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21 Dec 2020 06:27:20
Yesterday showed a couple of things of note. The first was that they had far better attackers than we had (makeshift defenders. Time to judge is when we have a settled back four and I am including the addition of a left back. Secondly that Bielsa will not waver from his plan A. If it does not work then it is not the fault of the Plan, it was merely executed wrongly? To a certain extent he is right, in that our attacks were building nicely to give them problems however our passing, at times, was woeful, allowing ManU to immediately counter attack, at pace, and threaten our undermanned, patched up, defence.
My worry now is that this has now shown every other manager the key to beating Leeds and Plan A. It starts with hard running and getting one or two dummy runners to pull away the man markers. Creating great gaps, there to exploit. We cannot rely on scoring one more than the opposition especially when you have a non clinical leader of the line.
Still, early days in our development and, as I say, we had 2 bob for transfers they have millions.

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21 Dec 2020 08:08:24
So assuming Leeds stay up and therefore with further investment / further recruitment of say another 4 better first team players next summer the question is :

Would you prefer another Coach next season or Bielsa and his plan A?

I expect the vast majority would understandably choose Bielsa.

21 Dec 2020 08:17:08
Bielsa all day long for. me baz.

21 Dec 2020 08:45:00
I love Bielsa and everything he has brought to our club and he should have this season of premiership football to show us what he can do in the top league over the whole season.

But. he has to take the vast majority of the playing staff with him or his high intensity enormous commitment style won’t work. With the Hernández and Costa stories coupled with a few really disjointed performances, there are a few creaks. At the end of the day Radz will make the call if needed before season end and in the summer down to Bielsa as well.

For me next two games are crucial to show some determination to come back from that and show the team spirit.

21 Dec 2020 10:13:38
all posts above are very inttelentgent and make a lot of sense (as normal)

however I want to raise a couple of questions

I don't think it is clear cut as they have better attacker than us. Of course they have class attackers but their attackers all had more time and space to hurt us. this makes a huge difference. I think had we had there attackers and they had our defence and midfield we would of won

regarding belisa style and not having the players to execute this. if this is the case belisa has to adapt only a idiot or mad man would try and plan without the tools to carry it off, like trying to cut down a tree with a flip flop

personally I don't think the players are to blame I think the plan, the style, the one diamension of it. the lot. I blame belisa 100% if they players aren't good enough he has to change and if the players are good enough he has to change it. for me there is no logical way belisa can walk away from this not being at fault and at blame

all the pretty football fluff is nice if you like that kind of thing. getting spanked and having a joke of a defence is not acceptable so unless we have 1 billion to spend on players (even then it don't work look at Man City) or belisa has to change or leave.

21 Dec 2020 10:35:41
Somewhere in the middle lies the path of enlightenment, grasshopper. I would stick with Bielsa but also look to experiment. A big ask I know, but if the U23s are drilled in Plan A then only a small leap for mankind. Without throwing cash at the problem then certainly there are holes that need patches. One such is LB but whether that is adressed in Jan or summer no one knows. I still believe a quality CB loan is a must in January. What we cannot do is rush back Llorente/ Koch this, in the long term, could have serious repercussions.

21 Dec 2020 10:37:41
We don’t have a defense!
The problem is some of the players are simply not good enough for the Premier league especially with the system we play. In our build up play if we have too many misplaced places we will be under a lot of pressure on the counter attack as was proved yesterday. Those passes MUST be more consistently accurate for it to work.

21 Dec 2020 11:49:54
We are missing both our CD due to injury, take any prem with the exception of Liverpool and remove there 2 CD, ville without mings and hause, spurs without dier and toby, even man u without Maguire and linde off, scumhampton as well, the list is endless, yes I don't like to lose 6 2, but the makeshift defence is all we can do,
Bielsa 4ever IMO.

21 Dec 2020 12:07:32
We bought 2 defenders knowing we would need a better defence for this league and they are both injured. Other than recruit more or less injury prone players what do you expect? Man U would destroy most Championship defences let alone those without any defenders.

21 Dec 2020 12:21:26
I think Bielsa is still the answer however he is still trying to do it with predominantly a Championship team.
We have players who in my opinion are playing above themselves and its starting to show.
Meslier - Will only get better, stick with him for his confidence. He seems to have one terrible pass in him a game but his shot stopping is one of the best in the league.
Koch, Llorente - When fit could be our Prem partnership for many years.
Cooper and Alioski are superb people and works so hard but sadly not good enough at this level as regulars - Good cover
Ayling and Bamford - Surprised me by their ability to step up and have done the job asked - Cannot critisise Ayling on CB role
Harrison, Rodrigo, Raphina Dallas, Shackleton Klich (although tired) happy with
Hernandez - Would struggle to play 90 minutes but good impact.
Costa - Showing why Wolves let him go - We have better.
Need CB cover maybe loan. LB and CF cover


21 Dec 2020 15:10:47
Cambridge, said all along we should of bought Harrison then used the Citeh loan for Stones, also said Sessignon on loan to cover Lb, Welbeck was a free transfer, comes of the bench to score,
But we have wat we have, heard WBA want Jones on loan in Jan?

21 Dec 2020 18:24:59
lodis has it spot on middle ground is the path of enlightenment. I agree with this. in most cases (football to politics) the truth often lies in the middle. my trouble is this. if the truth lies in the middle Belisa has to bend and adapt. I don't think he can do it. so he has to go. I have no problem with belisa if he learns and adapts but I think he will just blindly march into the void same way week in week out. and that worries me

he obviously never watched monkey as a lad.



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