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30 Dec 2020 06:26:23
Didn't see fat Sam smile all game? No class. You'd think when being taught how to play football you should show some appreciation. Miserable git.
How good were we 👍
But they were absolutely woeful. Worst team I've seen this year.
Hats off to the team tonight.
Great defending against burnley and wba after the manc game. Showed real character in both last two games.
So much good to admire.
Individuals. Aliosk Ralph Phillips struik harrison Dallas and Rodrigo.
Thought goalkeeper looked better catching the ball but still loses his head with punches and passes sometimes.
Good to see other players chipping in with goals and well taken good goals.
Does Bamford need dropping. Bit of a dry spell for him.
The versatility of the players is amazing. On more than a few occasions I thought why as he doing there only to see another player had automatically covered. Players roaming all over the pitch hard to play against.
Fantastic points tally so far.
Be a good measure against Spurs. Need to be tight. Son worries me.
I must admit I didn't really relax until the fourth goal tonight.
Does anybody know what biesla said to mc il Roy at the end.
Finally. Ha ha ha ha ha ha big Sam. I don't think your team like you like most of us. They really didn't even try tonight. Top manager.
Are one finger emojis allowed ed?

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30 Dec 2020 08:21:10
Dry spell of one game for Bamford. Serious.

30 Dec 2020 08:33:16
Aus Sammy Lee at the end, not the person you mentioned.

30 Dec 2020 09:14:47
Re Sammy Lee Aus, He spent 3 years playing in Spain so maybe Bielsa came across him then! Would be funny if he thought he was the manager 😂.

30 Dec 2020 10:07:31
You bit Alf lol.
Thanks George for the correction. They look the same.

30 Dec 2020 10:18:04
Nah Dsw, he shook hands with big ham 1st, I think Lee impressed with his constant coaching throughout game on touchline,

30 Dec 2020 11:22:18
leeds have conceded 3 or more goals on a large number of occasions this season, in a number of games we have been carved open and looked both hopeless and gutless. yes belisa is god and the greatest manager ever

belisa been at club three years, mostly his players, spent over 100 million

big sam loses one game after a great point in what must of been a exhausting game at liverpool

sam been there less than 14 days, with a sub standard squad who has spent very little

yet big sam is useless, should retire and has no place in footballl

if you lot can not see the how dumb, narrow minded and stupid these comments are then there is no point even trying to debate anything with you lot

for the record I am delighted that we went two games against big organised teams and kept two clean sheets, our defending of corners is sunday league standard however last two games we have been organised and defended well (partly because the manager couldn't pick Cooper like he wanted to so there is an element of luck over judgement in this) but still last two games I have been delighted

but some of the comments on my views, big sam and football in general and quite frankly in poor taste and so biased it is a joke

and I twist things to my narrative. yeah right.

30 Dec 2020 11:57:17
Bermo, me finks it's not a PERSONAL thing, it's the thought that people like Allardyce, Pardew, Warnock, Pulis, etc some people reckon they still have a place in modern day football

Just like the football shirts from early 90,s the 1,s you could use for cover in glastonbury 😂😂 . Well they are finished with . The park the bus, hoof the ball is mind numbingly boring and no supporter wants their club to adopt that style of play

Don't be reading others comment on a personal front, well certainly not mine anyway .

People are commenting on opinions here, yes we all have / entitled to 1, so that's why we all love this group because if we all agreed it would be boring and no point putting up counter view points

Bermo you are 1 of the main posters on here so we need lads like you to lost regularly to keep the interest alive

Cheer up pal, Leeds are doing ok and that's 1 view we all share on here, ALAW 💪👍.

30 Dec 2020 12:22:41
He took praise for Liverpool draw. Immediate effect and all that crap. So. Guess what. Got found out in game two.
My opinion. Don’t like him. He is a pig ignorant and talentless.
Don’t care what you think bermo. Just like you don’t care what I think.
Both still able to air our opinion though.

30 Dec 2020 12:58:29
Berm why are posters opinions biased or in bad taste perhaps connected with Sam Allardyce? There’s nothing meant personal to you. There are no footballing oracles here, no who is right or wrong. Just people with their own personal opinions about football. Except Whackaday and VD, but a the end of the day who’s to say they are wrong. So long as folks don’t get judgmental and personal in a nasty way then for me it’s fine.

30 Dec 2020 13:41:53
Mr Bielsa know s is onions better work rate is everything and WBA couldn't keep up can you imagine next season with 4 more quality players in all working hard tho it's only way with the boss man onto spurs big MOT boys and all the best.

