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30 Dec 2020 23:08:14
Berm you do contribute some very valid points at times but I think we’ll agree to disagree when it comes to KP and Bielsa, no coach or player is perfect and that includes them, I rate these two individuals very highly, you take both Bielsa and Kalvin Phillips out of the equation of Leeds Utd and I can say to you without any doubt in my mind, we would still be mid table in the Championship, or lower!
I personally don’t like to knock or criticize any of our players so long as they are honest and do their best for the club and their fans, regardless of their footballing limitations. That includes Cooper and Berra. The natural evolution of the club will decide when the club doesn’t need their services anymore. Meantime we should support them all, like our song Marching on Together, that for me is, Leeds United.

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31 Dec 2020 00:09:11
I agree with the sentiment and it is very much a south London thing. when you wear my teams shirt and represent my team I will judge you. play well I will idolise you, play poorly I will slag you off. As professionals plaid to play football it is part of the teratory just like with my job (and I get judged the same way)

Belisa has his great points but the way he is idolised for me is ott same with Phillips

Belisa fine good job but still a lot wrong and for me he is not in top three managers in the world.

Same with Phillips he should be knowhere near England team

Both have great points but both have great flaws. That said I got great pleasure out of our two wins with no goals conceded from set plays espically the scrappy win at burley

I got great joy from Phillips display in that game which was with ayling motm performance

I want Leeds to do well but I’m not from Yorkshire I’m from outside the bubble and see things differently

I pray next time we play a fast counter attacking team Phillips don’t get roasted and cost us goals. I hate us cocerdeing goals but I think it will happen

Maybe I do focus on the negatives but that is my nature I also love it when it goes right.

31 Dec 2020 08:18:54
Who are the top 3 managers in the world and realistically do you think Leeds would be able to attract them?

31 Dec 2020 11:42:02
Berm, you keep using the "outside the Yorkshire bubble so I see things differently".

Here is some news for you. I too am outside the Yorkshire bubble, yet I do think like a lot of the "Yorkshire bubble" People.
In fact I was born in Lancashire which should make me anti-Yorkshire, but it doesn't
I lived in Merseyside during the successful Liverpool era.
I lived in South Manchester during the successful Man Utd era.
By all reasoning I should have not been a Leeds fan but I am, and proud. And surprise surprise I love Bielsa and what he has done for my club. I love that a kid from the academy has made it all the way to an England cap whilst staying with us. I loved it when Smith and Robinson did the same but they were already PL players. Phillips has done it from the Championship.
You can slag them off as much as you like but don't get all "Carney" about it and believe that no one is entitled to challenge your myopic views.

Not sure the vast majority of posters on her have said that Bielsa is one of the top 3 managers in the world, but here you go again using it as some controversy to stir up the site. A typical day in your office.
Mind you I think there is a panel out there who do and many of them voted for Bielsa to be in that position. Mind you, what do they know, they will all have been born in Yorkshire according to your rhetoric.

31 Dec 2020 12:05:53
'Dont get all Carney about it' lol.

31 Dec 2020 13:24:06
Alf top three managers is hard ask I would instead say managers who have punched above there weight, managers who have took small teams and overachieved, managers who have learnt from there mistakes,

For me dyce, Wilde and Wagner are three who stand out for me for fitting that criteria and in our history wilko is the only manger I can think of who overachieved. Belisa has got us playing the best football ever but with huge flaws, conisitant results against certain teams that are poor (against the likes of Wigan for example) and I have seen the same problems over again. In my head we are a top ten team so we would have to finish 6th or higher for me to say overachieved like when wilko finished 4th then 1st.

As for the bubble fair enough Alex you are outside of it, but you still have that sentiment that I don’t have. I loved Robinson, Delph and cook from the academy because they was good. I always thought smith and Phillips are over rated. I also don’t have the gate when they sign for Man Utd, it simply done any bother me. I don’t dislike Rio I think he was one of our greatest defenders ever while smith was below average player

I don’t get karney about it, have your views, what I hate is like with you it gets personal and people say don’t take it personal. it is personal which is fine but call it what is it

I also don’t mind debate but I hate it when I am constantly taken out of context. I hate when I am right I get shouted down and when I am wrong I get ridiculed

Let’s be honest my views on both Phillips and belisa are 100% fair and pretty accurate

Belisa teams play great football, he is one of the best coaches in the world, the style and how he improved the players is world class.

