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02 Dec 2020 17:17:05
Below is exactly what I mean.
I have tried to start a thread about a topic that is very much in the minds of supporters, and again you resort to smart arse remarks and cheap shots.
It is supposed to be banter, which I enjoy, but it goes much deeper than that on here, and to be honest, it is so repetitive it lacks any class.
So let us be clear, Agbonlahor speaks for himself, not me, if he has ideas they are not mine.
Also how else do you expect him to behave, he grew up at Villa Park.
Secondly, (alf) if you think that a remark like "ouch" is being disrespectful you are very touchy, just like your mate BV,
It was simply referring to the fact that a result like that hurts, and I kept it short so you guys could discuss the game without any interference from outsiders.
Trust me if I wanted to be nasty and upset your feelings, I am more than capable of doing that.
I was half expecting a decent debate about an emotive subject, but it appears that has proved to be a waste of time, its a shame.
Anyway, If you want a thorn in your side I will be that thorn.
Alternatively you can maybe bring yourselves to cut me some slack, and behave like men.

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02 Dec 2020 17:47:40
#banter, how can u call alf touchy when u bite at this banter
Pre season when some leeds fans talked about top 6, (not me, don't think on here) people slaughtered them
To be honest leedsdave, if you can't handle the heat keep out of the kitchen
1 question thou, how many leeds fans do on the villa banter page

02 Dec 2020 19:28:53
VD I agree with your sentiment in this post. However, you have to "know your audience", a concept I believe you've overlooked. Alf and Baz have their faults especially Baz but if you're hoping to simultaneously find a football board with a perfectly welcoming and gracious set of posters down to a man none of whom get irritated by reading "ouch" after yet another undeniably ridiculously incompetent "refereeing" decision then I'm afraid 3 things are apparent. 1. You've come to the wrong place. 2. Your hopes are unrealistic.
You are clearly very intelligent but you're also omitting another massive factor from your consideration, namely 3. which is History.
Remember a certain encounter at Elland Road? Erm, Conor Hourihane on world class Klichy at the end? Remember how last season your club should've actually been relegated due to another dodgy decision?
Expecting posters on this board to cut you slack with this in mind is very unrealistic. Personally, I think you're a cool guy and welcome to post here frequently as you desire but you should probably become more realistic overall.

02 Dec 2020 19:30:42
You call that biting, I am referencing what he said fella, that`s not biting.
Anyway, I am sure he is big enough to argue his own point of view without you.
I notice you have again missed the bigger picture, about VAR and my reasoning behind that miniscule remark that has offended so many, I did try to explain.
But no you have to take a pop again, do you ever give it a rest.

02 Dec 2020 19:42:17
Err so from your post above is one now to refer to you as 'Nasty VD' # your word # just saying 😆

Alf was absolutely right and it is simply more than disingenuous of you VD to claim otherwise as your mocking comments on the LEEDS Banter Site after BOTH the Leicester game and again the Palace game you openly admitted in your comment below that your comments on the LEEDS Banter Site were designed to be ' SARCASTIC' ( OED definition: mocking hostility and contempt ) .

Richie is also spot on in his post above

# banter # just sayin.

02 Dec 2020 20:14:49
Thank you for your reply GW, it is refreshing to get a reply that is both gentlemanly and makes a clear point without being petulant.
When I came on here it was to genuinely congratulate your team on a very good performance against us, some posters were very nice, but others made it very clear to me, that they hated Villa and myself.
I never expected to be accepted as a loved one, neither was I looking for friendship, but I was looking for a common interest.
But the same silly remarks were being said in every reply to my posts, I love a bit of fun, but give me some credit and change the record from time to time.
Having said all that, I do take your point, but I strongly disagree on the, and the reason being is that I have two very good German friends.
Have a think about that one, there is a strong moral within the narrative.
I will stay with it I think, its a banter site, so let's have some fun hey.
Thanks again GW.

02 Dec 2020 20:37:05
Villia Dave in all honestly this is a serious question

why are you on our site? you are of course welcome to be and your views are as entitled as anyone but I am honestly at a loss as to why anyone would be on another clubs site as much and for as long a period as you?

I love this site as I rearely get a chance to chat leeds with leeds fans due to being from Millwall land in souf London . but why a fan from another group would want to be so at home with the away fans is beyond me

as for the heat you get. football is terarorial so it comes with the treatoiry and is part of human nature and epically football culture

I get enough stick for being from London, not being a proper fan and for my dislike of KP what do you expect when you love a club that we all dispise.

I think any fan of a club going on another clubs page would get stick unless saying. fair play you beat us you are better than us all the best for the season.

02 Dec 2020 21:34:23
Its a banter site right, ok.
There are some malitious people on here, Vinegar Viduka is one, there are others, but my aim is not to be vindictive.
So I will answer your serious question, and I do think it deserves a serious answer.
I am carrying out a survey on social media and forums, it is for a body of analysts, W. A. L. F. A they formulate a Theory of Change, it is a specific type of methodology for planning, in this case Diaspora.

02 Dec 2020 21:35:19
You're welcome VD. Common interests are typically eclipsed by common goals then common values. We both know the latter two are in competitive conflict where our clubs are concerned.

03 Dec 2020 10:40:32
vd come on seriously

I don't like BV and he don't like me but at least we are honest about it. you say you don't want to be malicious and then name call in the same sentence. us leeds fans have a bit more backbone and honest in our dislike its better than hiding it under a thin vail of being nice yet name calling

as for your work on the spreading population of the Jewish people outside of Isreal I think your work on this site is probably as misplaced as your posts

in other news. I don't want to be malicious but girly Grealish dives and has a silly haircut.

03 Dec 2020 11:07:24
Well said Berm re VD
By the way me disagreeing with some of your posts is just that. nothing more.

03 Dec 2020 13:12:50
I know mate that was tongue in cheek.



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