Ham both of whom do have English style managers And to an extent lesciter although like Utd there style is more European

Don’t confuse location with style. In the championship and now prem. if the opposition want to play football like I Europe we will give them a game and probably win

However even if they have crap players in they play in the old fashioned English way they will beat us

Wigan twice, qpr, Ipswich, millwall number of times, Cardiff under Harris hull. now Crawley the list goes on and on. It is not a fluke it is a pattern that no one can dispute

When a team is physical, sits back, plays for set plays or counters on the break 99 times out of a 100 we struggle and lose. This is not luck it’s because as I said belisa struggles and can’t work out how to beat the proper English game.

11 Jan 2021 11:44:28
Please explain exactly what you mean by the English way berm.

I think the big Sam comparison comes from when he himself called it a “masterclass” you can’t one game claim they played exactly how you’ve taught them and the next blame the previous manager. If he doesn’t get across what he wants early then maybe he needs a better way of explaining it to his players.

Livingstone have won their 1st 8 games under their new manager, is he just reaping the rewards from the manger who left them dead bottom on 6 points? Around 10 points from safety?

If big sam gets relegated does he get a “get out of jail” free card or is it because he wasn’t good enough?

If they end up in Europe come the end of the season, is he the greatest manger ever? You simply can’t have it both ways.

Bielsa came in and Leeds finished around 12th
Season 1 play off
Season 2 champions
Season 3 . looking like safety

Regardless of what style (European / English / South American ) if he progress and the team progress surely it’s the correct way?

If a manger comes in and leaves the team in a far better position than when he started, then for me that is a successful manager.

No manager has a 100% success rate who completes a full season. No mangers style beats every style every game. Otherwise we would all play that style.

I know there is no right or wrong with opinions so I’m not saying anyone is,

I just don’t understand your obsession with managers that simply win nothing.

11 Jan 2021 16:51:31
when I say English football I am mean the football from 60's to mid 90's this was English football before forgein players and managers swamped the game as they do now

charatristics than make up Berm's idea of an English team include one or more of the following

1. sit deep and defend, attacking is secondary to defence
2. no tippy tappy, other teams are broken down by direct football (think wilko, arsenal under graham, Man Utd under fergie)
3, if not good enough for direct attack play hoof ball is the method of attack (think Neil Harris teams)
4. big imposing players and strength is favoured over technique and skill
5. importance is placed on organisation and set plays

if this is an English team it is not up for debate 95% of the time belisa plays one his team suffers. It is not about the leeds 11 or the standard of the opposition. it is quite simply belisa's game plan doesn't suit this type of game

as a result we have lost to a plefera of weaker and very poor teams

opinions is one thing but this is fact. we have done almost every time

progression is progression and leeds have progressed under belisa. however in some areas we have not progressed at all. in some areas we are worse than when belisa arrived.

now I ask the following

1. if we as leeds fans need to respect the progress can we not also question the lack of progress in other areas?
2. for 100 million have we progressed enough
3. is our defending set plays acceptable
4. is the fact we only have one plan acceptabl
5. is it ok that against certain types of teams we will always struggle
6. is it ok that other managers can pick Belisa game plan apart to beat us
7. and most importantly how much more can we progress under this stubborn and narrow minded manager?

as for my obsession with managers that simply win nothing it is very simple and easy for anyone to understand

history remembers the winners. style means nothing. in 90-91 Liverpool played the better football but arsenal won the league despite playing awful football. that is what history remembers

however this said very few can win, even fewer are in a position to win

so I respect those who get the best out of the team they have. If Fulham or West Brom stay up, for me that will be a far better achievement than Liverpool winning the league. due to circumstance. crawly beating us is a bigger achievement that city winning the f. a cup.

I respect those who consistently do better than they should. this is simple

big sam, Wilde, dyce, Mourinho, fergie, wilko, norwich gaffer and old hudds boss, Warnock are all managers that for me have done this over the course of there career

revie won more than wilko but for me revie should of won more than he did, wilko shouldn't of won what he won. so for me wilko did better for leeds than revie did considering the hands they were dealt.



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