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08 Dec 2020 19:09:13
Find it quite incredible that there are people on here that say Marcelo Bielsa doesn’t care, when you look at his current peers in the Premiership and indeed previous Leeds Managers

I would argue nobody cares more about his Players, the Fans the City, i’m basing that on the large number of factual examples where Marcelo has demonstrated this in his time with us.

None of us REALLY know what the current relationship is between Pablo and the Boss.

I totally agree with Brighty on Pablo’s poor misjudged actions definitely crossed the line given the symbolism involved with the armband.

BUT just as Nkettia couldn’t shift Bam Bam during his stay, doesn’t mean that Bub didn’t care about him either, he’s just incredibly stubborn in his insistence of side before self.

This same stubbornness meant in our promotion Season Bub regularly hooked a whole group of players to enable Pablo to work his magic as a sub and yes, Pablo enabled us to get promoted.

None of those hooked for Pablo reacted, ever.

Therefore, as it does take a WHOLE Team to get us promoted how are so many people so ready to discard our skipper denigrating him as ‘League One Liam’ HAPPY to dump him asap are the very same people who are placing Pablo above the side at this time, screaming at the thought of him being discarded.

We all agree how Pablo has enabled this team to grow, culminating in our wonderful promotion but it took every player not one, and a Manager who achieved success with the very same players where previous Managers couldn’t get us anywhere near.

Pablo has more technical ability in his big toe than Liam has in his whole body and yet would anyone begrudge Liam lifting the Championship trophy for his heart, his commitment to the Team for the respect he commands, being chosen by his teammates for the way he leads his team, club on and off the pitch.

IF Pablo is to be discarded, then of course get on board knock yourselves out, but until then, rather than attack the morality of our most humble manager ever, at least give him the respect of seeing whether it’s true.

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08 Dec 2020 19:21:50
As usual a class post.

08 Dec 2020 20:14:22
Class any idea of the alleged injury Pablo is supposed to have / had? I could find any details of it (which is unusual) .

So Class I think your 3rd paragraph is perhaps the most pertinent.

Yet Bielsa and Pablo were hugging each other for ages just a few months ago in July ( in the Leeds are going up song video) after it was confirmed Leeds had got promoted ; clearly there is/ was a great deal of affection and respect for each other.

How strong relationships can potentially falter so quickly.

Anyway sooner or later the truth will surface.

08 Dec 2020 21:06:46
Class of 92, The denigrating of cooper ( your words ) is simply based on peoples opinion of him, everyone is entitled to an opinion, and some people's opinions of Liam is that he is not good enough in the prem . A lot of our players have proven that they are more than capable in the prem, imo Liam hasn't .
Sentiment needs to be set aside for our team to succeed in the big time, Liam's reading of the game is suspect and his willingness to foul speaks for itself,

If +when we have a fully fit team, Liam will be surplus and that's a fact . I don't want pablo to go neither, everyone is capable of a rush of blood to head, bubs surely has done that +worse throughout his career 😂. I also love the bones of bubs and do believe the man gives his all for Leeds united and all the money + fame are just distractions to the great man .

Footballers are surely thick skinned enough to take a fans opinion without dwelling too much on it, and in essence maybe even a bit of criticism might spur a player on to try and show the detractors that they were talking rubbish all along.

08 Dec 2020 21:19:33
How’s things class me old fruit? Am missing Tenerife buddy but hoping to make up for it next year.

08 Dec 2020 21:30:26
Hi ya Martyn, hope you’re over the worse now buddy. Sold our place in Tenerife but scheduled to be back out there in October 21 hope you get out there too mate.

09 Dec 2020 12:06:50
Great post Class, like cork said, as always!

09 Dec 2020 15:51:29
well said class and hope you are well Martyn

belisa cares deeply he is just very stubborn. It is a quality in all great leaders (Cesar, Churchill) and managers (Ferguson was famed for it)

sadly with the good comes the bad, personally I think Pablo is done, great for us but prem at his age was a step too far, however he is better than some options (Roberts) but I fear like Pontus belisa stubbornness will cost leeds

leeds be honest had we kept Pontus and got rid of league one Liam we would be in a better place right now.

09 Dec 2020 20:57:46
Am good tanks berm hope you and your family are well and coping as it’s been a hard year for people in your industry as my daughter in laws brother is a session musician and he’s struggled, think the Pontus thing was nothing to do with his undoubted talent but more the fact his ego and attitude. He got to stage where in his head he thought he was bigger than the club and we all know that no ones bigger than the club, except me prob 😂.

09 Dec 2020 21:41:53
glad you are well mate,

all good this end, been a hard year but I have just had a Christmas film come out and i'm filming another feature in Jan so I have been very lucky and feel for those who have not been quite so lucky as it has been really hard this year

yes I agree sadly as much as I love Pontus I think his ego did take over and maybe it was time for him to move on, I just get a horrible feeling that Pablo is going down the same route which is for football reasons would be bad enough but over something else would be really sad as I think Pablo deserves a little better.

09 Dec 2020 23:04:13
Berm, martyn sorry to hear been a tough time but then i appreciate that sadly has been the norm, i have clients in the music industry which in the main these people are freelance and not entitled to any financial assistance.

I truly hope Pablo has a farewell year he deserves for all concerned stay safe and well guys.



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