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09 Dec 2020 13:46:52
Bielsa saying Koch's Operation has gone well, but out for up to 3 months. Llorente out for 2 - 3 weeks with a muscle injury. Going to stretch our squad over the Xmas period.

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09 Dec 2020 14:14:07
Ayling in the middle with Dallas at RB and Rodrigo in midfield.
If we lose any more defensive options we start to look much weaker.

09 Dec 2020 15:01:31
Llorente out again! you couldn't make it up!

Hopefully this time 2- 3 weeks prognosis means actually that. not 2 months like last time.

Maybe Bielsa will finally realise that all succussful clubs have and need large squads.

The silver lining out of Llorente injury is that with Dallas pushed to right back Bielsa is forced to play more offensive player in Rodrigo.

No mention by Bielsa thus far of Pablo : quelle surprise!

09 Dec 2020 15:13:17
He said Hernandez and Shackleton fit, but not up to match levels. I still hope he puts them on the bench, especially Pablo.

09 Dec 2020 15:47:18
this match fit stuff really annoys me

you had Lorente play for Spain but not good enough for leeds, raphia play and score for Renne but not good enough for leeds, same with nekitia who was playing for Arsenal but not fit enough for leeds

at what point does a half fit good player outweigh a perfectly fit awful player like Cooper. Cooper has been fit enough to play 100 of games for belisa never mind the fact he is pony.

09 Dec 2020 16:33:36
It's not like we would have Hernandez playing a full game. If he's fit, he must be good for 30 mins.

09 Dec 2020 17:28:03
Indeed spot on Canada and Berm.

And the bench quality will look considerably weaker this match if Bielsa very dubiously still does not pick a now fit Pablo.

09 Dec 2020 21:14:04
All good points of view but personally I trust MBs decisions more than yours. No offense.

09 Dec 2020 21:38:12
I agree I think Pablo might be a bit past it for the prem but he must be on the bench and he must be good for a cameo at least especially if Roberts is picked ahead of him then I really worry

and cork of course we all trust belisa more than any of us. that don't mean he doesn't make mistakes. let's be honest he work on corners is so bad. I think we must all agree that anyone on here could do a better job in that regard

then getting rid of Pontus and not Cooper again a very questionable descion, personally I would of put my arm around him and kept him sweet then we would have him this weekend, which in hindsight would be grand. so again in this regard my descion would of been better than belisa

I also fear Pablo has been outed from the squad similar to Pontus. so again maybe I do know better than him in some circumstances

he is a great coach and knows more than all of us put together. that don't mean he can't make a mistake. the greatest manager ever was Ferguson and he sold jap stam which he later said was his biggest mistake. and I would of kept stam. so if I knew better than fergie anything is possible!

09 Dec 2020 22:15:52
Cork of course
Bielsa will forever remain El Magico, his strengths far outweigh his weaknesses.

I just wish for starters he would improve/ remedy his weaknesses of defensive and offensive corners / set plays. Almost negligent not to do so.

And waiting to see what happens re Pablo.

09 Dec 2020 22:41:23
How do we know he is neglecting corners on the training ground? First off we are hardly a team of giants and secondly Koch and Llorente who are two big enough lads haven’t played together yet. I don’t believe he is naive enough not to recognize the teams faults but has to play the hand he has.

10 Dec 2020 00:58:46
Set pieces and corners have been an issue for 3 seasons in a row. How long does one need to improve?

10 Dec 2020 07:29:02
cork we don't know he is neglecting corners but he is either neglecting them or so bad at coaching them he is a joke. either way in this regard he is both wrong and/ or poor.

when it comes to defending set plays we are Sunday league standard. in fact I think the dog and duck are better and as BV says this has been for three years now.

of course belisa has amazing strehgnts and they do outweigh his weaknesses but for anyone to say he knows better than us (although true) is flawed because in some areas Belisa is very poor. Subs is another area where I would throw my hat in the ring and say. I think I could do better

bringing on the same subs at 84 minutes and not changing a game when needed with the likes of costa is very poor.

11 Dec 2020 06:46:21
The problem is if you bring them on unfit and they try to play Bielsaball they end up injured - as we have seen.



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