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20 Dec 2020 19:32:12
In my. humble opinion, it really is very simple, Marcelo Bielsa has never experienced the English style of football before us, in my humble opinion Marcelo's philosophy of having a tiny squad is a total oxymoron for the English style of football, whilst fundamentally the same football, football is multi faceted in it's approach, whilst bubs is far superior In his attack approach, his defensive is totally exposed in the free flowing style that is English approach football,

We cannot distract from his achievement of getting us up, but it really would be great for his pals to have a word and discuss the possibility on his merits on a small squad and it's total inadequacy in relation to get again ENGLISH FOOTBALL.

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20 Dec 2020 20:07:57
Not sure there is an oxymoron Chris Chris?

Totally agree that Bielsa’s philosophy is to carry a small squad but all premier teams register 25 each, which is why Ozil can’t play for Arsenal. So we have the same amount as everyone else we just don’t have the same calibre of player than those in the upper echelons of this league.

We did spend all we could afford in the close season but quite simply based on what we could afford.

We’ve made some fantastic additions in Rafhina and Rodrigo. But no team can cover against the best team in this league the loss of our two new full international centre backs.

Brother is a Spurs fan and was saying to him tonight judge us when we have our best 11 out from this 25 let alone what we may add in a notoriously difficult jan window.

But i’d still rather be a fan of this Leeds Team than my brothers turgid negative spurs team.

And yes that does include where we currently sit in relation to Spurs. It’s been called naive today but nobody called it naive at Villa away or Liverpool away.

I’m gutted tonight but i’m a realist and cannot wait to have four quality defenders behind that ambitious approach.

20 Dec 2020 20:25:56

saving someones life is no excuse to kill them

getting us up is no reason to get us relegated. he must learn. he must adapt and he must do it quickly. time for MB to prove is as good as many say and not as bad as I think he is.

20 Dec 2020 20:35:22
Some good points Chrid

If a coach ( foolishly) insists in having a small squad in ANY league, not just in the English leagues: then that coach better be a LUCKY coach with good luck in not having injuries to players.

In the 2018-19 season the injuries to Roofe and Bamford with no back up cost us a top 2 spot.

20 Dec 2020 20:51:07
Problem is glaringly obvious and has been for a while our defence is weak and we can't defend set pieces. Only our attacking style and possession has saved us for the last few seasons. Yes we may scrape bye and save ourselves for another season in the premiership, likely more than not. WE can't keep giving away easy goals with the hope we will score more because it won't happen. Manchester Utd far from being the great team they have been, won't be in the title shake up this season but we made them look world beaters. Think our style will win us some games but results like today are also likely. Bielsa in my opinion won't be at Leeds next season.

20 Dec 2020 20:16:32
He is in his 3rd season of English football so I don't believe that is the issue.
I simply believe his philosophy is simply play his plan A well enough that it doesn't matter if you let in 6 as you can score 7. Admiral? maybe, crazy? maybe, but either way we have no choice he will not change.
So to me if he will not change we need better players as I believe he generally is getting as much out of what he has available as possible.
We have yet to see Koch and Llorente play together, left back is our biggest weakness IMO and the one role I'd look to fill in Jan.
We create so many chances but don't convert (for example today Bamford should have scored at 2-0, a world class save denied Raphinha and Harrisons miss was very poor) .
So for me we need to stay up recruit better in summer and keep moving up the table each year.
It will be a fun ride!

20 Dec 2020 23:08:52
Class 92, whilst glaringly obvious your point is fundamentally flawed, you use arse as a counter point, but whilst theoretically our squad numbers may be similar, our shared squad experience is polar opposite, we have a total rookie bench, that's irrefutable, bubs needs to set a huge part of his ethos aside and concede that a small inexpensive/ inexperienced squad cannot + will not thrive in this league,

And by thrive I mean the blades example, we need strength in depth to restablish Leeds utd in this league, no more the fools are we hopefully.

20 Dec 2020 23:10:56
Got to agree with class. We don't have the money or the time yet to have built a squad with strength in depth. Bielsa can keep going for me he has worked wonders with the tools he has and is doing very well so far this season. Man U are another good team with individual players that are worth as much as our whole squad. Be realistic.

21 Dec 2020 07:16:07
By the way, I certainly don't want Bielsa to leave, I just wish he would accept a bigger squad as we all know a threadbare squad is fine if no one gets injured / banned/ dip in form / etc

For. me staying up will keep me happy, as we try to restablish ourselves in the big time.



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