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03 Dec 2020 20:25:53
The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog, bless him, he even wags his tail when I say Leeds.
This post is not a reflection on all posters.
Even now I notice more bickering and malicious remarks about Villa are being thrown about, surely you have other things to talk about, or do you? or is it another attempt to raise a comment from me again, Hmm .
I have to say, as someone most of you dislike because of the team I support, is not only unbelievable, it borders on obstinate and opinionated.
Recently I have been slated on here for posting "ouch" and stating "nasty" in a post, it is terminology, I have never been nasty on here, and never would be, if you read the post, I said I could be nasty, it does not mean I am going to be, but as usual it has been manipulated to sound like I am the one being detrimental.
I was also criticised for referring to someone by using a different username, that is not an assault on him, the particular individual in question has targeted me from day one, and that has left an unpleasant taste in the mouth, hence Vinegar, maybe a little retaliatory, but I feel wholly justified.
It has been requested by someone, that I apologise for something I have said, not a chance, I feel I have earned the right to put my own bit in, so how about you guys making an apology to me, "No I thought not", in that case we need to move on.
A poster said yesterday, give him a break lads, maybe that is because he has also noticed there have been in excess of 50 different remarks made about my club and myself.
Be assured I am not an idiot, and never thought for one minute that I would have a free ride on here, and I fully expected the odd dig here and there, but not to the extremes that have been exercised.
You must admit though, how amazing my interaction on here, has caused so much hysteria and attention, there has to be some sort of popularity behind it all, it has been called the VDave story, now that is really fitting.
Stop and think for a minute, surely this just goes to show how significant Villa are, we can and we do, stimulate the football world, and in many ways we become the center of all discussion, as you have witnessed on here for the past 6 weeks, that`s a fact.
So what I would suggest, is that you wake up and move on, broaden your minds, stop holding grudges, see the bigger picture, blimey some of your hatred dates back many hundreds of years, and shockingly to all parts of the United Kingdom, we are competitors not marauding enemies.
Try not to be so focused in your own bubble, its good to have a bit of variety, opinions, views, other ideas, it does exercise your mind you know, if not your outlook will stagnate.
So because of the toxic feelings on here, I am done, and I want no further part in it.
Can I give a special thank you to all Eds, for your impartial treatment of my posts.
I would like to wish you all a Very Happy Christmas a prosperous new year, and stay safe y`all.

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04 Dec 2020 05:21:41
VDave If you want a noble discussion with gentlemen on the rights of man, may I suggest either seeking out a poster named NottsWhite or as an alternate plan going to bed with Martin Luther (but you'll need a time machine first) .

04 Dec 2020 07:53:04
If you wish VDave we could have a debate about Histrionic personality disorder (HPD) but not on this site. This about football.
Good luck with your life.

04 Dec 2020 08:38:34
wow. just wow

not sure where to start?

1. the vinager remark. no one said it was not just or called for that is your opinion and choice. what made me laugh was that you said I won't be nasty and was nasty in the same line. at least like me have the decency to put your conflicting views ondifferent post not just a line apart

2. do we have other things to talk about than villa. of course but when the page has an invader it is bound to happen. any club goes on any other page that would happen

3. villa are not significant. they are a below average team with one world class player. we as a body of fans don't give them too much credit or thought. but again your presence has brought them to the forefront of our minds. which is only natural. villa are not the point of conversation you have made them such (bit like I have done with KP in the past)

4. you didn't fully expect what you got on this page. mate you need to sit in the home stand at Millwall and wear an away shirt or talk with a dodgy accent then you will see how territorial football is. in all seriousness it is human nature. brothers will fight brother until they have to fight someone down the street. towns will fight towns until they fight a country from across the sea. humans will fight humans until green men in flying sacuers come and attack us for our Brains (some will be in more danger than others) . It is human nature and has been for 40k years and football is just a mircosim of that

of course people don't hate you but you are on this page an outsider and therefore your views will be judged harsher. as I said I got the same for at time for being from London it is nature

so all the best and hope you find more love on the villa page. which I am sure you will. it is harder to play away from home

merry chirstmas and all the best until villa play leeds at which time I hope we beat you so bad you cry and wet your pants. after all that is the true spirit of football.



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