However as a manager he is deeply flawed, at championship we was constantly unable to work our how to beat the rubbish yet physical teams who dat back. Everyone else beat them hence they was near bottom of league yet they consistently beat us

He is also easy to predict therefore some prem managers work him out. Palace, lesctier, Man Utd and even Fulham after Scott Parker’s sub worked out how to hit our soft belly and put a large number of goals past us

I think my last two paragraphs are very insightful and accurate but the out of context misquoting etc got me a lot of stick than is fair

Phillips the same, world class at passing a ball his vision is second to none. If like Everton you let him play he will rip you to bits. He was also great against burley sitting back so you couldn’t get behind him

On the flip side his lack of pace with poor positioning makes him our weak point against certain teams. Look at the Man Utd game he was at fault for all the goals. I have put an in-depth critic on where his lack of pace and positioning has cost us. again this is all fair accurate and insightful but it is taken out of context or misquoted

So now Alex using just what is above do you think what I have said is fair. if not debate that’s fine I’m not karney if you take out of context I will get dicked off which I think is fair.

31 Dec 2020 14:45:59
Berm, your views on Philips and Bielsa are far from 100% fair and accurate unless 100% of people agree with you. One day both will probably be gone from Leeds and many of us may change our view maybe not, fans of a club are fairly fickle. No player or manager, coach or person is without fault, even the very best. Me personally I don't rate Tyler Roberts but will defend him while he pulls on a Leeds shirt, far from continually banging on about their faults because they will have bad games, doesn't prove you right. Maybe says more about you that you need to be right, sadly you spouted off about KP never playing for England and something about a Tattoo, you were wrong and the tat never happened. I have no real issue with you pal other than it seems you would rather be proved right to the detriment of our club, me personally I am usually happy to be proved wrong if it means Leeds do well. Cheer up fella, the club is doing ok, and happy New year.

31 Dec 2020 15:02:53
Good post Mezzer.

31 Dec 2020 15:22:34
Bit harsh Mezzer posted on here when we went up how delighted I was to be wrong, was first to post on this site that Phillips was amazing against burley and how impressed I was with him in that game and against Everton so I am very vocal when I think I’m right I’m equally vocal and delighted when wrong that’s my point. some on here as you just proved only seem to notice half my posts. you are happy to jump on me at certain points yet ignore others. you just proved that

On your point you don’t think I’m 100% right in my post above. please in any form of detail tell me where I am wrong in my assement of belisa and or Phillips? Happy to debate . it is one thing saying I’m wrong it is quite another saying how I am wrong. yet another thing that annoys me and rightly so I would say

I put my opinions on here but always back them up so rather than saying I’m wrong tell me how?

31 Dec 2020 16:58:42
Bermo, you ask for me to debate but then in the same post you go back to the "I am 100% right" yet again

Its not worth the effort typing when that's the initial stance you cone from.

I have no idea who you are so I am not sure what your definition of "personal" is. As in personal attack. I have read your views and find myself 180 degree in contrast, with my own views and am willing to text my views on here too. If that's a personal attack then so be it, and welcome to a world less snowflaky.

You don't rate Phillips, whoopee do. Your in a minority on here. I didn't much rate Lukic, seeing Martyn as a far superior version of a goalkeeper, but I can imagine there are other posters with their own views. Not once will I say my view on Martyn is 100% the right one. I don't live for the feedback from controversial posts.

31 Dec 2020 17:48:11
Axe you comment on Bermondsey twsisted narrative was personal and can not be seen as anything else that is fine but stand by it and calm it what it is

As for debate yes I think I’m 100% right so educate me tell me where I am wrong as said I’m goby ion here but I do listen and willing to say when wrong

As for lukic I agree matyn was by far the better keeper but lukic was my boyhood hero but I do agree with you and see your point.

31 Dec 2020 18:13:30
Bermo, thank you for that last point. Appreciate it

I definitely understand the boyhood hero rose tinted glasses as mine is Tony Currie. Didn't stay long but he was the first one I really watched once I had got in to football. I still had Peter Lorimer, Eddie Gray and Paul Madeley to idolise but TC was my hero

We can challenge each others views in the New Year but for now Happy New Year.

31 Dec 2020 19:42:40
Happy new year mate and to all others Tony currie was my step dads hero sadly I haven’t seen much of him but my all time favs are gray whoninthinkbwas every bit as good as best on his day and Lorimer would be my all time greatest over bremner just

Happy new year mate.

31 Dec 2020 20:20:15
See VillaDave, me and Bermo have totally different view points, we can bang on at each other all year, but at the end of the day we know there is respect and banter is just that. banter

If you come on to our site you have to deal with our hard banter

See you all next year guys.

31 Dec 2020 20:24:36
Berm, on this site you have previously called KP, Carp and Pony. Also said he would never make the England team, something you were proved wrong on. But hey you say you are 100% right, to me this doesn't prove anything other than its just your opinion .

31 Dec 2020 21:59:31
Happy New Year Mezzer, we are all just opinions mucka, thank god we are not all the same one. That would be no fun.



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