30 Dec 2020 13:38:52
Maybe find it hard not to take some of it person

I. e let’s see how Bermo twist this to his personal narrative.

My personal view is football will never change and they still have a place

Let’s be honest the biggest flop this year is city. they have underachieved more than anyone

Wilde has done amazing for three years, Burnley do well year after year. Big sam is in a hard place but let’s see what he does

I think it is football snobbery, if pep was Pulis he would of been sacked this year for job at city this year but we can’t slate pep. Belisa top three managers in the world according to experts yet Wilde did wonders last year and got nothing

Everyone entitled to view but personally I hate the snobbery results are results and I love that old way,

That said last two games have been perfect for me because we got the basic rights then I appreciate our amazing style

Next step is not getting ripped apart by quick counter teams. If we do well again spurs it will be another huge step in the right direction.

30 Dec 2020 14:48:44

I said the comment about "your personal narrative" and I stand by it. If you find it hard to take comments from other posters then maybe you shouldn't be so quick to give us all your "told you so" garbage when we lose, and perish the thought, lose badly.

Got news for you, most posters on here know we are going to lose games in the PL, and not one of us claims to be an oracle.

Also some more news, we all see the game differently even when watching the same television picture. So you telling us all how crap an individual is just isn't relevant to most of us. We don't see the game like you do.

I am loving the fact that your now saying Leeds are doing well when only 2 weeks ago you were the rally call for Biesla's style of football won't work in the PL.

Its almost as if you can't ever just say something positive, there is a need in you to also give a controversial comment so any feedback shows your posts are being read. Be satisfied in the knowledge I do read all your posts as do most others. The non-controversial bits are insightful.

30 Dec 2020 18:03:29
Of course we will lose, everyone knows that

My problem with belisa is losing the same way and having the same problems. My biggest question is . as a stubborn man will he learn and apadt

For three years he has picked cooper. who ain’t good enough, after three years we still defend set plays like a Sunday league team, after three years will still struggle against teams who sit back and against teams who counter. After his whole career burn out with small squad still seems a problem. For all his greatness comes huge problems also

I don’t mind losing to Leicester Man Utd etc although palace loss hurt. what I mind is the silly set plays, and conceding four plus goals with such ease against any team with pace

So the loss I can take but when I know how we will lose before kick off and it happens I get very angry. This is then compounded when everyone acts like belisa is a god and anyone who raises any questions of comments Is treated like an idiot. which I am many things but an idiot is not one of them

That said last two games have been blinding. I have been first to say that. Our victory against burley impressed me more than the wins against villa or Newcastle due to the nature of it. we beat one of our biggest problems. set plays. Some jump on my comments yet ignore my other comments which is what mps do and it does my nut in

So very impressed with last two games. we start defending set plays like Sunday league team I will moan again . if we play spurs and they cut through us like hot knife through butter with kp being left for dust and out of place of goals I will moan again

I don’t mind losing but nature of it will get me angry. so belisa don’t make me right. I’d love nothing more than to say I was wrong like in last two games.

30 Dec 2020 18:24:14
Football as they say is a game of opinions. if people say that big Sam is useless, then they should be labelled dumb, narrow minded and stupid. But if you should say Leeds player Kelvin Philips is useless then we'll you are the orifice, sorry oricle.

30 Dec 2020 20:16:27
I say Phillips is amazing at passing, his vision and execution of a long pass is devinistating and second to none other than maybe de Byrne

I also say his positioning is often off, I say his chronic lack of pace costs us goals

Now sorry but I am 100% right

Against Everton he showed his class of like Everton you let him play he will rip you apart

However against Fulham and Man Utd ect he also proved me right against Fulham he was at fault for two goals against Man Utd you could say he was at fault for all four goals., due to lack of pace

So to say useless is dumb. to say what I have said for years is hard today anything other than spot on and insightful.

30 Dec 2020 20:36:13
Bermo, I also agree with your Liam comment he's definitely the weak link now, sentiment needs to be set aside now, and on current trajectory Liam could find himself CH num 4 soon, because with game time pascal hopefully will grow into a reliable option for us .

That being said luke's done a stellar job this season everywhere he's has been asked, he's my player of season so far, love luke and his no frills crap, a solid player and seemingly a top man to boot .

30 Dec 2020 21:03:32
Could not agree more, Luke is my favourite Leeds player by a mile love everything about him. plus he looks like a girl I went to school with.



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