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28 Dec 2020 20:58:53
No need to address this.
Don`t you people ever give up, and no I am not taking the bait fella`s, I am responding as anyone would do, to continuous petulance.
That incident with the goal was 2 years ago, and your player got a fellow professional sent of behaving like child as a result, something I might add that is looked down on within the game,
its gone, its done with, its all over, let it rest.
And I gloss it over because people on here are incapable of discussing anything in a sensible way, I know all too well people, I have tried several times.
I think you lot should get back to the roses incident that happened hundreds of years ago, it is more up your street, then you can carry on living in the past bearing grudges, I hope you enjoy it.
I do admit there are 2 or 3 decent posters on here, but the rest of you are just not worth the effort, its is the same old, same old, it has become really tiring, a bit like tooth ache.
To be honest, I think you all know how repetitive you are, but like getting up in the morning, its hard to change habitual behaviour, you must learn to give and take, and not be so hateful.
Read the last three months posts and you will see exactly what I mean.
So if possible, you carry on and enjoy your lives.

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28 Dec 2020 21:20:23
And again - REALLY Dave you must try harder.

28 Dec 2020 21:45:32
Yet another Hilarious' groundhog day ' and 'deja vu' post from VD 😃😃😃 you must have posted this sort of post 7 or 8 times now VD

and yet you keep coming back for more VD!

# VD : more comebacks than the Spice Girls 😃😃🎶🎤.

28 Dec 2020 22:03:27
Oh no VD, not another fond farewell?

It is a banter Site after all, at such a difficult time my thoughts go back to those wonderful humbling words expressed by your Manager Mr Smith, when asked did he feel guilty at Bournemouth’s relegation, which was rightfully Villa’s, it still seems most appropriate for today;

“We just have to accept it and move on, there’s nothing else we can do. ”.

28 Dec 2020 22:20:26
VD you seriously complaining about Bamford pretending to be fouled when you have a multiple Oscar winner?
Remember he got banned for that, but jack the drunk driver doesnt.
Go back and have arguments on the vile site like you do often.
We all know you'll be back and you've leftv3 times already.

28 Dec 2020 22:25:03
VilDav "Roses incident". Is that what they're calling an unprovoked surprise attack resulting in mass genocide now? An incident. Hate is a bad thing grant you that as is retribution but downgrading the label in history like that is just wrong by a massive factor. Also suggest have bit more thought for the dead. Long time ago but it still happened.

28 Dec 2020 23:45:55
🤣😂🤣😂 David your obvious need for attention is rather funny. Nobody asked you to be here so why make out that your presence is in some way doing us all a favour? If you don't like it then clear off. Alternatively contribute and take the banter like you so often say you can. If you like histrionics so much isn't there a drama site you can join?

29 Dec 2020 00:07:03
Dave I don’t know why u let these guys bother u so much they will try winde us up any chance they get as will we to them that’s the whole point of banter, what I’d like to point out is the league table 😂 6 points ahead of these jokers with a game in hand when only a few months ago they were discussing us getting relegated and them finishing in European places😂😂😂 now they are here debating whether or not they will be in the relegation battle and trying to figure out if there are 3 worse teams than them in this league, it’s all so funny and ironic to be honest. almost as ironic as them talking about integrity when Marcelo spent his career spying on opposition teams training to try get the upper hand, easy have integrity with a short memory😂😂.

29 Dec 2020 05:41:37
Got to sort out the freezer department of my fridge, think I’ve got about 4 packets of frozen peas in there.

29 Dec 2020 07:00:47
Whackattack see your just the same as us, your first season back you were at the bottom only just saving your skin, this is our first season back for 16 years so it’s going to take time, please don’t post trying to start a war because quite frankly you will lose, look at home mate, As for Dave don’t let a couple of mindless idiots stop you posting how you see it it’s your point not everyone will agree but that’s how it goes bantering,

29 Dec 2020 10:01:10
See, I told you Aston Vanilla. Boring club, boring fans, boring banter site. That's why they're coming on ours. 😢 So sad!

29 Dec 2020 10:08:57
Either that or the other posters on the Villa site are as bored of whackaday and David as we are and have sent them here so they don't have to read their dull 'insights'

29 Dec 2020 10:57:19
Roses incident? Is he on about Danny rise who was on page seven of the sun last week?

Whack you are doing well and yes we may be playing in a way that gives few of us the jitters but just you and vd or the last goodbye as I know him being here proves our point. We are a proper club who even other fans flock to a banter page. how many Leeds on villas none because you don’t matter

I really like smith and respect what he has done I also love grealish. Over the years I have liked villa and gold them no Malace now (although the disallowed goal then 180 turn when hawk eye failed was classless) but despite all this one thing remains. you will never be a proper club with proper fans from a proper city . you will just be an ok club with fans with a funny accent.

29 Dec 2020 11:06:04
“As I thought I was out, they pulled me back in. ” Villa Dave Leeds United forum, multiple times in 2020.

29 Dec 2020 14:32:14
If you think villa don’t matter why was there a full thread discussing us and go ask Liverpool arsenal wolves Leicester Chelsea if we matter, all the big six or 7 clubs of the past few seasons whom we took points from, how many have ye beaten this season, it’s true ye are like us last year first year up I fully expect ye to stay up and build on what ye have, I quiet enjoy Leeds being in the premier league and I come here for the bit of banter to and fro I’m a bit more thick skinned than Dave I rather give it back than get upset, I visit all the other teams pages as we play them for the banter (except West Brom as their page was so abandoned that they hadn’t a comment for months and it was about a player transfer not involving West Brom 😂😂) but this is the only page we get such a reception so I get drawn back every now and then for some fun and giggles, best of luck today I hope ye trash them good and proper👊.



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