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27 Dec 2020 22:02:02
Almost the perfect day for us in terms of results, increased the cushion on 7 of the 8 teams below us.
WBA will be up for it after today's result on Tuesday but another 3 and we will be looking good.

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27 Dec 2020 23:00:45
Plus we closed on Liverpool by 2 points so the title is still on.

28 Dec 2020 00:50:11
Rubbish big sam got a point at Liverpool now who would rate him as a gaffer hey?

{Ed001's Note - and yet you say winning things is all that matters. What has he won?}

28 Dec 2020 01:03:10
Good point Alf!

28 Dec 2020 07:14:36
Ed001 Didn't he win the 3rd Division title in late 90s with Notts County? This is the type of football Berm appreciates.

{Ed001's Note - maybe, good point, I had forgotten lower league dross is more important than top flight Argentinian titles apparently.}

28 Dec 2020 08:45:17
Ed I do say winning is all that matters however of course only one team can win each thing each year so outside of winning the other way to earn my personal respect it to over achieve and perform the best you can

When you look over big sams career I would say you can constantly overachieved with the clubs he had. Dyce done the same Eddie Howe at bornemoutg also had a good go recently.

Chris Wilde did amazing job at Sheff Utd, Daivd Wagner at hudds and the bloke who got I think Wycombe promoted with no money and only 8 players at start o the season all have my personal respect for what’s worth

Winners are all that history books remember glory is all that can be truely celebrated however of course personal glory can be taken in overachieving. don’t you agree Ed or is this also ignorant.

{Ed001's Note - oh for heaven's sake, Allardyce has spent huge money (comparatively) everywhere he has gone. Just watch how West Brom, who were selling players out from under Bilic, will suddenly find a transfer budget for the Scammer.

You say overachievement earns your respect, but you show none for a man that constantly overachieves in Bielsa. Clearly nonsense from you. You just have an agenda and you only see what suits you.}

28 Dec 2020 08:54:37
Not sure who was bigger favourites when they both won what they won but yes in theory winning a 3rd division title with a outsider would be a bigger achievement than winning a bigger league with a favourite team in my opinion not saying that’s the case here as no idea but for example hudds getting to prem is bigger acivevement than pep winning prem with city due to the players at the club and finances involved of course the glory goes to pep . winning is all that matters but respect can lie with the underdog. it’s why some still love the fa cup.

28 Dec 2020 09:38:03
big sam has spent big money where ever he has gone?

I can't be sure but I find that hard to believe.

so you are saying bolton spent big money comparatively. so compared to other teams in champs league

and you are saying that West Brom will spend big this summer comparatively compared to all the other prem teams. I find that hard to believe. leeds spent 100million. I don't think West Brom will be spending that with big sam in the seat

as for belisa. no I don't think he has over acieheved anywhere he has been. glad to be enlightened in this as honestly I am not sure. but from what I have read his teams play nice stuff but win nothing outside of Argentina league. although when with Argentina they flopped under him despite being favourites for the torulements (I don't count Olympics as proper football but admit this is a biased of mine and maybe harsh on the competition)

{Ed001's Note - Bolton weren't in the Champions League. But they spent so heavily that after he went they ended up in financial trouble. So yes they spent comparatively big money. You clearly do not understand what I meant by comparatively, I am talking about compared to their usual spending means. Every club he has been at, including Everton, spent more than they usually do.

Athletic Bilbao - check their record around the time before Bielsa and now since Bielsa, then look at where he had them. His Chile team massively overperformed and he built the team into a position where they could win things. Before him, they had a couple of great players but they could never achieve anything because they had nothing else. He coached their team into being competitive. Alexis Sanchez was transformed by working with him. I am not even going to get into the Argentina stuff as I don't know anything about what he was working with or what conditions he was working under, just like you, but I am not going to judge someone out of ignorance.}

28 Dec 2020 10:12:14
not champ league I meant prem

when I say comparatively I mean in terms of the league they are in

bolton were small fry compared to other prem teams in terms of spend yet punched above their weight. all of my points are based on this. punching above their weight, I massively respect this and think big sam on the whole punches above his weight

thanks for the info on Chile and bilbao I didn't knew too much about them other than bilbao massively imploded under him but this was just reading the headlines

I know quite abit about belisa's Argentina. in a nut shell. they massively under performed. many got behind the hype of belisa and the players he had (including me as I back them in a few bets) and they were very disappointing

you say unlike me you don't judge people out of ignorance. yet I will be honest I personally feel you have judged me out of ignorance. you jump on my post from a great height. and when I post a great reply with outside data and links to back it up you seem to not post it (other posts I made later have been put up yet I can't find the older post? )

{Ed001's Note - why were Bolton small fry? They spent a decent amount of money for the time, or do you think Jay-Jay Okocha was there because he wanted to play for Allardyce? He was there because the wages were huge. Bolton were paying unsustainable amounts of money, more than most of their rivals at the time were willing to spend. He does exactly what Ridsdale did with Leeds, spent the club's future on keeping them competitive in the present. Particularly on the wage bill.

I will guarantee you know very little about Argentina, you can tell by the way you talk. You know nothing of the background, the pressure, the way players behaved etc as you have not mentioned anything other than they were hyped. So that suggests you are going on nothing, just the hype. There is a reason why Argentina have won nothing since Maradona's time, even since Bielsa with Messi. They simply are a mess of a nation. I blame the Welsh personally, as they have a large Welsh population there, including some members of my family (very distant relatives I would like to point out, well you don't get much more distant than Argentina do you?). They will struggle to ever achieve their potential as things stand. It is a shame as they have some great players but they have been unable to bring themselves together as a team.

As for outside links, those posts will have gone into the spam filter and that is Ed33 who checks that, so nothing to do with me. I have told you this before, but you would rather cry about how I am doing you down than actually take the time to ask if there is a problem.}

28 Dec 2020 11:55:03
Bielsa took Bilbao to the finals of the Spanish and UEFA cups - surely that is overachivement? Newells Old Boys have won the league 6 times in their history, twice under Bielsa when he delivered back to back titles. Velez Sarsfield won the league under Bielsa also. They have a richer history being 10 times winners but surely that proves with the right team Bielsa can deliver as well as anyone?

28 Dec 2020 12:53:30
Don’t forget Big Sams 100% win record as England manager! . oh yeah. was just the one game!
Then he got greedy!



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