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04 Dec 2020 16:00:20
A parting note for Bermondseywhite22.

If you want to be pedantic BW, please note, all sentences start with a capital letter mate,
and using a comma instead of a full stop, helps the reader understand your point.

Also, number 2. should read, do we have other things to talk about, OTHER than Villa".

I am a site visitor not an invader.

Your point in number three, hightlights the fact you could be very easily led then, just like I was pointing out, you know the bit about broadening yours minds.

The rest of your post is a bit foreign, and needs to be deciphered a bit to fully understand, but I catch your drift.
Saying that, its a good job us Brits are accepted when we invade other Countries as you call it, for our holidays or even move permanently.

You need to think about it.

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04 Dec 2020 17:52:47
Villa Dave, stop getting drawn into arguments, and taking things to heart. You surely must have known that any football fan visiting and commenting on another football teams forum would invite stick, even if you make valid and non antagonist comments. I would expect it if I visited the Villa site or any other football teams forum. In fact, I would be disappointed if I didn’t!
We (and I speak for many Leeds fans) do not like Villa, and we make no apology for doing so (the reasons are endless) and we have all commented (at length) over the last few years about them on here, and way before you started visiting this site, so it is not personal to you, you have simply reignited the flames. We also dislike Derby, Chelsea, Man U, I could go on and on.
My advice is either move on, or give stick and welcome it back, it’s all banter.

04 Dec 2020 18:34:00
Villa Dave.
BW is dyslexic, so to be honest I think he does pretty well to make himself understood as well as he does. Also, I find your posts difficult to understand with that thick brummie accent! 🙉.

04 Dec 2020 21:24:16
Ok, that`s fine, and I apologise if my posts have sounded in any way ill-mannered, there was never any malice intended, just a response.

And the reason for my response is that I do not take kindly to unnecessary and derogatory remarks.
You can say what you like, that is what has happened, fair enough I see you are defending your own.
I can take any banter that is going, banter that is, but to keep getting poked in the ribs with the same stick all the time, is testing.

05 Dec 2020 01:05:37
Quite refreshing to have VD on the site, let's play the pipes of peace and have a game of footy like tgey did on Xmas day I never thought i would be ok with VD lol.

05 Dec 2020 12:08:08
VillaDave, mate just ignore the not true Leeds fan on this site, most are happy to have the banter with a true football supporters,

05 Dec 2020 14:06:07
had a cracking reply but sadly it was blocked by the editors so here is a nicer reply

yes VD I am dyslexic, I must say I do get upset and angry when people rip my writing and grammar to shreds, especially when they do it after a long while of conversing with me, I tend to find once I use logic they can't find a reply so rip my dyslexic to shreds

also how many goodbyes to you want you have had more farewells than the spice girls. I think you would make a cracking Brummie spice in a unio jack dress singing good by my friends (dont ask how I know the spice girl songs! )

finally you have had a dig suggesting I might be narrow minded in my address to you as an invader not a visitor and likened it to going on holiday or living aboard. you have asked me to think about it and I think I have a right to reply

the difference between what you have done and a brit on holiday or living aboard is the approach you have had.

when on holiday it is generally because we like the place we may even think it is better than home. So when I am in Rome, Spain or even sunny Blackpool I am always complimentary about where I am

however you do not prefer leeds to villa so you being on this page is a bit like me going to Rome, saying how Bucidica is better than Augustus, that brits are better than the locals, then going to the collosium pulling down my pants and taking a huge dump while singing god save the queen.

football is territorial hence you have home and away stands, that you have the club badge, club colours and club heroes. you have not come as a visitor loving our gods, you believe in different gods and a different way of life. that is an invasion not a visitor on holiday there is a difference don't you think

I am not expecting an apology as you have left the page but if you do come back a sorry for ripping on my dyslexic would be nice. as you said you are not malicious are you?

05 Dec 2020 14:53:56
Superb post Berm absolutely spot on ALL points
and VD more farewells than the Spice Girls 😀😀: So true!

05 Dec 2020 15:46:09
Oi you can’t agree with me vinigar Vicky we don’t like each other remember!

Mot mate alaw.

05 Dec 2020 15:52:13
Lol Berm.

05 Dec 2020 17:00:37
You two are unreal, its laughable, my Grandson would see through it.



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