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05 Jan 2021 15:50:48
OK I've held back long enough - Miss Carney was a good FEMALE footballer - it is a different game to the mens. The men are faster, stronger, taller etc. In these pc woke times it has become necessary to have ladies football featured on the main BBC sport pages etc - in all honesty most of us don't really care. Miss C has no clue what it is like to play 90 mins of mens soccer. I am ols school ( and hauvanistic ) , mens sport is just better and should be commentated on by men.

Golf, athletics, rugby, soccer etc etc is a much different game at the male level. just read the Guiness book of records!

One exception is of course beach volleyball where we obviously watch the ladies for their skill.

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05 Jan 2021 16:09:35
Agree 100%.

05 Jan 2021 18:38:14
I must be a dinosaur but I just cannot balance an exciting game of football with the high pitched voice of a female commentator. I will just stand up and catch all the accusations thrown by the pc brigade. I try, honestly I do, but it's just not right.

05 Jan 2021 23:56:22
So you are a premier league level player 1970?
If not, you have no idea what it's like to play 90 minutes of men's soccer in the PL either so also shouldn't comment.
The best player I ever came up against was a womans England international. Ran rings around me all day. So good I couldn't even foul her haha.
Being female is irrelevant. All that matters is she talked nonsense!

06 Jan 2021 10:22:48
I agree Canada. there have been 100's of awful and incorrect comments made about Leeds in the last year so I don't think that anyone should be singled out about it because of their sex. Agbonlahor got complaints for what he said and rightly so, as should Karen but comments like 'she should be back in the kitchen are uncalled for and discriminatory and imo shouldn't be used.

06 Jan 2021 12:05:05
The misogynistic insults are completely unnecessary- she wasn't making the mistakes because she is a woman, nor was she because of the standard of football that she played.

Some incredible footballers make for awful pundits, and some awful footballers make for great pundits. There is some overlap in knowledge required, but honestly there is more of a skill overlap between journalism and punditry than football and punditry.

06 Jan 2021 12:27:29
Is it misogynistic to say you don't like female presenters. or are you just expressing you're preferences.

06 Jan 2021 13:18:44
If you are saying it with regards to the female pundits that you have experienced, I wouldn't say that it is misogynistic (although some people would, I think that would be a bad faith interpretation by them) . If it is just the case that you don't think that any woman could be a good pundit, then that would be misogynistic by definition.

06 Jan 2021 13:36:50
Its discriminating based on sex rather than any actual skill stubs. Its not fair to tar everyone with the same brush in terms of a factor that the individual is not in control of. Some women may be brilliant commentators while some men may be awful. You could say that you don't personally like the sound of a high pitched voice on a football commentary but again that could apply to both sexes and could still be considered unfair. I'm comments should be about the content of the commentary and not the sex of the commentator.

06 Jan 2021 18:04:30
There are just some voices that lend gravitas to a commentary and a high pitched female one is not one of them. It is not sexist it is just my preference. If I am labelled mysogonistic then so be it.
Anti this, I am a fan of Tanya Arnold on all matters RL. Also I enjoy listening to Katherine Hannah on Radio Leeds. Having said that I don't know how I would feel of a full match commentary from either.
I am in no way commenting on their experience or knowledge just the octave levels when the game gets exciting.



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