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02 Jan 2021 14:20:48
Bad day at the office, was frustrated but then thinking that majority of players are championship players and doing very well in the premiership.
Our games against these top teams are not to be expected to be won, got to keep doing what we are against bottom teams.
To get to next level of top 8, will need 3-4 players and hope that will come in summer.
Not easy as have 3 main CB's out with makeshift defense, think ailing looks good at CB and struik doing ok, think they let down today by Gk and alioski/ Dallas.
Meslier needs to learn, playing too many tight passes, he will be even better.
Alioski a liability, not good at defending and apart from the last game, never hits the target.
Would like to see a couple of loans in Jan, CB and forward as bamford needs competition, go for origi.

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02 Jan 2021 14:31:06
Thought that was a really good appraisal of the game MW.
Poorest i’ve seen us for sloppy passes but strangely still better than Spurs but with the class of kane and Son you get punished every time.

Luke did well in defence but I thought he misplaced more passes than anyone today.

Both Phillips and Klich got outmuscled today, both look tired and out of touch but Cup is an opportunity to try some different people Pablo looked great and he and Shacks injected much needed energy in our performance don’t think Struick did bad at all. Still 11th and we go again.

02 Jan 2021 14:48:28
Bielsa looked pretty frustrated today, but honestly don't know why, what did he expect. Nothing today surprised me, meslier stupid mistake with his kick straight to a spurs player, klich running on empty, even Paddy looking like his former self.

We have punched above our weight but do deserve to be in the premiership. Let's not get too frustrated, maybe penalty was contact out of the box but big teams like spurs always seem to get the rub of the green.

We are where we are because of hard work but we have a way to go yet. More results like that to come this season unfortunately, can only do so much with this squad.

02 Jan 2021 15:13:52
Mezzer some very good point made, sum it in one.

02 Jan 2021 15:57:57
Shame it was bit of the same old.

I think this talk of overachievement is a bit of an insult to the quailty of our players. We have great players defiantly top ten in streanght if team

We just can’t do the basics no matter how good you are of you can’t defend set plays and are a soft touch at the back

Feel sorry for our keeper he is one of if not the best young keeper in the world, we all know passing ain’t his strong point but insist on putting him under pressure

Hope we adapt style over blaming the players. look at city spent billions but this year not doing as well as they should be due to the basic and unwillingness to defend

The main thing is we beat Brom and Burnley and they are the games we need to win, just a shame we can not adapt and get the best from game management to get the best results this group of players can

We do need a proper left back I love aslikosi but he is not prem left back when up against it.

02 Jan 2021 16:22:21
Berm, agree we haven't over achieved we need to realise that the teams that have beaten us this season are at a better level than us both in terms of finances and quality of playing staff. As you say we have beaten the teams so far we have been expected to be in or around like the Wba, fulham, Sheffield Utd and Burnley's. To be honest we can't really expect more this season than staying up.

02 Jan 2021 17:00:17
Agree other than West Ham and palace who I think are not better than us (and palace are in finitail trouble)

For me it is the way we lose we are too easy to break down and we fail at the basics. What annoys me the most is we have to work hard for every goal we score yet allow the other teams to score with releative ease

We have seen lesser teams can give the big boys a go if they adapt but we don’t even try.

02 Jan 2021 17:23:40
Yes berm, always been the way with us that it takes some much effort and hard work to score only to seemingly give away goals so easily. The liverpool game for instance, if we had not been so sloppy then we could have taken a point. Bielsa seems only able to go gun ho, playing for a point not his way. And to be fair we have mostly enjoyed the ride.

02 Jan 2021 18:20:21
Yeah it is hard to criticise mb style of play but I just wish some commons sense and less stubbornness could come into play. for every game mb wins us he also gets us beat

If only we could keep him as a coach but get another manager for game management! We’d be champs leauge.

02 Jan 2021 18:37:07
Melbourne, we only have 1 loan spot avaliable, can't see it being used but hope I'm wrong
Didnt expect anything today so not too downbeat
Would play Meslier, Struck, Raphinio and Bamford v Crawley, rest the rest from our starting 11,

02 Jan 2021 22:32:50
Cheers rich, then for me be a striker for that loan position. Agree with you about cup game, rest needed.



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